Rock 2020 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!

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You absolutely can regard weave hairstyles as a safe blanket that save you from days with hair problems. Their look is impressive. Besides, they keep your bio hair from the negative impacts of styling, etc. There needs little maintenance. You especially can have some hair makeover monthly! 

Wondering what kind of style transformation for your hair? Give the following ones a try. They will surely attract a lot of attention.

Curly weave hairstyles

It creates a heavy texture and adds hair volume for women who are fond of strong tight curl layers. The sides come in large quantities and touch softly around your neckline. Meanwhile, the back gives loads of curls.

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
Curly weave hair styles

Quick weave bob style

We have to include this bob as one of the all-time best weave hairstyles. It is playful and mesmerizing at the same time. You can style it with ease to your preference of length. Not to mention, this choice never stops being trendy.

A-Line bob in a weave

Select this lovely cut as it works to produce a slimming effect. The angle does a great job of drawing your eye downward. It also extends the length of the face. You can’t get enough of how fashionable short cuts are while not desiring to lose plenty of lengths? Then, this may be your perfect option.

Simple short layered weave 

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
Simple short layered weave

A typical bob cut is one of the best examples of weave hairstyles. It looks amazing on most girls. You can choose to add some layers to maintain the fresh and trendy appearance of your cut. How thick the weave is can differ depending on the desired voluminousness of your bob.

Weave styles with bangs

Having bangs is one of the most favorite things that women want to do with their hair. They will become hotter when being a couple with the weave. Do you want to part them to a side, make them curly, or get them straight? Whatever it is, you can have peace of mind that you will be shining like a beautiful summer day’s sun. For instance, the shoulder length weave has an incredible appearance with full bangs.

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
Weave hairstyles with bangs

Weave hairstyles with bangs and bun

This style requires a bit of care, love as well as patience. One of the added bonuses about it is, getting real bangs is unnecessary. Indeed, the procedure of styling has to do with leaving your hair’s tips in front as bangs. Not all, whether you wish to experience with one of the best summer styles of hair or bring out your child-like side, buns, particularly double buns, work fantastically either way. In general, this idea is cute overload and sure to make heads turn.

High ponytail styles

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
High ponytail styles

Become more confident with this hair choice. The high ponytail creates a classy and lively look. We recommend those whose hair extensions are truly long and straight to consider it as an attractive styling option.


Black hair weave styles

Your dark black hair will become more glamorous with a side part weave. The sew in styling creates a smooth match with your own tresses. That is why it will look fluid. All you need is simple, sassy waves to give your hair an extraordinary appearance!

Quick straight weave hairstyles

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
Quick straight weave hair styles

By this weave idea, we mean you bond the extensions to your bio hair. To build a protective barrier, make sure you use a gel formula or so. This way is typically faster and less expensive than the sew-in. You can pair it with a straight cut to your shoulder length, and then call it done. You will end up with the quick and realistic-looking style you’re after.

Pixie cut weave

It is one of the best short black hairstyles with weave. The look is natural. This pixie cut is also stylish and sophisticated without excessive fuss. It is perfect for black hair. To flatter the shape of your face, think about cutting the bangs and layers.

Dark Teal

One of the wonderful, creative colors for your amazing extension is deep green. You can also rely on the darker versions of pink, red, blue, or other venturesome colors.

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
Pastel blend

Pastel blend

You can’t help but love this amazing mermaid hair. It captures hearts with an excellent mixture of pink pastel and baby blue colors. The impressive color blend depends on the length of the extension. In most of the cases, the longer, the better.

Blonde and black weave

Are you interested in the high contrast hair? Then pair the platinum blonde with black. With the bonus of balayage style, the blonde brings out a soft line of regrowth. The bob cut balances the unconventionalness of the color combination.

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
Wet and wavy hair weave styles

Wet and wavy hair weave styles

Whether they are wavy or curly, the extensions will look sensationally attractive with a wet appearance approach. Relying on the proper hair product, you can perfect this look and feel like a charming girl throughout the day.

Long delicate weave

Long layers and flowing curls are one of the most brilliant combos for weave styles. Your face get an attractive frame with the shorter layers. Meanwhile, the longer ones make your overall hair thicker. You can either wear it down for a night out or turn it into a charming ponytail for daily work.

Rock 2019 Summer With These 15+ Awe-Inspiring Weave Hairstyles!
Wedding weave

Wedding weave 

If you are gearing up for the big day, consider weave hairstyle as an effortless and gorgeous styling idea. Have wavy extensions. Then spice it up with your favorite hair piece. Don’t forget this simple rule: elegance is the seamless combination of simplicity and darlings.

Wrapping it up

Weave hairstyles are really something. They are a necessity for those desiring to grow out the hair and keep them safe from the harmful chemicals or environment. They are also a choice of people experiencing hair loss. There are various amazing options that add volume and charm to your hair. With their great ability to create legendary makeover, you can grow in huge confidence!

If you are looking for some new weave options, don’t hesitate to refer to the above inspiring list. 

For further inquiries about hair weave and hair care tips, please feel free to contact Laylahair via our website or our hotline: +84 98 963 34 24 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber/SnapChat). We are always happy to be of service!

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