Why You Need Lace Closure Deep Wave In Your Life?

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Hair manufacturers understand that each has their taste when it comes to hairstyles. Some prefer the natural, naïve straight hair, whereas some are loyal to the edgy braided styles. Some even want to change up their look on a daily basis.

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Keeping that in mind, hair manufacturers invest a lot of money and effort in their products, not just because they need to find the highest quality hair possible, but also because they want to create hairstyles that cater to the needs of every customer out there.

Whatever you want, we have. And one of the most popular hairstyles that need to be made to perfection is lace closure deep wave.

What is lace closure deep wave?

First off, it’s important to understand precisely what lace closure deep wave is. While “lace closure” refers to the hair installation method, “deep wave” is the desired hairstyle.

Why You Need Lace Closure Deep Wave In Your Life?

Lace closures 

The term “lace closure” may be familiar to you if you already step in the world of wigs, weaves, and extensions. If you are not, don’t worry because it is a relatively simple concept. Lace closure is the piece where the hair is sewn in strand by strand into a lace patch. The standard patch size is 4×4, but of course, you can have it customized to your preference.

The lace patch is either glued in a sewn in the “crown” part of your head to create the illusion hair growing out straight from your head. If you do it right, it should not look like you are wearing something on top of your real hair. Everything should look as flat and natural as possible.

The lace is used to mimic the actual pores of your head so that it gives you the most effortless look. With some concealers to fill in the large holes, no one can detect you are wearing a wig, even if they look straight down to your head.

Why You Need Lace Closure Deep Wave In Your Life?

Deep Wavy Patterns

Surely beauty lovers all over the world are not strangers to the deep wave hairstyles. It’s the one hairstyle that never goes out of trend. There are generally many reasons why deep waves are so well loved. We can go all day just talking about that.

The top reason for the popularity is its versatility. It suits everybody. The curls flow around your face, giving you something to softly frame your face, especially if your face shape is a little tricky, like the square or round faces.

It even gives you a voluminous look, which is so desirable for girls with thin and beautiful hair. And if you have an event to go to, the deep wave hairstyle is perfect. Pairing with wing liners and red lips, you will be the queen of the show with that glamorous classic look.

Why is lace closure deep wave hard to create?

For years, hair vendors have been given a headache when creating lace closure deep wave. Sure, this is a universal hairstyle but is also the type people are so picky choosing.  Therefore, they had better do their best to win the fierce competition out there.

The style

Do my customers want free parts, middle parts, or side parts? Do they want large or small curls or mermaid curls? How many inches exactly? Where should the curls start? – Believe it or not, these are all the questions that hair vendors have in mind.

Why You Need Lace Closure Deep Wave In Your Life?

The deep wave style is a lot more challenging to create

Unlike an easy straight hairstyle from top to bottom, the deep wave style is a lot more challenging to create. The manufacturers have to come up with variety, and at the same time, think about the popular choice and push it harder into the market.

More specifically, the vendors need to study the market hard enough to segment their potential customers, find out what each segment wants in details, create products serving that needs, and use marketing to push products towards demand. It’s a long and laborious process, especially for deep waves because every tiny little change can create a big difference.

Trends need to be also considered. Today, people like the deep mermaid wave. But tomorrow, they may switch to the large one-inch curls. Keeping up with the trend is challenging.



The hair quality

For manufacturers like Layla Hair, we use real natural hair, either raw or virgin. The point of using these is for the wig to feel and look like your real hair. The hair strands are also stronger and thicker. With real hair, you only need to treat it like your hair, and you are good to go.

Why You Need Lace Closure Deep Wave In Your Life?

The interference of chemicals, heat, or steam to create the deep waves can deteriorate the quality of our organically harvested hair. So we have to be extra careful and research on the latest technology to maintain the strength of Remy hair but still be able to come up with the gorgeous deep wave style.

Needs to hold curls for a long time

Together with the last concern, we discussed on, the ability of hair to keep curls is very debatable. Since we harvest natural human hair, we understand that every hair type has distinct characteristics. Some people’s hair can hold curls for a very long time, but some just don’t hold them at all.

Keeping that in mind, it’s crucial, we find a way to hold the curls for long without using harsh chemicals. You don’t want to buy something with curls that are loosened up after a few years. So this is one of the toughest challenges we need to face as hair vendors.

In the bottom line

We are glad that you care about lace closure deep wave and hope this article gives you some insights on the matter. At Layla Hair, we commit to bring you the best quality lace closure you can find on the market. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any query.

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