Wash Hair With Coke? It’s Incredibly Effective!

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Have you ever heard a rumor around the Internet for washing hair with coke? Are you are curious about the results after washing hair with coke? Wash hair with coke has become trendy, particularly among celebrities. On interviews with Us Weekly, model and actress Suki Waterhouse said she washed her hair with coke as she did not want her curls to appear clean. She shared that this trick might sound bizarre, but it worked for her by adding the right texture and volume to her locks. 

That has been what the celeb said. How about you? On your mane? What will happen if you wash your hair with coke? In fact, many customers and we have tried this trick and get surprising results. Let’s try it. 

Can I rinse hair with coke?

What is coke? It is also known as Coca-Cola – a kind of soft drink. Coke is created in the 19th century and has been dominating the world of the beverage world. It contains phosphoric acid, carbonated water, sugar, caffeine, and other natural flavorings. 

Wash Hair With Coke? It's Incredibly Effective!

Many beauties have recently experimented with washing curls with coke, and their hair strands do not fall out. So why do people wash their hair with coke? Does it work for your mane? They say that coke is safe to apply on the hair. So why is it good to wash your hair with coke? The ingredient contains phosphoric acid that has a very low pH. As a lightly acidic solution, it will not dry out your curls quickly. Instead, it makes the hair looks shinier and more defined. Some users say it helps create an illusion of a fuller hair look since the sugar adds build-up to your strands. 

We had tried it, and our staff also did it, all with different hair textures. Instead of washing and conditioning hair as we usually do, we rinse hair with this unique product. Here’s what happens when you wash your hair with coke. We thought that the hair would feel sticky and stiff in the first try. But not, it felt soft, shiny, and pretty smooth. Besides, it created a bit more volume than usual. It did not leave a strange odor in the mane because it would disappear when your hair strands dried. 

How to wash your hair with coke?

Utilize Coca-Cola to wash your mane, it is quite surprising. However, it will not let you down. Coke hair rinse feels soft, defined, and a little bit shiny. Here’re simple steps on how to wash hair with coke:

Pour 1-2 bottles of coke

Wash Hair With Coke? It's Incredibly Effective!
how to wash hair with coke

Take 1-2 bottles of coke and pour then on your head. Based on your hair length and volume, you can add one more bottle. 

Make sure that the liquid and saturate your hair to get a uniform result.

Leave the Coca-Cola on your hair

For the first time rinse hair in coke, you may feel it quite sticky. Don’t worry! It’s because sugar in the soft drink load with the liquid, and they leave residue around your curls. 

Let the product sit on your hair for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing with cool water. The soda smell will disappear when you wash it out. 

Wash your mane with shampoo

Wash your hair with water only or a mild shampoo. If you don’t like a sticky feel, you should shampoo your locks as normally. Purchase a mild shampoo that is gentle enough for your tress. 

Spend 3-5 minutes to rinse it under water, make sure that you rinse the soft drink out of your strands entirely. Stay away from hair conditioners and hair masks. 

Let the hair air dry

Wash Hair With Coke? It's Incredibly Effective!
leave the hair air dry

You use a towel to absorb the excess water from wet hair. Then leave it dry. If you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer in the cool setting. Brush it with a wide-toothed comb and enjoy your gorgeous hair. 

Voila! Your hair is defined thanks to the coke. It adds «body» to your mane and makes it look fuller. Now, you can get an effortlessly cool look with this hack. 

In addition, some say that Coca-Cola can be used in bleaching hair. It minimizes the hair effects when you dyed them too bright or too dark. How to use it? Pop a bit of Coca-Cola directly on strands and rinse after five minutes. Not only make your curls look shiny, it also helps correct the hair hue you desire. 


Something to note when you rinse your hair with coke

However, artificial additives are found in the carbonated soft drink. If you do it too frequently, it will strip natural oils away from your strands and weaken them. Gradually, it makes hair more fragile, brittle and causes breakage. 

– You should not apply conditioner or other similar products after rinsing the hair with the soft drink since it will reduce the effect. 

– Don’t wash your hair daily because it may contain artificial additives. You can do this trick once a month. 

– Many say coke works better on straight hair with no frizziness. 

Wash Hair With Coke? It's Incredibly Effective!
washing hair with coke brings smooth, shiny hair

– If your hair is too fine, you can add some protective products and restyle it after washing with coke. 

– Before washing your hair with coke, you should visit hair experts if your scalp is sensitive. They may help you analyze hair condition and give you practical solutions to look after your mane.

You desire to experience this way to get a fuller hair look. Are you ready to try doing? Follow our guides and have the extra body and volume in locks. 

Final words

Hopefully, in this article about how to wash hair with coke, you have found some practical information you want to know. Have you ever tried Coca-Cola for your mane anytime? The trick is inexpensive to perform. We would like to listen to your experiences in this new way. 

Don’t hesitate to share this post if you like it. And follow our blog to get more extra tips related to hair care and human hair extensions. Layla always welcomes your questions and opinions at any time. 

Hope you have all the lovely hair days!

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