9 Winter Hairstyles 2020 You Are About To See Everywhere

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Many say that winter is the best time of the year to play around with their curls. On freezing days, you will not worry that your sweat causes oily or greasy hair. You really want something to get you excited about the winter days, we’ve got you a few winter hairstyles 2020 that can add more effects to your mane. From trendy hair colors to favored hairstyles, these are 10 options that you may see everywhere come winter. 

Seriously, believe us as they look so fun. Keep scrolling and choose the best style for rocking in this season. 

High ponytail hairstyle

This is one of the most trendy hairstyles winter 2020 that is suitable for holiday or night parties. Many hot stars such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, etc. also sport this hair look. Comb through Instagram or Twitter, you can see that many beauties wear ponytails to switch up their look. 

High ponytail suits everyone and every complexion, for black ladies and white girls. The style is a ’90s-inspired look and then updated gradually to get a more pretty look. You just hold your hair at the top of your head and secure it with a cute hair tie. Add some hair spray to keep your curls in the right place and look luster. 

9 Winter Hairstyles 2020 You Are About To See Everywhere

Bob sleek hairstyle

Have you ever thought that winter is an ideal time for a haircut? This sleek bob is a blunt cut which is deserved the best winter hairstyles 2020. Sometimes, you can add bangs to these short hairstyles to get an attractive and modern look. 

The key with this hairstyle is to make sure that your hairstylist cut the hair ends blunt and solid. It creates a uniform hair finish. We recommend you wearing this style in black hair color as it oozes confidence and strength. You may look mysterious, too.  

Half-up style

This classic style is always a great choice during winter. It is one of the premier autumn winter hairstyles 2020 that are flooding on Instagram feeds. The hair in the front and sides are tied neatly to keep them out of your face. The rest part is loosed freely to keep your neck and shoulder warm on freezing days. 

Besides, you can wear your hair in a super high ponytail. Instead of leaving hair strands to fall straight down the back as normal, you should style and leave them on both sides of your face. 

9 Winter Hairstyles 2020 You Are About To See Everywhere

Shaggy haircut for winter

Winter is time to switch and level up your hair look. You get bored with your straight hair for years. You want to rock winter hairstyles 2020 South Africa, try wearing this modern shag, and it will not break you down. It is more lively and gives you a bit of a rock and roll style. 

To create this look, your hairdressers will cut your hair in layers. He/she starts at the top and move the way down. This haircut gives you hair shape and volume, also adding more hair texture and body. 


Natural curls for winnter

You want to wear the best curly hairstyles winter 2020. This simple style is making a big comeback and becomes trendy winter hairstyles, especially for black ladies. 

Try to take care of your natural curls properly to keep them healthy during cold days. Don’t missout on the conditioning and hydrating of your hair. Invest in good hair care products, such as leave-in conditioner, hair masks, creams, that work to protect your curls from dry and damage. Then you can wear your naturally curly hair in ponytail, up-do styles, or loose it freely as you want. 

9 Winter Hairstyles 2020 You Are About To See Everywhere

Fishtail braids

Yes, you may not unfamiliar with this style. Fishtail hairstyles are the most common hair options for decades and hot winter braids hairstyles 2020. Combine this look with light-colored hair, like pink, you look like a princess coming from a fairy tale. 

More importantly, this is a low-effort hairstyle. There are countless tutorial videos for this style, and we believe that the styling process is really an effortless task. Once you’ve done, gently pull your braid to make it look more natural and a little bit messy. Or you use a texturing spray to blast your braid and hold the style.

Side-swept curls hairstyles for 2020 winter

Why don’t you try wearing these popular hairstyles in winter? If you were born with slightly curly hair, just simply brush it into a deep hair size for an elegant and gentle look. 

If you decide to rock this haircut, it may be a chance to switch up your hair parting. It helps boost the hair dimension and volume to your style.

9 Winter Hairstyles 2020 You Are About To See Everywhere

Modern lob hairstyle

You are looking for a party hairstyle for long hair, we highly recommend these womens hairstyles. These are not new winter hairstyles, but never out of fashion. Pair modern lob with makeup trendy, you look so beautiful. 

Or want to look stand out in the crowd, you simply go for the hair part off-center, and slightly perm or curl the hair ends. Also, attach some twinkle or cute accessories to make it look funny.  

Scrunchies for winter 2020

9 Winter Hairstyles 2020 You Are About To See Everywhere
delight your hair with a scrunchy

Make your hair look more lively and beautiful with a hair scrunchy. We bet that it is the best way to quickly improve your basic ponytail. Put the scrunchy on your wrist and you can wear it whenever you need it. 

Hopefully, after our words, you can find the best winter hairstyles 2020 that you wish. In case you love styling your hair but your natural locks have not enough length or density, we are able to help you. 

Just buy hair extensions, wigs, or hairpieces to add more hair length and volume to your locks. At Layla, we sell all kinds of hair replacement systems that are made of real hair strands. We collect and store the hair carefully to supply customers with the best product. Moreover, human hair extensions give wearers a flexible and realistic look. We believe to give you the best experience. 

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