Virgin straight hair from single doner 18″

LAYLA HAIR supply – 100% Virgin hair is the hair from one donor. When cutting the hair, they carefully wrap the hair in a ponytail when shaving the head, to ensure that all the hair being cut will remain in one bundle. This ensures that all the hair cuticles are running in the same direction.
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Virgin straight hair from single doner 18″
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First of all, Virgin hair is normally in its raw state – bulk, no equal the top. It looks 100% like when it was just cut. However, that would be tricky for customers who want to use them right away. That’s why here in Layla Hair Company, we also weave these beautiful virgin straight hair from single donor 18″ so that it can be used more easily.

Especially, virgin hair weaves are just washed, cleaned out lice and nits, no dye, no chemically treated. The weft can be either single stitched weft (which is thin, look nice when being applied) or double stitched weft (thicker but more durable), depending on what customers want.

Just like its sisters – virgin bulk hair extensions, virgin weft hair extensions can also be bleached into beautiful blondes or other colors. As these are from only one donor, the color will appear very beautiful, with no dark hair inside.


  • Vietnamese straight hair
  • Style: Weft virgin straight hair from one donor
  • 100% virgin hair from one girl (natural hair, full cuticle, no treated with a chemical, not re-dyed, not re-bleached)
  • Only washed with shampoo, no lice, no nits
  • Quality of hair: 10A grade, smooth, strong, soft and silky.
  • Color: #1b, #1 , dark brown
  • Texture: straight hair
  • Length: from 10’’ to 30’’

Easy use to:

  • Bleached or dyed by yourself
  • Manufacture wig, weft hair, I, U, V tip and hair extensions.
  • Adding bulk hair extensions can give you the longer, fuller hair