What is the custom lace wig?

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The custom lace wig is popular nowadays, due to it’s easy to use and vast benefits for people lost all or most of their hair due to any reasons use to wear wigs. The custom full lace wig human hair is designed for the most natural appearance. You can freely choose any style, texture, color or length. With the custom-made service, you can add many personal elements and get the exact wig you want. Custom hairline, cut, and style, full silk based cap, custom density. Today, Layla Hair Company will introduce to you all of the custom lace wig that we can provide. Please read until the end to find out what we have!


The custom lace wig

Custom Lace wig from Layla Hair

Custom lace wig human hair made by 100% Remy or Virgin Hair from Layla Hair company. For those who have not heard about the term of “REMY”, here is a rough definition for you: “ Remy hair extensions are the most popular human hair extension on the market due to the quality and price. Remy hair is a high quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends very well with your own hair. What is remy hair means is that all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction (at time of collection). When all hair strands follow the same direction there will be almost no tangling and matting (if processed properly). With true high-quality remy hair, the hair collected is healthy, the cuticles intact and all cuticles flow in the same direction from root to the tip ”.

Furthermore, this is the definition about Virgin Hair : “ Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair from a single donor. It is free from dyes, perms, bleaches and hard washes. Our virgin hair is remy hair. This means the hair is gathered from the head of donors using a method designed to keep the hairs cuticles in proper alignment ”.


Ombre custom lace wig

Three custom colors of custom lace wig

Now, we will introduce three custom colors of custom lace wig include ombre full lace wig, natural full lace wig and platinum blonde full lace wig.

Ombre lace wig

Let’s start with ombre lace wig, made by hand with ombre color human hairs. Ombre hairstyle is a fashion trend. We got the design inspiration from the latest celebrity’s hairstyle. Also, the hair quality of our ombre lace wig is really high. The custom lace wig with all processes undergo a strict quality control during each stage of the process from cap construction, to selecting high- quality raw hair donors, sorting hair, coloring hair, bleaching, and styling. Hence, you are able to wear the custom lace wig for a long time.

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Natural full custom lace wig

Next,  a natural full custom lace wig is extremely natural looking wigs for which every strand of hair was hand tied to create the perfect unit that’s easy to manage, light and breathable. Custom full lace wig human hair is the perfect solution for every type of woman: from those looking to change up their look without damaging their hair, to celebrity wigs enthusiasts, but also women with thinning hair or losing their hair.

Platinum blonde custom lace wig

Last but not least, Platinum blonde custom lace wig will help you looking so so hot. And Vietnamese Women’s hair is silky and shiny that all customers in the world are looking for. We supply real human hair only, no chemical processed hair, no harm to human. Platinum blonde full lace wig is 100% virgin human hair from Vietnamese and Cambodia women. All cuticles run in same directions and with a natural good smell, soft feel.


Platinum blonde custom lace wig

Choose perfect custom lace wig fit for you

In addition, we will give you some options about custom pattern help you choose perfect custom lace wig fit for you.

Firstly, curly full custom lace wig with baby hair is perfect option. Natural curly wig provide the feeling of a natural looking hairline with full density natural baby hair. Our hair remains naturally straight, soft, silky and shiny that all customers are interested. Layla will make any hairstyles for the customers because our hair is full cuticles, tangle free and no shedding, especially your hands can run easily into hair.

Secondly curly human hair full custom lace wig is the great way if you are looking natural appearance. Natural curly wigs are high-quality remy human hair, no chemical processed hair. Sexy natural curly with natural color are selected from healthy women from the mountainous place in Vietnam and Cambodia. Curly human hair full handmade with skilled craftsmanship help your appearance is so fabulous.


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In conclusion

Moreover, straight full custom lace wig is the most classic and versatile wig, you can curl it, do some layered cut, or cut it to a bob when you use it for a long time, and the hair ends becomes a little dry.  Either long glossy straight hair or smart short straight hair, naturally straight wigs can always be perfect options for different occasions. Girls wearing cool & sleek one-length hairstyle of medium length absolutely become the focus of attention.

After reading all of the above information, Layla believe that you have knowledge about our lace wig. We will take extra steps to provide you with the most accurate and detailed descriptions. So, Custom orders are made just for you according to your specifications selected. We recommend that you take your measurements carefully to ensure that your custom order fits correctly.

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