Top 5 Amazing Choices Of Beautiful Hairstyles For Round Face 2018

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“How to have a beautiful hairstyle that fit the face perfectly?”- It’s always a question for girls to refresh themselves. But most of them are having serious “headaches” because of not knowing which hairstyles suit their face best.

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This article offers useful advice to choose the right hairstyles for round face. With these handy tips, women will shine wherever they go.

What is a round face?

Suitable hairstyles for round face will help the women shine and change their appearance dramatically. However, how to choose an appropriate style for the look is not a piece of cake.

Top 5 Amazing Choices Of Beautiful Hairstyles For Round Face 2018

Round face

A round face is one of the most common Asian faces. Typical features of a round face are around and wide jaw-bone, a short nose, an arc-shaped forehead.  The advantage of a round face is its ability to make women’s face look younger and more child-like.

To have an elegant face, these following hairstyles for round face will be an “effective supporter” of women in their daily lives

What are the most suitable hairstyles for round face?

Shoulder-length hair

Women with the round face are fortunate because they can look beautiful in many hairstyles and shoulder-length hair is no exception. With this hairstyle, women can vary and change quickly.

Shoulder-length hair is always a young and cheerful choice because it works to cover the defects on the face. There is the fact that a round face is not a sweet friend of straight hair or big curly hair because these hairstyles make a face look bigger than average.

Top 5 Amazing Choices Of Beautiful Hairstyles For Round Face 2018

A round-faced woman with shoulder-length hair is going to choose a “safety solution” with a gentle curly or Bob’s head hairstyles. These two popular hairstyles make a round face become thinner and longer and deceive the eyes of others.

Besides, a side-parting bangs hair for a round face that covers part of the face and gives it an inherent softness and elegance.

Another common hairstyle for shoulder-length hair is a gentle bending hair. The plus point of this hairstyle is not too picky and easy to combine with many different styles of outfit. A young, sweet and romantic look is what women receive when having this hairstyle.

Also, if the ladies are afraid of adding a few years older with shoulder-length hair, don’t hesitate to combine it with thin bangs hair. This hairstyle has a curly tail that is very attractive and seductive, and it will win a bonus point in the eyes of your loved ones.

Moreover, the curls on the hair tail give this hairstyle an exciting look. It can be quite complex and sophisticated in styling, but the fact proves the opposite. Without using a comb or hair tools, girls can use their hands to stroke the hair gently.

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Shoulder-length “lob” hair

Be confident to try out the new lob hairstyle to create a new and unique look. Shoulder-length “lob” will draw the opposite sex with an irresistible attraction. Besides, this hairstyle is an optimal solution for women having a big round face and not knowing which styles suit their face best.

Top 5 Amazing Choices Of Beautiful Hairstyles For Round Face 2018

With “lob” hair, a normal-looking girl can transform into a modern and fashionable one with elegant facial features.

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Long curly hair with center parting

To create a sharp and outstanding look for a round face, the long curly haircut with central parting is a perfect choice. The ends of hair should be trimmed carefully and curved into heavy locks, then let it fall down the length of the face and cover all the defects.

Top 5 Amazing Choices Of Beautiful Hairstyles For Round Face 2018

With this hairstyle for round face, women will possess a modern, feminine and all-star look. Besides, face defects will be easily masked by the long curly hair.

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“Wob” hair

In the current trend of beauty, “wob” hair becomes a hot trend that many women receive quickly. This wob hairstyle can be said as a new wind to help round-face girls refresh their styles.

Top 5 Amazing Choices Of Beautiful Hairstyles For Round Face 2018

At first sight, “wob” hair brings out a look of personality, wilderness, and seduction. It is easy to spot a girl in “wob” hairstyle showing off positive and dynamic energy through delicate and attractive facial lines.

Besides, tangled curls from “wob” hair give a visual effect that deceives the eyes of lookers, so round-face girls do not need to worry.

Wavy, curly hair

Wavy, curly hair is not a wrong suggestion for girls who are favored of floating and fluffy hairstyles. This hairstyle attracts people because of the strange and unique curly locks like sea waves.

Top 5 Amazing Choices Of Beautiful Hairstyles For Round Face 2018

Although wavy, curly hair is generally new to many people, its unique and cute features make all the girls sweet and childish.

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How to create hairstyles for round face?

Short hairstyles for round face

A round face with lovely chubby cheeks has many ways to create a simple but beautiful hairstyle. Some of the most popular types are high buns, garlic buns, braided bangs and so one. Be creative and confident in applying all these hairstyles to the round face to add more beauty and appeal.

Long hairstyles for round face

A round face does not mean saying goodbyes to hairstyles that reveal most of the face. Tucking the hair up high can easily create an angled line for the round face. A tight ponytail pressed together with the scalp is what every round-face girl needs to show off their beautiful natural faces.

The bottom line

Above are the top choices of hairstyles for round face in 2018. Women having a round face often find it difficult to choose the right but fashionable hairstyles. But with a few small changes in hairstyles mentioned above, the hair becomes gorgeous and covers all the face defects.

Wish all these beautiful ladies reading this article will soon find out their perfect hairstyles. Don’t forget to discover many other stylish and glamorous hairstyles by visiting our website.


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