Wigs For Chemo Patients – The Fundamentals Explained

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You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are going to be treated with chemotherapy. Please prepare yourself for hair loss. Chances are you have lots of questions about the hair loss problem. Some questions at the top of the list for many people: «Why my hair falls down a lot after chemotherapy? How can I do to make hair strands regrow? Are there any best wigs for chemo patients?» And more. Read on to the end of this post to find out the best way that helps patient cancer have thick hair again. 

Why need wigs for chemo hair loss

You notice that most cancer and chemo patients suffer from hair loss due to the side effects of treatments and medicines. Drug treatments are created to attack the cancer cells as well as prevent them grow and divide rapidly. In other words, doctors use powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in the patient’s body. But these chemicals cause several side effects, one of them is to affect hair follicles, leading to hair loss. For example, chemotherapy drugs for breast cancer commonly make the hair strands fall down. 

Wigs For Chemo Patients - The Fundamentals Explained
wigs for chemo hair loss

For example, chemotherapy drugs for breast cancer commonly make the hair strands fall down. However, it is just a temporary phenomenon. Because the hair will regrow when you stop cancer treating. 

Many say that no hair on the head makes them feel separated from themselves. They feel not like themselves and self-conscious when meeting others, even their family members. Hence, wigs and hats for chemo patients will help them feel more confident. 

How to choose real hair wigs for chemo patients

Here’s how to select a wig that is high-quality and suits chemo patients:

– Take a cloth measuring tape to measure your head size. Or you can go to a wig shop and ask the staff to measure the head for you. 

– Decide the hair color and style the hair wig to be. It had better choose an item that has the same shade or lighter shade than your own hair. About the length, opt for the hair that you like. If you prefer long hairstyle, purchase it and create a fun new style. The wig cap is also necessary as it helps keep the wig secure. Even if you don’t have hair on your head, wearing a wig cap not only secured the hair, but it helps absorbs sweat and protect the scalp from irritation. You can choose a mesh or nylon wig cap to apply under the wig.

Wigs For Chemo Patients - The Fundamentals Explained
human hair wigs for chemo patients before and after

– Determine the hair wig you want that is made out of human hair or artificial fibers. Often, human hair wigs for chemo patients are more expensive than the counterpart synthetic hair as they come with outstanding benefits. Synthetic hair wigs are moderately priced, start from $30-$500. But we recommend using human hair wigs as they are made of raw human hair strands and high durability. The hair mimics the appearance of your own hair and offers a natural-looking appearance. However, it requires more can than you give the synthetic hair system.  

– Decide types of hair wig: Go for the most comfortable and natural-looking wig you can afford. There are different kinds of hair wigs: full lace wigs, mono lace wigs, frontal wigs, etc. that hair sellers supply you. For example, mono lace wigs make the top of the hair appear more natural because they are made by tying and sewing the strand into the sheer and fine material. 


Where to get wigs for chemo patients

How can I find wigs for chemo patients near me? There are a number of your option to consider:

– Purchase a wig from a wig store at your local: You can get some recommendations for wig shops or specialists from friends. Or you can search on the Internet through your address. You can go directly to the store and find the best one. The staff in the shop or store will help you measure your head size and give the wig that suits your head and preference. 

– Buy cheap wigs for chemo patients online: This is the most preferred shopping method nowadays. Getting your smartphone or a computer connect the Internet,  you can buy everything across the world. Online retailers and wholesale hair vendors have a large collection wig in different styles and prices. You would consult many sources before giving the last decision. Contact the seller via email or over the phone to achieve the right wig for you. If you would prefer more privacy and don’t go out with no hair on the head, this is a good option.

Wigs For Chemo Patients - The Fundamentals Explained
best wigs for chemo patients at Laylahair

– Get free wigs for chemo patients through a charity program: Instead of purchasing for a wig, you may want to look into a free wig from charity programs or other nonprofit organizations. This helps save you money as we know the price for chemotherapy treatment is not cheap.

Whether you want to go to the hair shop directly or purchase a wig online, Layla Hair can meet your demand. We always welcome customer to our office to buy and check the hair quality. Shopping for wigs online is ok as we ship hair wigs and extensions all around the world, from the U.S to South Africa, and more. Tell us the hair you desire and we will customize it for you. We provide chemo wigs for men, women, and anyone who need the hair to conceal their secret.  Plus, we commit to creating and offering the most comfortable wigs for chemo patients that you cannot find anywhere.

To wrap things up

It is necessary to get wigs for chemo patients since they help them boost self-confidence and love their lives again. They are no more ashamed of their hair whenever going out. Just get the most suitable hair wig and most patients will not be spotted wearing a wig. 

Want to learn more about wearing or styling hair wigs, come to Layla Blog to keep up to date. We always give you the best thing to make yourself perfect.

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