Top 6 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle For Diamond Face 2020

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A diamond face is such a unique shape of the face. Therefore, women who are blessed which this face shape find it hard to style the hair. If you are one of them, you need to continue reading this article since we will recommend the most suitable curly hairstyle for diamond face.

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The most important points you need to keep in mind

First, let’s us tell you what you can and cannot do when selecting the correct curly hairstyle for diamond face.

Most people mistake between diamond and oval face shapes since they are pretty much similar. For this reason, women with diamond face shapes are fortunate.

Top 6 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle For Diamond Face 2019
Most people mistake between diamond and oval face shapes since they are pretty much similar

The can pull off numerous of looks. The only difference is it may take more challenges to choose the right haircuts than oval shape. A diamond-shaped face is edgier, so you need to select the cut to soften the sides of your face.

Women with diamond face shapes have to stay away from hairstyles with piercing edges on both the top and sides of your head. The explanation for this is because any extra volume will only highlight the already sharp edges of your face.

Therefore, you can scratch bobs and sides that stay around your cheeks of the list. Another bad option is high cut-across fringes that start from the center of your head. The upper fringes rise the peak of the diamond, and wedges land at your cheek emphasize the side edges of your diamond face shape. So that is the big no-no.

Drag the focus off your cheekbones. Ensure that the hair close to your cheeks is flat and without volume. Concentrate on creating the forehead as well as jawline appeared more wider than they are.

The area you want to add volume is the hair beneath the jawline. This helps the face shape look less sharp.

Although the cheekbones are the fullest feature on your face, they can be an advantage for you too. You actually can show them off by opting the hairdos that tuck the hair in behind your lovely ears.

Blunt front fringes, in general, is an excellent choice since they shorten the length of your face.

Curls help to add volume to the hair, which is all a diamond shaped face want. On the other hand, ensure that you don’t increase curls close to your cheeks. Instead, enhance the texture near your forehead and beneath your chin. If you choose to have full wavy hair, your texture will gain thicker as it develops. The curls can soften the edgy features of your face.

Top 6 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle For Diamond Face 2019
However, there are certain styles you need to avoid.

Many pleasing hairstyles try to drag the attention away from the jawline. Thus, it is essential to remember where your curls are staying and how they should be shaped against your face.  We know it sounds tricky to find a perfect haircut for this type of face shape.

However, don’t you worry! We have collected a list of most suitable curly hairstyle for diamond face that will inspire for your future salon visit.



The 6 most suitable curly hairstyle for diamond face

Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

You can have fun styling around with curls. There are so many potentials on this. They don’t get picky about what your face shape is. Women at any age as well as with any hair type may opt to have a curly hairstyle. They just master at how to transform everything appeared more adorable.

The combination of curls and medium-length hair is such an incredible hairdo. This hairstyle allows concealing your face shape blemishes. At the same time, it can also bring out the elegant out of you.

Wavy Hairstyle with Thin Bang

Thin hair may not be a good thing, but a thin bang is a blessing! Women who have a prominent broad forehead are recommended to have blunt fringes to conceal it. The good news is you don’t need that. In such a situation, you want fringes to even out the curly look. If you adore the suggestion of wavy hairdos, keep in mind that they look fantastic with fringe.

Top 6 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle For Diamond Face 2019

Wavy Styling for Layered Thick Hair

If you still have no faintest idea of how to control your thick hair? We have the solution for you. Come as no surprise, the most popular curly hairstyle for diamond face always include layers. This combination compliments your face shape most stunningly.

Top 6 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle For Diamond Face 2019

Not many of hairstyles can give you both texture and a face-framing illusion like this hairstyle. We recommend doing great curls to keep the front hair strands from hiding your beautiful cheekbones.

Long Wavy Half-Up Hairstyle

This half-up hairdo is the best example you should choose for your diamond-shaped face. Everything about this hairstyle is well-balanced, sleek and harmonious. Loose curls softly touch the shoulders. The top hair layer enhances some texture to your crown. All these reasons are enough for you to steal this hair look.

Face-Framing Long Wavy Hairstyle

Your limited jawline and forehead sometimes may make your face look too slender and long. For this reason, you appear less natural and charming. When a woman with a diamond face shape wants to create a delicate look, she will choose a wavy hairdo.

Top 6 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyle For Diamond Face 2019

That’s why we encourage women who have gorgeous long hair to curl it. As soon as you have done it, you would see how charmingly the front hair softens the look and make every feature balance.

Accessorized High Bun on Wavy Hair

Confident is the key to every hair look. As soon as you feel certainly self-assured with all your facial characteristics, it’s time to show it off. The most effective way to do it is getting a hair updo. Not only it is handy hairdo, but also it can freshen up your look.

Your gorgeous face is open showing all the charming features. You can spice up the hairstyle by adding accessories such as bow hair tie, or colorful scarfs.

The bottom line

Since this is the unique face shape, it would be quite a challenge for you at first to seek a right haircut. After checking our list of the most suitable curly hairstyle for the diamond face, we believe you can find the perfect cut for yourself.

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