How To Sleep With Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know About

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Have you decided to get yourself new fancy hair? Still, wondering how to sleep with hair extensions? There are some don’ts and do’s when it comes to getting your newly acquired hair ready for bed. Also, it depends on the extension type you have.

As it’s essential to keep the new hair pretty and damage-free, below, we have put together insights into how each type works along with useful tips.

Can you sleep with your hair extensions?

Flip-in Style Hair Extensions

Sleeping with flip-in style hair extensions is inadvisable. They’re like clip-ins, with one bigger weft instead of smaller ones. As the attachment method is similar, take off your flip-in extensions before you get into bed at night.

Removing the big weft will take you no more than a minute, and there is no reason to keep it on.

How to Sleep with Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know About
You should not sleep with Clip-in Style Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions

You should not sleep with this type of extensions. The clips are breakable and not made for sleeping. For another reason, you may experience tangling and matting. The clips can get tangled up with the natural strands. It can turn into a big mess next morning, which will take you hours to fix.

It’s easy to remove and reattach clip-in extensions. Just take them off before you go to bed and install them again in the morning. Make it a part of your everyday routine!

Keratin Hair Extensions

Because Keratin bonded hair extensions are attachable using a natural hot fusion method, the hair attachments can’t break or suffer damage while you’re sleeping. You can safely sleep with them without worrying.

This type of extensions is a semi-permanent method. That means you can wear them for more extended periods without having to take them off. As the keratin bond is secure, it will stay on whatsoever. Make sure you brush strands every morning because they can tangle a bit during your sleep.

How to Sleep with Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know About
Keratin hair extensions stick to your hair

I Tip/ Stick Hair Extensions

You can sleep with stick hair extensions as long as you install the strands properly,

For attachment, these extensions use small beads that keep everything in place. The beads are not just secure but comfortable as a result of their softness and size. It’s possible for you to wear stick extensions for one month or more without taking them off. It is excellent for those wanting a more permanent solution.

Tape In Hair Extensions

As this is a semi-permanent method, you can sleep comfortably with extensions. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable while sleeping because the tapes are thin and soft.

How to Sleep with Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know About
It’s hard to remove tape in extensions daily

Similar to Keratin hair, the method of hot fusion ensures the long-lasting look. But how to sleep with extensions in this case. Just make sure you get a quality tape so that they can’t fall out during your sleep. You may find two pieces on the sheets in the morning. Don’t stress about it; apply them again with a new tape.

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Weft Hair Extensions

For wefts and sew in hair extensions, you may safely sleep with them. Taking them out every time you’re going to bed would be inconvenient.

If you have used a sew-in method to attach wefts, be happy! It’s comfortable to sleep with such extensions. You will feel like no new hair installed.

How to Sleep with Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know About
sew-in hair extensions last permanently

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Because this is the cold fusion attachment method, you can sleep safely with the extensions. The design of the strands doesn’t encourage you to take them off before bedtime.

Make sure you tweak the strands from time to time when your hair grows. Otherwise, some strands can fall out due to loose loops.

How to sleep with hair extensions

You can use different methods for sleeping with your extensions. They’re for those with permanent hair extensions such as cold fusion, keratin bond, and sew in. Please note that before you go to sleep, be sure to comb out the tangles from the hair carefully. That way won’t rip any of the extensions out.

Braid Your Hair

It’s the first and easiest method. This way is crucial as you won’t want to tangle up the hair extensions.

How to Sleep with Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know About
braid your hair before sleeping

Use two three-strand braids or one at your head’s back. The tighter your braids are, the closer the wave will be in the morning. You can get a loose wave in the morning if you sleep with the loose braids.

Wrap The Hair in A Silk Scarf

If you want to get up with straight hair, use a silk scarf to wrap your hair. Make sure it’s not a cotton scarf, but the silk scarf. Because cotton absorbs your hair’s moisture while satin and silk don’t.

Also, consider sleeping with a satin or silk pillow! Again, don’t use a cotton pillow as they cause breakage and absorb moisture from the hair.

Use a Sleep Cap

Exactly how to sleep with hair extensions using the sleep cap? Choose the ones made of satin or silk. Avoid cotton. Just place it inside your sleep cap. Also, it’s possible for you to braid the hair and put the cap on top of it.

How to Sleep with Hair Extensions: Everything You Should Know About
Use a sleep cap

This method primarily works with sew-in extensions and keratin bonds. That’s because you don’t need to wrap the hair around your head.

Make A Ponytail or A Bun

It’s one of the most popular ways to keep your extensions tangle-free. If you love waking up with curly hair, you can make a bun or two on each side. Twist your hair in the bun and then secure it. By so doing, you will have beautiful curls when you wake up. Your hair will be in place while you sleep, thanks to the buns. Plus, they prevent it from damaging or tangling the extensions.

Above is our complete guide of how to sleep with hair extensions. It is never a should to sleep with it, but in case it’s a must, the tips above would somehow help you to take better care of your hair. 

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