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Virgin Remy hot steam Curly Hair Toppers Extensions

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Do you want to change your hairstyles on the summer with clip in hair extensions and human hair lace wigs? Why don’t you try Curly Human hair toppers from Layla Hair wholesale virgin hair vendors. Latin girls with a dark complexion and flawless curly hair seem easily draw attention from people around them. Hence, what if you wanna change your current long haircuts or want to grab attention from your crush and friends? Layla Hair curly hair toppers must be your perfect choice. Let read on!

Synthetic hair and virgin human hair, which one is better?

Curly hair toppers and weave hair from Layla Hair are made from 100% Vietnamese and Cambodian Remy human hair. Why does not Layla Hair wholesale human hair use synthetic hair but human hair to make all the products? Well, it is very understandable. If you have ever used synthetic hair, you won’t wanna touch it again.

Addition to this, synthetic curly hair toppers and glue in hair extensions cannot be permed, heat styled or squeezed again. This is mainly because those type of curly hair toppers and curly extensions would be ruined or melted under high temperature. On the contrary, you can feel free to do whatever you want with Layla Hair curly hair toppers and natural hair extensions ranging from trimming, curling, colouring, showering and perming. As our curly hair toppers and clip on extensions are made of 100% virgin human hair, they are absolutely good-looking and natural-looking.

However, you should pay a little attention to taking care of your new human hair curly hair toppers, hair extensions prices or short curly weave. You can do this by washing curly hair toppers and colored hair extensions on regular basis, mixing a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo with a lot of conditioners to make your own of cleaning conditioner.

Virgin Remy hot steam Curly Hair Toppers Extensions in Layla Hair

What do you know about Remy hair and Remy hair extensions? If you are not familiar with those terms, let Layla Hair  make clear exactly what Remy hair is? Our curly hair toppers, as well as blonde hair extensions and hair extensions for thin hair are made from Remy hair which is defined as human hair with live cuticles are arranged in the same direction from roots to tip. To make sure our curly hair toppers and hair extensions for men are 100% Remy hair, Layla Hair wholesale virgin hair just use only one human hair source from a single donor to manufacture each curly hair toppers. Layla Hair wholesale human hair bundles says no with mixing human hair from multiple sources into one curly topper.

Layla Hiar always tries to avoid damaging and ruining the cuticles of real human hair curly hair toppers. So that in the curling process, Layla Hair utilizes hot steam rollers instead of extremely hot iron rollers. We make every effort to keep the cuticle of curly hair toppers alive. That’s why our virgin curly hair toppers are silky, tangle-free, smooth, healthy, strong. You are wondering how long can our hair extensions products last? You often receive the answer that the average age of curly hair toppers usually last from 6 months to a year.

Are Virgin Remy hot steam Curly Hair Toppers Extensions easy to use and take care of?

Our hair toppers can last even longer if you take care of it appropriately with conditioner and washing like we said before. Layla Hair wholesale hair weave guarantees that along with our best human hair extensions, human hair curly hair toppers are not only high-quality but also durable and long-lasting. With our super-cheap-price curly hair toppers, you can save a great deal of money for sure.

You might fear to wear any curly hair toppers and sew in hair extensions because you think they will make you sweat in hot summer days. With breathable base materials, curly hair toppers and clip in extensions from Layla Hair are very user-friendly and suitable for this summer. At Layla Hair Factory, we have three types of base materials including lace, PU thin skin and monofilament lace to make gorgeous curly hair toppers.

Reasons you should use Virgin Remy hot steam Curly Hair Topper Extensions

Basically, Lace and monofilament lace toppers are the most favourite curly hair toppers to hair extensions lovers. The reason is  they not only look natural but also make your sensitive scalp easily to breath. Unlike mono toppers, curly hair topper extensions with PU can be a little unbreathable but they are very very durable. To take the most advantage of it, Layla Hair created curly human hair toppers with mono lace at the top and PU thin skin at the edge. If you wear our clip in or tape in curly hair topper extensions, you can play games, go to the gyms, shower, swim, drive. You don’t need to worry about your curly topper will slip or in a sloping and stupid position.

Layla Hair can be able to dye your curly hair toppers brown, grey, cold colours, red, ginger and so on. The reason is we have a state of the art technology and skilful craftsman. Due to being 100% Remy human hair, our curly human hair toppers can be blenched or absorb the colours very well. You should search for information to understand well about curly hair toppers, best hair extensions, as well as cheap human hair wigs before you make a decision which products you will put your trust on. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Layla Hair wholesale hair is looking forward to serving you, girls!


Layla Hair Curly hair Toppers’ Description:

Origin: Vietnamese Hair and Cambodian hair

  • Quality: Double drawn, Human Hair, Remy Hair
  • Texture: Silk, shining, thick, curly, other textures like natural wavy, kinky straight, natural straight are available
  • Length: from 6 – 32 inches
  • Color: Blonde, jet black, dark brown, light brown, ombre colour – the hot trend right now
  • Other: Minimal short hair, No harsh chemical, No dandruff, No fungus, No any lice or nits
  • Weight: 100Gr/ piece other customer requirements (for instance: 30gr, 50 gr, 150gr, 200gr…)
  • Brand name: LaylaHair Company
  • Hair features: No shedding, tangle free
  • Delivery time:  5-7 days after payment
  • Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream, Ria, Visa, Master Card, Bank…
  • Delivery partner: UPS and DHL fast shipping
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