Straighten Wavy Hair in a Natural Way

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For woman or even man, choosing a hairstyle that actually works for their face and body is always a difficult thing. The reason is that a different style and different color can bring a different appearance as well as a different impression. Straight hair and wavy hair are two most popular ones all over the world. However, between them, straight hair must be the one gaining more love from hair lovers. Therefore a lot of people usually want to straighten wavy hair and try to make wavy hair straight.

We see a large number of people go to beauty salons to straighten wavy hair. So, wavy vs straight hair, which kind of hairstyle is better and more beautiful?

Wavy hair vs straight hair

wavy vs straight hair - which is better

Straight hair vs Wavy hair

Actually, this is not an easy question to answer because each style brings a certain beauty that no one can deny. Straight hair is the hair that’s without any curls or kinks, it’s completely straight like a line. While wavy hair is like a wavy line, it is slightly curly but more soft and wavy. In fact both of them are really beautiful and can bring people a glamorous and magnificent look. People are always crazy about these two great hairstyles because they are also extremely easy to match with all kinds of clothes from casual clothes to wonderful dresses. People will save a lot of time thank to them.

However, there are reasons why they often try to straighten wavy hair. The first one must be straight hair’s texture. Straight hair has all the nourishment it needs, even has much more than any kinds of hairstyles since the natural oil from the scalp can go down to the hair shaft easily. Thus, people like to straighten wavy hair in order to handle serious brushing and styling. One more advantage for people to straighten wavy hair is “Mirror-like shine”. The surface of straight hair has the ability of reflecting more light.

So, of course, it will be shinier and make people more gorgeous. The final reason to straighten wavy hair is that it is really easy to grow long and strong. People who have straight hair don’t have to face normal problems like breakage and damage thank to the resilience as well as hydration from the sebum. People also don’t need to worry about the dryness either.

So, with all these reasons, there is no doubt that people always want to straighten wavy hair.

How to make wavy hair straight?

How make Straighten Wavy hair

How to make wavy hair straight?

Wavy hair is no doubt beautiful and wonderful, but people will feel that is is a little difficult to take care of compared with straight hair. Indeed, sometimes, some kinds of gels can’t work well on wavy hair and make it become unmanageable. That’s why they want to straighten wavy hair, so that they can save more time and effort in caring hair. In fact, straightening wavy hair is not difficult at all, even some people can find it is quite easy to do. We can have a skilled professional to help us to straighten wavy hair in the right way.

However, it is not so hard that you we can do it by ourselves. It is easy and quick to find several videos about the way to make wavy hair straight on youtube. In these videos, they introduce all necessary steps that we just need to follow to straighten wavy hair.

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Natural methods to straighten wavy hair

A lot of people think that they should not straighten wavy hair because it may create to their hair as well as their scalp. However, with several right techniques, equipments and methods, people can straighten wavy hair without much damage. Below are some methods that are totally safe without using heat or chemicals. We may not have the truly straight look like with the iron, but we can apply to have a healthier straight hair.

straighten wavy hair jennifer lopez

Straghten wavy hair- Jenifer Lopez

  • Brush the hair when it is still wet until it dries.

Normally, after washing the hair, people always let the hair dry completely. So now, to straighten wavy hair, while we are drying it, try to brush it every five minutes. Then pull out and hold each section of the hair for several seconds to help it straighten out.

  • Straighten wavy hair in a natural way

The second way to straighten wavy hair in a natural way that cause no harm and damage is wrapping wet hair tightly.

We should comb and divide hair down the center. Flip the left section over the right side and wrap around the back of the head, use bobby pins to secure it. Do the same with the right section and then let the hair air dry completely.

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  • Another way to straighten wavy hair is using elastics.

In this method, we have to divide the hair into one or two low ponytails. Use elastics at every inches of the ponytail and make sure that these elastics are loose enough to avoid noticeable mark on the hair. Then all we need to do is going to sleep and let the hair out in the morning.

  • The final one is using a kind of natural straightening mark.

celebrities with straight and wavy hair

Celebrities with straight and wavy hair

In order to straighten wavy hair, some of beauty blogs recommend making a mark from milk and honey. Soak the hair and the scalp into the liquid of one cup of milk or coconut milk and one tbsp of honey. Let it stay for about one hour and then wash out.

Or we can try another recipe: 1 cup of coconut milk, 5-6 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp olive oil and 3 tbsp cornstarch. We should heat at a low temperature and stir until smooth. Remember that these recipes should be applied twice a week for about two months to get wavy hair straightened in naturally.

In summary, people always try to straighten wavy hair since straight hair is actually fantastic, easily manageable and also has a lot of advantages.

However, if you don’t want to straighten your hair, you can go to visit your website to view our hair extensions and have your own straight hair with a variety of color. We 100% sure that you will be satisfied with their beauty as well as quality.

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