Why do you should choose Raw Combodian hair?

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More progressive the society is, more potential the industry relating to beauty has become. When the quality of life is higher, the women is less strenuous and have a lot of time to care about their own appearance. And, hair is one of the biggest concerns about their appearance. As a result, hair extension gets more and more popular and become a must-have fashion accessory for many women around the world.

Originally, it seems that people only know the market of Indian hair – until now Indian hair rank first in the types of the best high-quality hair. However, in recent years, people’s attention has been diverted by Cambodian hair. Why does it have a attractive attention? Let’s learn everything about raw Cambodian hair together!

What is raw Cambodian hair?

Why-do-you-should-choose raw-Combodian-hair

Natural hair of Cambodian has three main textures namely straight, wavy and curly. It is collected directly from human donors and the hair we collect is raw hair 100% unprocessed hair. They are immediately wrapped into a bundle in order to keep all cuticles intact and in the same direction. Thus, you don’t need to worry about its healthiness or its lifespan. Cambodian hair Weave has some highlights from its natural textures. One example is that Cambodian wavy hair is long and has a natural wavy flow. It is really natural and stunning to match with your bio hair. At the same time, because it is extremely lightweight and so cool, it is easy to apply and suitable for every customer if using in the hot summer.

However, this is the reason why you convinced by its popularity. This is its duration and strength. It is durable enough to endure anything element which can affect from outside environment. If you want to dye the Raw Cambodian hair, don’t worry its change of quality. Inspire of being a little coarse, it is this feature that helps us distinguish between real hair or fake hair. With striking natural glossiness, raw Cambodian hair is attractive enough to catch everyone’s attention but isn’t known that it is hair extensions.

What-is-raw-Cambodian-hair-natural-hairSee more >> Real Cambodian Hair Reviews

Unfortunately, many vendors selling hair extensions have created a wrong truth in regards to raw hair and virgin hair on the market. You need to know what truth is to prevent being betrayed and buying low-quality hair extension. So what are differences between raw Cambodian hair and virgin Cambodian hair? In order to reply to this question, I will give the definition of virgin hair and raw hair.

  • Virgin hair is a type of hair that has not been handled by chemical processing in any way including coloring, relaxing, and/or perming. It is styled by effects relating to heat to achieve different textures such as body wave, deep wave, loose wave, water wave, kinky curly, etc.
  • Raw hair is the type of hair that has not been varied by steam or chemical processing in any way. And, raw hair is the most natural, pure, and 100% genuine hair on the market currently. You know, raw hair is the best choice of hair extensions since it is simply the highest quality hair extensions that can be found due to remaining its own basic and original features. Raw hair is not only natural looking, but it also looks just like your own natural hair and it blends well with all hair types. All hair cuticles are intact and naturally bring into line in one direction which avoids matting and tangling. As you know, each bundle of raw hair is unique because each hand-cut ponytail from a donor has a different natural hair pattern.

As I have said in the title “Why do you should choose raw Cambodian hair?”, now you can know its reason. However, this doesn’t mean that you may not different types of human hair extension such as Indian hair or Vietnam human hair. Each type of hair has its different highlights or pros and cons. If I only tell about three types of hair, this is about density. If you want to have a thin and soft hair extension, you should choose Vietnam human hair extension. An Indian hair extension is suitable for the customer enjoying a fuller and thicker hair extension. You must be a person who like a lightweight but barely thick hair extension if choosing raw Cambodian hair.


Raw Cambodian Hair Wholesale from Layla Hair

Lately, Raw Cambodian Hair has become a phenomenon in the hair extension market. People would be willing to pay hundreds for raw Cambodian hair curly or Cambodian hair wavy. Not only because they have the best quality and volume, but also because there’s a substantial amount of raw Cambodian hairs can be provided.

Is Raw Cambodian Hair good?

is Cambodian Hair good

Is Raw Cambodian Hair Good

Many people have been searching for phrase lately: «Is Cambodian Good?», but I believe there are really few results showing off, as there are really few Raw Cambodian Hair Suppliers in the market.

The first thing you would want to know about this beautiful product must be their texture. What makes Raw Cambodian Hair different and stand out from so many hair ranges in the Human Hair Market?

The answer is variety. Yes, a variety of textures. Most people who first think of Raw Cambodian Hairs would assume that this type of hair is famous because of their natural wavy/curly texture, also because of the thick and coarse strands which create beautiful volumes to the hairs. This totally is a wrong assumption. Cambodian hairs have both silky and coarse texture, their strand may be either thin or thick, and their pattern could be either straight, wavy or curly. Let us have a look at different textures of Raw Cambodian Hair.

Raw Cambodian Hair Straight

Raw Cambodian Hair Straight

Raw Cambodian Hair Wavy

The Raw Wavy Hair from Cambodia

Raw Cambodian Hair Curly

The Raw Cambodian Hair Curly

One thing to note is that because all these Raw Cambodian Hairs have natural patterns, so you cannot expect the waves or curls in each bundle would perform similarly.

Other than that, I cannot find any other disadvantages of wearing Raw Cambodian Hairs. You might think that this is just a tactic or propaganda of Raw Cambodian Hair Suppliers to sell out hairs but no. These hairs are just like heaven. Why?

  1. They have volume

The best thing you would find lovely about these hairs is that they have high volume. For short length, around 8-10”, instead of 2-3 bundles, as usual, it would take you maybe 1-2 Raw Cambodian Hair Bundles to do a full head. Believe me, the volume is insane!

  1. They are light-weighted

…which makes your wearing experience more comfortable than ever. No wonder why Raw Cambodian Sale is always on top.

  1. They are durable and high quality

As they are real human hairs, the life expectancy is beyond excellent (as long as you give them proper care and treatment). Most Raw Cambodian Hairs are high-quality Remy Human Hairs, and you can expect a very good outcome with minimal shedding and tangling.

  1. They have affordable prices

How much is Raw Cambodian Hair? The price is much cheaper than what you thought. A 10 inches wavy bundle will only cost around $25. That means you can grab a lot of them and start off your own business with low budget. Also, pride your brand “luxury” as what you are going to sell is even beyond that.

Where to buy Cambodian Hair?


Buy Cambodian Hair from LaylaHair at Vietnamese Hair

Not that whoever has higher prices would have real Cambodian Hair. Do not be disappointed too much if the hairs you bought from Cambodia turn out to be not Cambodian hairs either.

Nowadays, as the fame of Raw Cambodian Hairs has spread all over the region, its neighbors include Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and The Philippines are also trying hands on this. There would not be the high difference in prices as these countries are members of a Free Trade Area. This also means that if a supplier from Vietnam finds a better Raw Hair Source in Cambodia, they can offer a cheaper price than Cambodian themselves. Therefore, do not let the prices deceive you.

Then who should be your reliable supplier? Here are my tips

  1. Look at their customer’s feedback.

Whether this supplier is reliable or not depends largely on the feedback of customers, not just on their website but everywhere you could find that suppliers’ name.

  1. Ask for their business profile

So that you can see how long have they been in the business, or ask them when did they start selling Raw Cambodian Hair. This would deal.

  1. Do they have other Cambodian Hair products?


Raw Cambodian Hair Product from Layla hair

Normally new Raw Cambodian Hair suppliers only have Bulk/Weft Raw Cambodian Hairs. They do not have enough time to start with other products like lace closures, wigs, clip-in, tape-in, pre-bonded hairs… Believe or not, we are selling Cambodian Hair closures and Cambodian Hair wigs back to Cambodia every day. Choose a supplier who has a variety of choices. This will not only evidence their experience but is also easier for you when buying products from only one source.

The bottom lines

If you want to know more about Raw Cambodian Hairs or want to buy the highest quality Remy Raw Cambodian Hair, please consider Layla Hair Company as one of your choices. We supply a variety of Raw Cambodian Hair Wholesale and Retail, with best competitive prices!

Layla Hair will give you high quality raw Cambodian hair extensions we have. Let’s follow me to get more details.

  • different tones of hair, different length for you to choose easily.
  • cuticle kept from root to tip
  • raw material collected from an only healthy donor
  • special technology, thick ends, no synthetic, no tangle, no shedding, keep textures
  • easy to make a style
  • Fast shipping via UPS, DHL, FEDEX…

Please contact us to get the best price with great service!

Thank you for your concern.

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