When Tape Weft Hair Extensions Means More Than Just Hair!

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People, especially women, think about their hair as one of the most important factors that determine how they look. Those who don’t have beautiful hair are trying to improve it or sometimes looking for a hair extension. It gives you a unique appearance, makes you more beautiful and outstanding; thus giving you confidence. There are a lot of hair extension types that you can use for this purpose, but in this post, we will show you some information about tape weft hair extensions, how to put in tape weft hair extensions, some differences between them and the others, and so on. 

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What Are Tape Weft Hair Extensions?

Tape weft hair extension, also known as skin-weft hair extension, is a type of tape-in hair extension which is made with large and sections through the secure attachment to the natural hair by glue or tape, causing a hairline. This line is usually hard to be seen, especially in daily situations. 


What Are The Differences Between Normal Tape-In Hair Extensions and Tape Weft Hair Extensions?

As you know above, the tape weft hair extension is a type of tape-in hair extension. Both of them are user-friendly and can be worn without any difficulties. If you want to look more beautiful and impressive, those types of hair extensions would never let you down. 

Some people wonder about the differences between normal tape-in hair extensions and tape weft hair extensions (you know, there are reasons for it to be separated into a different type), so I will show you some of them.

Tape Weft Hair Extensions

Tape weft is a method that sandwiches custom cut hair sections into 2 ones. Those sections are then attached to your scalp using glue or tape. 


Tape weft hair extensions look more natural than normal tape-in ones as you hardly can realize that there is a hair extension on the head. These extensions bring about a feeling that it grew from the scalp instead of the artificial one.

Want a perfect ponytail while your hair is too short? Tape weft hair extension will be a recommendation. Feel sad due to the thin hair? Its absence of the shiny tape showing through helps a lot in giving a perfect hair length and volume. 

However, this does not mean that people with thick hair cannot use this one.

This is basically for everyone. What’s more, you even can color the extension to create a unique look.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

One of the most recognized drawbacks of normal tape-in hair extensions is that the glue panel prevents them from being colored. You also cannot apply heat or any type of styling on those extensions, or just do it and then throw it away. 


Although it’s not hard to use a normal tape-in hair extension, people still find it very inconvenient as they need to remove the tape on a regular basis when there is any new growth. It’s totally fine at first but if you replace it too many times, you cannot imagine how bad would it damages your hair. 


What Are Benefits Of Using Tape Weft Hair Extensions?

The comparison above gives you a view of those two types of hair extensions, but we will show you some benefits of using tape weft hair extensions to help you know about it more clearly – we all know tape weft hair extensions gain their reputation for a couple of reasons.

Protect your hair from heat and other attacks

Hair protection plays an important role in everyone’s life, especially ones having coarse hair. Wearing a tape weft hair extension means you do not have to do anything on your real hair. Styling, coloring, etc. Anything will be fine with this one. 


Super perfect choice for users with growing hair

Each of us has at least a one-time crying because of the terrible hairstyle. Tape weft hair extension helps a lot in this case. You may even don’t dare to see yourself through a mirror.

Tape weft hair extensions are very good in protecting your real hair and make sure that it can grow fluently.

Comes with many ideas of styling

As mentioned above, tape weft hair extensions can be colored and affected by heat and other tools. So in general, it looks nearly the same as your actual hair. This helps you a lot in trying different hairstyles and decide which is the most suitable.


How To Install Tape Weft Hair Extensions?

It’s not hard to wear a tape weft hair extension as you only follow 4 simple steps to be successful.

Step 1: Take the measurement

Clip the rest of your hair after creating a horizontal part across it from the nape of the neck. 

Step 2: Take The Glue

The top of the weft needs glue to be installed. Installing on the rough side is recommended. If you don’t know what type of glues that work well, come to see Layla Hair for more information.


Step 3: Unclip

You need to create another horizontal part after being unclipped. 

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat step 2 and step 4 until you see the top lane.

Layla Hair – One of the most reliable hair extensions provider

After you know more about tape weft hair extensions, their way to be installed, and the benefits we receive from them, I think that you need some outstanding hair extensions providers who are reliable enough to make you come to them more than one time – and Layla Hair meets all those requirements.


You also can find out high-quality glue and tape here, and even if you prefer normal tape-in hair extensions, Layla Hair will never let you down.

The Bottom Lines,

We think that this post provides you much necessary information for you who are very interested in tape weft hair extensions. Laylahair hopes that you would find this post useful and enjoy the natural look that the extension brings about.

If you are interested in getting new hair extensions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the best products at the nicest prices available to shop with.

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