Why Cambodian Virgin Hair Is Rocking World’s Hair Extension Market?

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Hair extensions are becoming more and more important to people with thinning hair. However, on the market today, there are many types of hair extensions for you to choose, and Cambodian virgin hair is among the most favorable one. Let’s find out about this impressive and attractive hair extension!

An insight into Virgin Cambodian hair

Cambodia virgin hair is becoming more popular and attractive in the market. The word «virgin» refers to something pure and intact. When adding the word ‘hair,’ it merely refers to hair that has not been penetrated, color-treated, dyed, bleached, dried, vaporized, or undergone any other chemical treatment. Furthermore, the hair always comes from one source ac Cambodia only. This has not been exposed to any harsh agent, and all cuticles are still intact and running in the same direction. Put, Cambodia virgin hair is the best type of hair extension. Therefore, when buying the Cambodia virgin hair, if all points above are not satisfied, it is not natural hair.

Why Cambodian Virgin Hair Is Rocking World's Hair Extension Market?
Cambodian virgin hair bundle

Cambodian virgin Remy hair extensions

When you purchase hair extensions, you may often hear one from the other «Remy hair.» Now, look at the difference. You should know that Remy’s hair does not always mean virgin hair; in fact, it rarely means that. The Cambodia virgin Remy hair extension has removed the scales, and can not guarantee unprocessed, so the hair is cheaper than virgin hair. However, the order of hair ends and tails is the same, and the hand feels smooth, but it will still tighten when used for a long time. Thus, Cambodia virgin Remy hair extensions are always an excellent and ideal choice for you.

Cambodian virgin hair reviews

When knowing about the definition of Cambodia virgin hair, you have to know more about the hair to make sure that you will have the right choice. Therefore, we will show reviews basing on Cambodian virgin hair‘s characteristics.

Why Cambodian Virgin Hair Is Rocking World's Hair Extension Market?
cambodian virgin hair weave

The virgin hair is not very popular and is also available. All hair is from healthy Cambodian women, who are reputable for their shiny long black hair. The sources are not so abundant so it is quite tricky to buy hair and have a high price. If you want to own the virgin hair, you have to order or purchase at wholesale Cambodian hair. So, in some cases, if you do not find the best Cambodian virgin hair vendors, you will buy the fake Cambodia virgin hair.

Moreover, speaking of the Cambodia virgin hair, you will think directly to the natural color of the hair, it is black color. Therefore, you can easy to make other hairstyles or dye the hair comfortably. However, most of Cambodia hair is Cambodian loose curly virgin hair because of real hair properties of Cambodian people.

Differences between Cambodian Remy hair and virgin hair

A lot of people often confuse Remy and virgin Cambodia hair. If you do not understand and distinguish these two lines of hair, you will likely be mistakenly bought or cheated when purchasing hair.

You should remember that virgin hair and Remy’s hair are 100% natural human hair. So, they have high quality and expensive than other types of hair extensions. The difference is that a donor of Remy’s hair used to dye, bend, or bleach her hair while a virgin hair donor does not use any chemical product. And Remy’s hair needs to be rearranged, but natural hair is always the same. Also, virgin hair is more precious and expensive, and it is the best product among all hair extensions. But both virgin and Remy hairs are smooth, healthy with perfect shape and quality.

Reasons why virgin hair receives such huge love

Have you ever wondered why Cambodian virgin hair is so famous and popular? Please answer your questions with the highlights of the virgin Cambodian hair extensions below:

Why Cambodian Virgin Hair Is Rocking World's Hair Extension Market?
Cambodian virgin hair can be dyed or bleached freely

— Virgin hair is cut in natural Cambodia hair. Each bundle varies in texture and wave pattern. This means there is something for everyone. 

— All cuticles on virgin hair are intact and run in the same direction. Therefore, you will have the proper epidermal alignment.

— This is a premium layer, so it brings a beautiful, shiny appearance. Virgin hair will be one of the most expensive hairstyles you can buy. But it lasts longer than any other hair extension if adequately cared for it.

— Virgin hair harvested from real human hair from a donor. Its harvest process is meticulously added to its premium value.

— The great thing about raw hair is that the hair weaves look precisely the same, making it easy to knit or hair extension.

Laylahair — The best virgin Cambodian hair vendors

After learning about Cambodian virgin hair, you will have to find the best place to buy the hair. You should know that there are a lot of hair vendors on the market, but you do not know about the trust level of these wholesale virgin hair. Furthermore, as you know, Cambodia hair vendors are quite expensive when comparing other hair extensions. So, before buying the hair, you have to ask the vendor carefully about the quality and additional information to make sure that you will buy the real virgin hair from Cambodia. Moreover, you should buy Cambodia virgin hair at prominent and reputable hair vendors, Lalay hair is an excellent example for you.

Why Cambodian Virgin Hair Is Rocking World's Hair Extension Market?
Cambodian hair from Laylahair

Laylahair is a Vietnamese company that focuses on supplying human hair extensions. Our main sources of hair are Cambodia and Vietnam. We have everything you want for a good bundle of hair extension: good quality and reasonable price.

We sell Cambodian virgin hair bundles, extensions, and even wigs and toppers. A lot of things await, so pay a visit now!

To Sum Up

Layla hopes that after the post, you will get quite an idea about what Cambodian virgin hair is. It is exceptionally amazing, thus it would help bring along voluminous and shiny hair that could easily turn heads. 

If you are about to buy yourself some human hair extensions, then Cambodian hair from Laylahair would never be a wrong choice to opt for. Take a look at our collection of Cambodian hair to see if any attracts you!

You can also reach us directly via our hotline (+84) 989 633 424(Mobile/WhatsApp) to specify your requirements. We are always willing to be of service.

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