What is a Hair Topper? Pros And Cons of Hair Toppers Vs Wigs

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 If you are suffering from gradual hair loss or thinning hair, Hair Toppers and wigs might not be something new to you. The thing is: Which would be more suitable for you? This article will list out all of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing hair toppers and wigs. Read until the end to find out!

what is hair topper and fros hair topper vs wigs

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What Is A Hair Topper?

Hair toppers comes in different names, due to the various functions it has. You might have heard it by the names of wiglet, hair enhancer, hair piece or toupee here and there. Just by the names, one can easily tell how a hair topper looks like and what it is for.

Usually covers the top of one’s head

Hair topper resembles the look of an actual Wigs, just with less hair and covered area. Usually one would use hair topper at the beginning or medium stage hair loss to cover the bald spot and thinning hair at the top of the head.

Looks like a miniature wigs

However, the wig would be a wonderful option to cover hair loss at the top too. Why should or should not we choose Wigs or Hair Toppers? The answer lies in the lines below.

Hair Toppers Vs Wigs


The diffirence beetween Hair toppers vs Wigs

The basic similarities and differences between hair toppers and wigs can be shortly named in this table

And here is the breakdown of each one’s pros and cons:



The ultimate benefit of wearing wigs is that they will give full coverage to your head. Whether you are suffering light to severe hair loss and thinning hair from alopecia or chemical therapy, a wig can cover it all.

Although it would cost “some” big investment at the initial, you can save yourself a lot of money and time on styling, cuts and coloring.

Human hair wigs do need proper care just as our bio hair does, but of course less frequent care. Your bio hair needs washing and treatment several times a week or even every day, whereas your wigs just need several times a month.

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Your hair would thank you enough if you stop changing its style by styling it directly but changing your wigs instead. Go for a neat and classy black straight in the daytime at work, and change it instantly to colorful and voluminous for a night at a party, leave alone your bio hair that deserves your utmost TLC (Time-Love-and-Care). Using wigs to change hairstyles is giving a break to your precious hair.

Thanks to the non-stop development of the hair industry, now you can have real human hair wigs that look exactly what one’s hair is, plus blending seamlessly, unnoticeably and naturally with your scalp!


Wearing wigs is somewhat more complicated and might by tricky to ones with “modest” hand skills. It would take several times after trial and error to make the wigs perfectly sit onto your hair. Anyway, practice makes perfect!

Wigs are expensive as they require a large amount of hair to make a full head, but as just being said, you will save a lot of time and money on styling later.

Wigs would not be your great companion when it comes to exercises and outdoor activities in the summertime. The pressure of weight and warmth from the wigs would be terrible daytime nightmares for anyone wearing those. As the sweats come off, your bio hair might face some negative impacts of humidity, especially tangles and brittle hair.


 24 inch Vietnamese human hair toppers



As Hair toppers just need enough amount of hair to cover your top scalp, their prices are friendlier. Therefore you can get several pieces at a time to change regularly without worrying that it might break your budget.

It is hard to notice if someone is wearing a hair topper or not. Your real hairs are still shown out and it makes toppers more attempting to people with hair loss and thinning problem.

Hair toppers are easy to use. There are a couple of ways to apply hair toppers, among which the easiest one is clip-in. 5 minutes every morning and “Bam!” you have it ready. You can remove it with ease also.


The problem is, in order to get a natural look using hair toppers, one has to pick the exact color and hair texture that matches bio hairs, or else you would need to dye and style one of the two (better your real hair, you would not want to mess with your hair pieces).

Another thing is that if the hair toppers come with low-quality clips, they would have the tendency to pull, tug and hurt your bio hairs. This is not a really big deal if you have yourself credible suppliers.

Men and women at an advanced stage of hair loss do not usually wear clip-in hair toppers as there is nowhere to clip the hair pieces in. The clips would hurt your scalp instead which I believe is such an uncomfortable experience. This can be solved by glue-in or sew-in hair toppers although.


The advice is to get understand your hair first: What stage of hair loss or thinning are you suffering? What is the color, length, and pattern to it? Would you wear them to work, to play or to practice? If you’ve already got the answer, revise the pros and cons of hair topper and wig again to decide what would belong to you. Hope it helps!

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