What Is Brunette Hair? Things You Might Haven’t Been Told About!

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Whoever said that blondes have more fun and attractive looks. Check out these brunette hair colors and think again. But do you know that brunette hair is also considered the most common hair color? This universally flattering color comes from light shades (such as caramel, honey brown, etc.) to dark shades (containing chestnut, chocolate, etc.).

In fact, brunette hair is flexible and suits all skin tones and hair length. Plus, you can play up any brunette hair colors with highlights, balayage or ombre. So you want to freshen up your existing hair color, take a look at this post to inspire your next major dye job. Read on for everything you need to know about this beautiful hair look.

What Is Brunette Hair? 

The word “brunette” is French, it refers to people with brown hair. After black hair color, brunette hair is the second most common hair color in the world. From the darkest to the lightest brown, the color comes in different shades. The brown color is generated by the low levels of the pale pheomelanin and the high levels of dark eumelanin pigment. 

Brunette hair colors are classically pretty and wealthy. Among all hair hues, this color is easy to maintain as well. Populations in Western are often found with brunette hair, such as the UK, the US, the Middle East, some Australian Aborigines, and more.  


Most celebrities, such as Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, and so on are within the colors of their natural hair hue. The tiny difference is that their brunette hairs are a bit darker or lighter. Next time you head to the hair salon, it would be better if you ask your hairstylist about which shade works best with your complexion. Brown hair is flexible, so some shades can work to enhance your skin tone, while others can offer bad results. 

You should think about this question. Why do famous brown-haired babes like Kerry Washington, Kendall Jenner have been loyal to their brown hair for many years? First, it may be their signature hair color and they don’t want to change it. Or they love their natural locks, brown hair never makes them out of style and it works best with their skin tones. 

Natural Brunette Hair 

Geographic distribution

Brown-haired people prevail in most countries in Western. For example,  you can come across brunette girls in central and northern Europe. Their hairs come in medium to light brunette shades. While darker hair shades predominate in other countries such as Canada, the US, Australia, German, New Guinea, etc. Immigrants in the Northern, Central and Eastern European (including Swiss, British), Russian, and Southeastern European. 

Sometimes, dark brunette hair can be seen in parts of East Asia and Southern Cone of South America, such as Chile, Brazil, and more. If you don’t know, this shade is easily mistaken for black hair hue. 



As we all know, the hair color is generated by two pigments, eumelanin (dark) and pheomelanin (light). And brown hair is determined by the level of eumelanin pigment. Put simply, brown hair has less eumelanin than black but far more than blond. 

To make up the wide range of shades of brunette hair, your hair follicles have black eumelanin and brown eumelanin. As they sound, black eumelanin is dark and brown eumelanin is much lighter than black. 

Cultural connotations

In Western culture, brunettes are stable, smart as well as sophisticated. A British study found that 62% of the men taking part in the study supposed brown-haired girls are stability. Also, brown hair color was described as independent by 67% of men, and as intelligent by 81%. 

In 2005, a survey showed that 76% of American women supposed the first female president of the US will be a brunette lady. 


Different Shades of Brunette Hair Color

The brunette hair color ideas are gorgeous and unlimited. Here are the best shades of brunette hair handpicked for all skin tones. 

Deepest brunette

The darkest brown is also called a very dark chestnut. Sometimes, people can not distinguish this shade and black. If you think this shade is simple and monotonic, opt for brunette hair with blonde highlights or ombre hair. The hairstyle will not let you down. When you have fair complexions, cool shades like deepest brunette or coffee-colored browns are perfect. 


Dark brown

It is claimed that dark brunette hair is one of the universal hair hues. This shade suits everyone if they want to. A celebrity colorist said that brunette makes your complexion and your eyes pop more than other hues. Many celebs also wear this hair shade and it has never gone out of style. You can copy your idol’s hair. Whether you cut short hair or stay on long brunette hair, you look so excellent. If you have been contemplating coming to the dark brown, the best bet is to take yourself to a hair salon and get the professional’s help. 

Dark chestnut brown

Many hair colorists advise you to dye your tresses with this brunette shade in the autumn. But it is also suitable for your tanned skin during the summer days. You want to change but don’t want anything dramatic, this dark shade is just for you. It only offers a slight change in your appearance. You want to brighten your skin, try this deep brunette shade with some highlights. Perfect! Searching and selecting the best hair dye to get your desired look. The look is ideal for an office day, events or parties. You should try it as well. Often, dark chestnut hair shade is common in the native people of Western, Eastern Europe.


Light chestnut brown

Another shade of light brunette hair is a favored hair color. Go for chestnut long hair with curls and waves. It looks fantastic on your head. Understanding your complexion is very necessary to decide the shade of color. 

Medium brown

The medium-brown shade is common because it is versatile. Also, it is a perfect shade for all skin tones. It is natural-looking and offers lots of options. Combine with layers, bangs, or highlights to suit your lifestyle. The hair color does not need high maintenance like other light colors. Besides, it gives a subtle and stunning appearance at the same time.


Caramel brown

This hair color is a warm and tawny shade. You have golden or warm skin, this hair color is ideal for you. On the contrary, this shade is not for those with fair and pink complexion. The actress Eva Mendes is well-known with this shade. It is a great choice for brunette hair with highlights. Think about brunette hair with caramel highlights if you want to get a trendy hair look. 

Light golden brown

You love light golden brown hair, brunette rose gold hair as these shades are warm as well as friendly. It is beautiful for those with peachy and golden complexions. Do you know the actress Emma Watson? She is an outstanding example of light golden brown hair. It enhances her eye colors and skin tone effectively. 

Light ash brown

In other words, this shade is almost blond hair. If you have never seen this shade yet, go down on the Internet and take a look at brunette hair color charts. The hair hue is lighter and magic. And it is easy to understand that some of your favorite celebrities are rock this hair color. From subtle and shimmery to highlighted, this shade suits those who have a cool skin tone. Or it is best for anyone with natural locks between medium blonde and dark brown.


Lightest brunette hair

You don’t want to go all the way to the dark brown tresses, you are tired of the blonde you have. You want to change, get new hair color or add some highlights with the lightest brown color. This shade of brown switches up your beautiful brunette hair without making a too-drastic move. It’s time to lightest brown and show your personality. 

The Last Words

Do you want to make a change with brunette hair? Balayage straight hair brunette or curly hair brunette, your crown is all up to you. Opt for the right hair texture that suits your facial shape. Hopefully, this post can help those understanding more about the brunette hair color. «Is brunette a natural hair hue?» Get enough basic information and you can live happily with your beautiful locks. It’s time to make a revolution with your tresses. Play around with this nice hair look and see how it works for your skin tone and hairdo. Not too dramatic but stand out! Hopefully, this post can help those understanding more about the brunette hair color. Get enough basic information and you can live happily with your beautiful locks.  

Your hair is naturally black, purchase the best brown hair dye and color your tresses. In some cases, opt for a brown hair extension or wig if you don’t dye the hair. Let’s get access to Layla Hair’s website and get your best item. Our products will never let you down. We are always welcoming you.  

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