Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

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The hair which collected from Cambodian ladies is Cambodian hair. And the hair which collected from Vietnamese ladies is Vietnamese hair. So «What is Cambodian hair?» and «What is the difference Vietnamese hair vs Cambodian hair?».

Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair are the most popular and high-quality hair types in  Southeast Asia. Both of them have their own different appeal to customers. What is the difference between Vietnam hair and Cambodian hair?

First of all, I will start with some general information about Cambodian hair and Vietnam hair.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

The name of the hair same with hair origin exactly. Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair is the most popular and high-quality hair types in Southeast Asia. If someone tries to convince you that their hair is natural European or Brazilian hair,… at the cheap price, be careful, 95% they are cheating you and 99% their hair is processed.

Vietnamese hair vs Cambodian hair

Both Vietnamese and Cambodian hair come in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured. I can be sure 100% about it.
Vietnamese or Cambodian Hair will be a good choice if you are looking for a kind of virgin, natural and no processing hair.

The hair from Vietnam or Cambodia is collected from women who often own traditional hair and it will last long so much.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

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What is the difference between Vietnamese vs Cambodian Hair

However, if you are looking for more softer and thinner, Vietnamese Hair will be better. If you are looking for a coarser and thicker, Cambodian will be better.

Cambodian hair

Cambodian hair is the closest thing to perfection on this earth’, which is a bit pompous to talk about.

Indeed, the Cambodian hair is sleek, soft, and extremely shiny as if it just came straight out of the bottle! Even your hairstylist cannot create hairstyle perfectly and naturally colored to achieve such perfection.

Our ideal selection of Cambodian hair products range in length from 8” to 32”, but if you need a specific length in mind you can make contact us for a custom length.

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Hair color also has a variety of types as dark brown and natural off-black colors.

It is virgin hair meaning that it has been untouched, so there may be some color variations which naturally affected by sunshine or other elements.

You can color the hair if you like but it is best to have beautiful hair extension, you should get help from a professional stylist.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

What is difference Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair?

Vietnamese Hair

Our Vietnam hair is completely natural hair, not puzzled, not handled by chemical, not styled as straightening, curling, dyeing, etc and specially preserved intact from root to top of the hair.

They still keep their advantages. The durability of Vietnam hair is not only shown that its lifespan is a year, but also can stand cold and hot weather.

Most of Vietnam hair is thick hair. If you research detail information, you can see, most of the Vietnamese hair is the thick hair. There is thin hair but the quantity is small.

Thick hair fiber is fairly big, it is so strong, shiny, and heavy. If a person can care for it carefully, the hair will be stronger and very healthy. This can make quality hair become better and better.

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The answer to the question

Next, I will answer the question in the first paragraph:What is the difference between Vietnamese hair vs Cambodian hair?

It is easy to see that both Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair come in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured. Why do I sure that?

Because our collectors come to cut hair directly from Cambodia and Vietnam, so, of course, we know very well about the types of hair they collect.

Many people say that the whole Cambodian hair is very thick and coarse while the whole Vietnamese hair is very silky and smooth. IT IS NOT COMPLETELY TRUE!

What else do you need to know about Vietnamese hair?

The natural Vietnamese hair color

Similar to most types of Central Asian hair, the natural Vietnamese hair color is black. Let’s take a look at the reason why.

Black hair is undoubtedly a dominant trait that our ancestors shared in the past. As you can see great apes and monkeys all have black hair.

When humans spread from Africa to different continents, due to the changes in the environment and associative mating, this dominant hair color gradually changed so that human could adapt and survive in their new environment.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

In some environment, black hair is more suitable for the habitats to thrive. It is easier to blend in the surrounding with black hair and brown skin in the tropical zone.

That being said, the dominant trait that Asians all share is black hair.

When it comes to Asian hair, not every type are black. Mongolians with Caucasian background have lighter hair color. Some tribes in India have brown hair.

What are suitable dyes for Vietnamese hair color?

If you are Asian

Finding a suitable hair color when you are an Asian isn’t easy. It is because you can’t mindlessly go after trendy hair colors without considering your skin tones and eye colors.

For more information, please read our guide to choosing hair color accordingly here 13 Hair Dye Colors That Will Be Huge In Summer 2019

You will have to keep in mind that cool color is a detrimental factor to your overall look. Colors such as green, violet and so on are significant drawbacks.

Asian golden skin tone will be compatible with warm shades of colors like coppers, reds. You can choose any tones in the caramel or gold range.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

One more thing to note is the thickness of Asian hair. It is a problem when you try to change hair color because it would take longer than usual to dye your hair. Sometimes you need to use more than one box of hair dyes to achieve the color you want.

If you aren’t Asian

In case you buy Vietnamese hair extensions or wigs, your choice of color may be boarder than Asians. Again, you need to pick the color that compliments your skin tone and eye color.

Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair are both quite resistant. In case you want to dye the hair yourself, you should buy more than one box and leave the dye longer than the recommended time

How to Ombre Asian hair

What you need

  • One to two boxes of your favorite hair dye
  • Gloves
  • Elastic bands

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How to ombre Vietnamese hair or Cambodian hair

1.    Divide your hair into four sections. You should start from ear to ear, and then from the middle of your forehead.)

2.    Use elastic bands to secure one-third of your hair length from the hair end.

3.    Apply the color according to the guideline and let it sit there for 20 minutes.

4.    After that, release your hair and spread the color for one extra inch above the elastic bands (remove the bands first!). Be careful in this step to make sure you create a seamless transition from black to whatever color you choose.

5.    Let the color stay there for ten more minutes.

6.    Wash and condition your hair

What should I know about hair care?

Vietnamese hair is indeed easy to care. If you aren’t a big fan of frequent heat and chemical processing, the maintenance is even much more comfortable.

Treat your hair extensions and wigs exactly how you treat your natural hair!

In case you live in Vietnam, we have some suggestions for you here The Golden Secrets To Take Care Of Ultimate Virgin Vietnamese Remy Hair

In case you dye, bleach and curl your hair often, the secret is to moisturize your hair often. The frequent use of creamy hair conditioner and hair mask are encouraged.

Should I spend money to visit Vietnamese hair factory?

If you are planning to open up your hair business or you want to expand your current one we would strongly recommend you to come and visit our Vietnamese hair factory.

It is essential to know how hair is made especially when you are a total newbie in the hair industry.

Cambodian hair vs Vietnamese hair

Taking a look around Vietnamese hair factory, you will have a glimpse of

•    How hair extensions and wigs are made

•    The real price of hair products

It is a great experience to come and visit the Vietnamese hair factory!

What do I need to visit Vietnamese hair factory?

•    A business or tourist visa

•    Contact pieces of information from your business partners

Vietnamese offers one of the strictest visa policies in the world; therefore, you need to check your status carefully. Most citizens from European countries can come with on-arrival visas or online visas.

Business visa is typically hard to attain if you don’t have an invitation letter from your business partner.

How trustworthy are Vietnamese hair suppliers?

Vietnamese hair market is a booming market. It is true that more and more hair vendors are joining the stream everyday.

In the demanding market, each vendor has to show their uniqueness to survive. Vietnamese hair suppliers who want to stay long in the market need to provide the best service and products. That’s why it is less likely to encounter scams here.

The bottom line

Hope that this post can help you to understand more about Vietnamese and Cambodian hair and help you to be a smart buyer.

Thanks for reading!

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