What Is A Wig Cap? Things To Know Before Buying

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Layla understands that women like beauty, that’s why they always want to be excellent in others’ eyes. Fortunately, today we have many great options to become prettier. You dream about beautiful hair, you can reach it. One of the best solutions to make up your tresses are wigs and its cap. 

Available in various shapes and sizes, wig blends with your natural locks perfectly. But do you know what makes these hair wigs fit your head well? Go for a wig cap. Below, Layla will show you some tutorials that will help out with your journey perfecting the look of your hair.

Wig caps — the must-have item for all

What Is A Wig Cap? Things To Know Before Buying
what is a wig cap?

It is a necessary material when you wear a wig. It imitates well the shape of your head. In other words, this item is the foundation of hair systems. When you wear a hair system, it will be attached to the cap. A basic product is made by sewing wefts or hand-tied onto a thin and elastic material. The cooling cap construction allows air to flow your scalp directly, help wearers feel comfortable on hot days.

You may love this must-have product as it protects your scalp and holds the hair. If you attach a hair system on your bare scalp, it tends to slip down. But it can secure your hair system. It helps you feel more confident when wearing the hair as it remains in place. 

If you are interested in the wig world, you may have heard some terms lace wig cap, wig cap weave, mesh wig cap, and so on. In addition, it is also made from fabric, such as cotton. But you should be careful if wearing this material because cotton is notorious for its abrasiveness. It can dry out your hair and cause harm.  

Pros and cons

Things you may like

— Lightweight and cool

— Mimic the shape of the head

— Affordable price

— Durable

— Built-in volume

Things you may not like

— Voluminous, but it is not a big problem. 

Different types of wig cap

Here are popular types you can easily find out there.

Crochet wig cap

Sometimes, it is also called braided wig caps. It is a fashionable item nowadays and worn by many celebs, especially African American people. Wig caps have small combs and adjustable straps that are flexible. Wearers can adjust the cap so that it fits their head perfectly. The combs are in the front, sides and at the back of the net to secure the unit. With the right crochet cap, you can enjoy all your good days. 

U part wig caps

What Is A Wig Cap? Things To Know Before Buying
crochet wig cap vs u part wig cap vs silk wig cap

Like it sounds, the cap has U shape in the front. The U part one contains adjustable straps, clips, and small combs. It allows your natural locks to go through easily. You have to choose the cap color that resembles your skin tone. For example, black women choose the cap in a brown or dark hue. 

Lace front wig caps

The lace front can mimic the look of your hair growth at the front hairline. It is made of the sheer lace material and allows the hair to move naturally at the hairline. This item is the best option for those who want to wear a wig throughout the day. It helps wig wearers feel cool and comfortable. If you are sweaty, opt for this item. However, because of its highlight benefits, lace front wig caps are more expensive than normal wig caps

Silk wig caps

A silk wig cap is made of high-quality silk material. Also, it is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It gives you airy feelings, not feel hot when wearing it a whole day. You can adjust it to fit your head comfortably. Just like other caps, this item keeps your wig clean, and it separates from your scalp. Besides, it keeps the shape of the wig well. The silk one can protect your natural locks and scalp from damage through friction by a hair system. 

In the hair market, there are other types of wig cap that are used to hold the hair replacement system for a long time. You can use a satin wig cap or adjustable wig cap when wearing the hair. It would better if you refer to professionals or experienced wearers to choose the best product for you. 

How to make a wig cap

What Is A Wig Cap? Things To Know Before Buying
how to make wig caps

This item is crucial not only in cosplay but for wig-wearing in general. It secures the hair and hides your natural locks underneath a wig. Here is a quick and easy way to make your own item. 

— You start off with a pair of old pantyhose. Tie the legs together at the cross, eliminating as much as space as possible. 

— Then tie the second knot. You have to pull the legs tighter at this turn.

— Carefully cut off the legs as close to the knot as you can. You are done and have a DIY wig cap. It is very easy, right? You can sew the accompanying items to the cap if needed, clips, small combs, or adjustable strap. 

What we love about this DIY is that you can turn something old and worn-out into something new and useful. Would you try this? We think it is not hard for you. 

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In the bottom line

If you are in the hair market to buy an extension, you don’t know what wig cap works best for you, this post is useful for you. You want your wig looks more realistic and undetectable, it depends largely on the wig cap you wear and how you put it on.

For any further questions about wig cap for wig making, drop Layla Hair via WhatsApp (+84) 989 633 424 to get the answers. Please feel free to raise your voice. We are online 24/7 to support you at any time! Or take a look at our well-built website to get more exciting information about wigs and hair extensions.

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