Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? – Secrets Revealed!

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While women are frustrated at slow hair growth, men get troubles with too fast hair growth. «Why does my hair grow so fast male?» is a frequently asked question that needs solving. 

This topic is for you if you are struggling with the same question. More than telling why we promise to do better than asked, there are some tips on slowing down the growth at the end that some want to take a short look.

The reasons why does my hair grow so fast male

Everything has its reason, so does fast hair growth. And biologically, there are more than three reasons why men’s hair grows incredibly fast. However, we only focus on the three factors that most men encounter.  

And girls, here we go to unwrap the mystery why your boyfriend can get his beard again in the next day while yesterday you just help him to shave all off.

The reasons might be…

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!
Men’s hair seems to grow very fast


Hair is one of visible expression of genes. We can say a man has fast hair growth as a genetic feature.

It’s easy to google studies relating to hairy genetic symptoms. And if your boyfriend has his hair or beard develop so well, it’s better to look at his family background.

Usually, the rate of genetic carry-on is about 70% and generally on men more than women. But, it’s not always right to anyone.

We have two more reasons why.

Eating habits

So, if a man is not a hairy man before but recently. His hair grows fast unexpectedly.

It’s time to ask why does my hair grow so fast male?

This sudden change might come from strange living habits such as eating habit. In terms of it, we want to discuss on anorexia and some components in food.

So-Called symptom anorexia is a cause. It’s uncovered myth that explains the connection between anorexia and hair growth.

However, it’s true. You can notice that slim guys who are not interested in foods have a shaggy beard and high hair density.

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!

Besides anorexia, sugar is also one of the causes. It’s believed that too much sugar take-in affects insulin increase, then causing male hormones to release. Consequently, hair grows uncontrollably.

Some foods are advised to eat for healthier hair such as cucumber, eggs, berries and so on. But we want you to stay clear that it’s not the main reasons that cause hair to grow fast noticeably.


The steroid is a substance in medicine. When you take too many drugs containing Steroid, there would appear some side effects.

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!
Taking too much steroid

What we have recorded are weight gain, facial swelling, and hair growth as signs of taking in steroid in 4 or 6 months.

More importantly, overtaking steroid doesn’t stop at motivating hair to grow but affect your health severely.

Get a trim frequently

Many people, especially at males, see that their hair grows quickly and less split ends after having a cut. So why does my hair grow so fast after a haircut? Cutting hair frequently might make your natural locks look a little longer but it does not determine how fast your hair grows. But it offers you beautiful and nice hair with no breakage and split ends. 

Why does my hair grow so fast male Reddit? Often, men have a hair cut for 8-12 weeks, eliminating hair split ends. This makes hair strands look thicker, shinier, and grow longer in a short time.  


People say my hair grows fast, why does it happen? Basically, our hair is longer 6 inches per year. However, there are some situations the hair grows faster than normal related to balanced hormones. 

Why does my hair grow so fast female? For women who have more hair in areas where the hair is supposedly sparse, it is because of the hormones. It means that they have more male hormones, such as testosterone, that stimulates hair growth. However, this reason is also considered as a hormonal imbalance issue. You should consult your doctor to find useful treatments. 

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!
hormonal imbalance might entail hair growth

Blood circulation

You join many hair forums to find the answer to the question «why my hair grows too fast?» The blood circulation also affects the speed of hair growth. If you bruh your mane frequently, it will improve blood circulation for hair follicles. This helps your follicles stay healthy and strong enough to deliver nutrients to strands, stimulating hair growth. It’s a reason why many people keep brushing hair to make it grow faster. Also, if you massage your scalp, your hair will grow fast. 

Take protein intake

As we all know, hair strands are made of protein. Protein is very necessary for our health and hair growth. If you consume enough protein and biotin for hair follicles, your hair develops faster. Why does my hair grow so fast on my legs? It’s because protein promotes hair growth in all parts of your body, not only in your scalp. The hair also grows faster on your face or legs. This does not mean that you should stop using protein intake, keep eating to reach optimal health and thick hair. 


It’s no longer time to just simply ask “why does my hair grow so fast male? We are here for the solutions.

Use Depilatory Creams

It’s only advisable to deal with hair under armpit or beard only. This cream is the kind which can dissolve hair by the application.

It gives the same effect as waxing, but the hair will grow back faster than before. However, it is unpainful. Different from women, men are not used to waxing so using depilatory creams is the easiest solution.

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!
Use depilatory cream

Among physical methods to reduce hair, we have waxing and shaving as popular choices. Each of them is beneficial to some specific parts of the body. Waxing is harsh and only used for less sensitive areas like armpit, chest, feet, or hand.

However, we cannot do waxing on the face or some other places. So, we shave them instead. Waxing work for longer and the hair grows more slowly. However, shaving does the opposite. You might need to shave every morning or at least twice a week to keep the place clean.

Consume Soy products

“Why does my hair grow so fast male?” – Instead of asking that question, have you ever wonder why men grow hair on chest armpit much easier than women?

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!
Consume Soy products

It’s because women biologically produce Estrogen that represses hair growth. But how men gain that hormone?

Soy from instant products such as soy milk and tofu is a good source of estrogen. Taking up these soy products regularly can help men take control of hair growth.

However, this hormone is also one of the hormones that contribute to feminism. Thus, overeating soy product can cause imbalance inside the body. It is said that containing too much estrogen might reduce the amount of testosterone in men’s body. It might then lead to diminished sex drive, reduced muscle mass or fatigue. Hence, men had better watch out and avoid using these foods for too long a time.

Apply Homemade Masks

If you are not interested in using creams to dissolve hair or drink soy milk, let’s cope with the situation with some natural mask.  

There are some formulas to make skin friendly mask that helps with reducing body hair. Some of the easy-to-make-at-home recipes are the mix of curd and flour with a pinch of turmeric. Lemon juice and honey work effectively, too.

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!
Apply homemade masks

If you want to do natural waxing with lemon juice, add some cornstarch at the end with dry, thin cloth on then rip. It’s less painful than waxing while the effect is quite the same.

Besides helping hair growth, putting on natural masks on body control also do skincare. Honey or turmeric are all components that nourish skin very well. In addition, it’s also one of the methods to remove dead cells.

Change shaving routines

My hair grows too fast male Reddit, how can I do to stop this condition. Change your hair-removal routine, you can slow down or reduce leg hair and beard growth. You always shave your beard in the morning before going to work, change it now. Shave it just before going to bed since the follicles tend to tighten during sleep, it prevents the rate of hair growth. After shaving, apply a thin layer of turmeric cream, let it dry, and go to sleep. 

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast Male? - Secrets Revealed!
change your hair trimming routine

Drink spearmint tea

What does it mean if your hair grows fast? As I said, it is caused by imbalanced hormones. You are looking for a natural method to reduce excessive hair growth, try drinking spearmint tea. Many studies indicated that this tea can decrease the levels of the male hormone in your body, such as testosterone and androgens. You can consume fresh spearmint leaves instead. Drink twice a day and check your hair, you will see its effect.

The bottom line

Why does my hair grow so fast male? Have you got the answer yet?

We think with our summary in three reasons, you at least capture why. But there are still many other reasons that cause hair to grow out of expectation.

It’s not until you find fast hair growth annoying, you won’t come to our solutions.

It’s no longer the matter because you have plenty of methods that cope with this problem. Creams are available in all pharmacies. Soy products are easy to take up. Natural masks are simple to make at home.

All are solved, ladies and men!

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