What Is A Weave? — The In-depth Explanation From Hair Gurus

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You might hear a lot about hair extensions and hair weave, but do you know what they exactly are? What is a weave? Is it the same to hair extensions? Check out the following article from Laylahair to find the answers.

What is a weave hair?

A hair weave is a type of hair extension method where hair wefts are clipped or sewn onto braids. Its beauty is one of the reasons why it is such a popular method.

Unlike clip-in hair extensions, which you can apply and remove daily, weaves are meant to last for several weeks.

For weave, you should choose virgin human hair to have a fashionable look. Moreover, they are soft and could easily match your own hair in color and texture.

What Is A Weave? - The In-depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
what is a weave

After understanding what is a hair weave, deciding which type of weave is right for you is very important. It depends on how long you would like it to last for, the length, and amounts of volume.

There are many different types of hair wefts in the market but not all of them are good. Therefore, you have to be careful when searching for a good item to use.

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How long can you keep your weave?

The amount of time you can keep your weave in depends on your hair type and texture. It also depends on the type of weave you go for. Weaves have a shorter lifespan, about 7 to 14 weeks if you have touched it up every 2-4 weeks. Remember to wash weaves less to avoid loosening the braid base.

What Is A Weave? - The In-depth Explanation From Hair Gurus
Weave can last up to 3 months

You can take out your weave without going to the hair salon. When putting in a weave, the corners are doubled up with thread for security. It only takes about an hour.

How to protect the weave

Choosing a high-quality product is the first condition to have a beautiful weave. It can make your hair more glamorous. However, it only looks great at first. Hence, frequent maintenance can help you keep it feel great between visits to your stylist.

Use proper shampoo and conditioner

Washing with a sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner every 7 to 14 days will keep your weave clean and shiny without tangling. Always dry it completely and protect both your weave and scalp. Virgin hair weaves should be taken care of as if they were your own hair.


Be sure to wash your hair in one direction, from scalp to ends, while avoiding circular motions because it can cause tangling.

Dry weaves completely

Use your fingers to massage your scalp and between braids. Rinse out the shampoo, then repeat this one more time. After washing, you have to let it completely dry. Heat temperature can loosen the bond of your weave, so limit the use of heat tools as much as you can.

Remember, your weave should be dry fully before going to sleep to prevent matting and tangling.


Use an antibacterial weave spray

Besides, to prevent mildew from developing, you should use an antibacterial weave spray after your shampoo and each day before you head out the door.

Don’t pull your weave

You should comb your hair very gently. If you pull too hard, you can loosen the weft and even damage your natural hair to the point it falls out.


Don’t overuse styling products

Be more careful with styling products because excess products can cause build-up and lead to dryness and tangling. We encourage to use a small amount of serum throughout the hair to bring back the silky look. Using a little serum at a time will also prevent weighing your hair down.

Protecting your weave when sleeping

Covering your hair in a thin scarf at night will prevent it from tangling or getting frizzy while you sleep. Using a satin pillow will also protect your weave.


Braid your hair

The easy way to keep your weave wavy or curly is to braid it at night. Braiding and tying hair up in a scarf to secure the braids in place while you sleep.

Weaves can last from 7 to 14 weeks, depending on its quality and how you care for it. Remember that you should give your hair a break from 2 to 4 weeks before adding a new one.

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Hair weave extensions in Layla Hair Company

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What is a weave hairstyle? We can offer a wide range of styles for you to opt for such as curly, deep wavy extensions, and straight extensions.


What is your favorite color? Black, dark, fair, golden, grey, jet-black, white or yellow? Depending on the color of your own hair, Layla Hair can meet all the requirements.

To satisfy our customers, Layla Hair does not use any harsh chemicals. In other words, Vietnamese and Cambodian hair structures and styles are not changed. Our extensions are washed and conditioned carefully. We use high standards, sometimes it was moisturized to keep the best quality.

To make curly human hair extensions or wavy hair, Layla Hair wholesale Vietnamese hair vendors utilize steam rollers instead of hot iron rollers. Therefore, full cuticles and protein of real hair extensions stay intact. Besides, they are arranged equally on the top and the same direction to minimize hair tangled or shedding.  

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We hope that this post will help you understand more about what is a weave and give you an option to make beauty.

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