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Welcome to Layla hair – the world of Hair extensions. A lot of customers come to us to find  the available and complete extensions which it is easily applied for themselves. I can tell you about some hair types such as clip in, fusion, wefted, tip, …etc hair extensions with lots of diverse colors and styles which are available in store . However, if you want to have own a hair extension you want and enjoy, you should know about bulk hair extensions.


Firstly, what is the Bulk hair extension? Bulk refers to a bundle of hair but the strands of hair are not weft. Bulk hair is used to create weft hair extensions but is also supplied for selling to customers who want to use the loose hair to create their own weft hair extensions or for braiding and knotting techniques.

  • Layla Hair’s bulk hair is 100% Pure Virgin and Remy human bulk hair, which is directly collected from donors and is completely healthy and strong.
  • This bulk and loose hair is 100% Natural virgin hair, which means it has not been processed including chemically treating or dyeing in any way. The hair’s cuticle is intact and brought into line and made straight from root to end. We also maintain their natural texture.
  • Each bundle is Single drawn hair, meaning each bundle has natural gradations in lengths as natural hair does growing from the scalp, giving a completely natural look. This is because each bundle of hair is collected from a donor, so it looks like as natural as donor’s orginal hair, which means that it remain the length of each strand of hair.


Secondly, why and when do you should buy human hair by bulk? Bulk hair comes shipped to you completely slack( means “loose”), they are only held together by twine. All of the cuticle on the hair is brought into line and made straight and facing the same direction, and it’s significant to keep it that way. When working with bulk hair, if strands of hair are turned upside down, it will cause tangling and matting problems. You should only buy bulk hair if you have accurate intentions with your installation, and if you know it well.

Next, what source of the bulk hair Layla Hair have? And are this source of hair good? The bulk hair extension is 100% pure Vietnamese virgin hair. Why? Because Vietnamese Women’s hair is known as one of the highest quality hair type with smoothness, silkiness and shininess that all customers in the world is looking for. Because Vietnamese women consider hair as a important part of their body. They never use chemical shampoo, instead they use the shampoo which made from the available material in nature as grapefruit skin, soapberry, holy basil, etc. We supply real human hair only, no chemical processed hair, no harm for human. Especially, our bulk hair doesn’t have bad smell, soft feel, very clean, no any lice or nits.


Layla Hair bulk human hair is made from our purest virgin Vietnamese hair. It is perfect to use these bundles of hair for many types of human hair braids, making fusion hair extensions, or to make your own custom wig or hairpiece.

Finally, some details you need to know before you decide to purchase our bulk human hair:

  • HairStyles: Available in straight, wavy, and curly.
  • Weight: Each bundle is approximate 100Gr/ piece or customer options
  • Hair Colors: brown and blonde color .This hair can be colored or dyed depend on your desire. We can remain its natural color of the bulk hair. We also provide most type of hair colors that buyers have interested in such as #1b, #1, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, #20, #22, #24, #27, #30, #60, #613, #99j, red, etc.
  • Some oustanding feature:
  • Heat resistant and flexible: Use heat tools up to 450 °F. Despite curling it or flat iron it, cuticle-intact hair reverts to the natural texture after a quick wash.
  • Tangle and matte free hair: Most hair in the market are added chemicals and silicone that destroys hair over time. But our bulk hair is naturally organic.
  • Reusable and durable: Can be reused for multiple installs. Lasts 1 to 2 years if you have proper care and maintenance.


Now, you are wodering how to order Bulk REMY Hair Extensions. It is really simple. You only need to accesss Layla Hair’s website ( and contact us by tel/viber/whatsapp: 0084932217211. Bulk hair extensions is delivered to your door.

Please contact us to get them now.

  • High quality Vietnam human hair
  • 💯 cuticle kept from root to tip
  • Raw material collected from only healthy donor
  • Special technology, thick ends, no synthetic, no tangle, no shedding, keep textures
  • easy to make style
  • Fast shipping via UPS, DHL, FEDEX…

Pls contact us to get the best price with great service!

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