Wondering What Is 360 Wig? You Need To Read This First!

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You are looking for a hair system to reach a nice hair look, you may have heard about the term “wig.” This type of hair is widely used to hide someone’s hair defects, such as thinning hair or baldness. You want to add more hair volume on your head, wigs are a perfect solution. But there are different types of wig out there, which one suits you best. Full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, 360 lace wigs, and more. How can I choose the most suitable item? The following post will only focus on 360 wigs. What is 360 wig? How to wear a 360 frontal wig properly? And where to buy 360 wigs? Here are all the basic things you need.

What Is A 360 Wig?

Wondering What Is 360 Wig? You Need To Read This First!
what is a 360 wig

Simply speaking, 360 wig is not full lace as well as lace front, which is only with lace around. It has more wefts on the top and total wig density ranges from 130-180%. The hair offers a more natural look due to the bigger parting space. Also, a pre-plucked hairline with baby hair gives wig wearers a natural feeling. It is often made of lace base material that is durable and breathable. 

What is a 360 lace wig? With an excellent 360 lace wig, you can have the multipurpose in styling options. Wear it with high ponytails or up-dos is acceptable. What’s more, the hair allows freestyle parting. It means you can part your hair system in any direction you like. The hair system has small combs inside to be attached to the wig cap or your bio hair. After securing the small combs, you can use glue to adhere the hair down in the front and back. This will keep it in the right place. In addition, the adjustable strap can tighten the wig. 

Wearing this wig, your hair looks thicker, more natural, and really pops up. If you are sweaty, this hair is your best choice. No itching, no irritation. Wig wearers can adjust the wig if they want. For those who are experiencing hair loss, severe balding, you should invest in a 360 lace wig human hair. Feel free to style it, bleaching or dyeing it. 

Advantages and disadvantages of lace 360 wig

Some benefits of the hair wig

— The pre-lucked hairline with baby hair provides a natural hair look. 

— It is flexible, so you can part it in any direction. 

— It offers coverage all day. Wig users easily achieve fuller and thicker hair look when worn.   

— Like our bio hair, you can wear the hair in high ponytail hairstyles and up-dos. 

Little drawbacks

— If you don’t know how to wear a lace wig 360 properly, it causes discomfort feeling. It even harms your scalp and natural locks.

— Choose the hair item that fits you best (size, color, hair length). Don’t wear a tight hair wig as it may cause headaches. 

How to wear a 360 human hair wig

Before applying the wig, you have to shampoo your bio hair and let it dry. Use a rubber band to tie your natural locks in a low ponytail or braid it. Now, start wearing the wig. You can customize the wig by bleaching the lace and cutting out the extra lace. 

Step 1

Use a makeup remover all around your hairline to remove any makeup or oil. Then you can go in with glue adhesive, such as Got2b ultra glue,  as it works so amazing in lace frontal without destroying your baby hair. The product can last up to 2-3 days and come off immediately with water if you don’t want to wear the hair for a long time. 

Step 2

You love to keep your hair in place, so wear a wig cap. Opt for the cap that fits your head, not too tight or loose. If it is tight, it may cause headaches and not good for your scalp as well as your bio hair underneath the cap. 

Wondering What Is 360 Wig? You Need To Read This First!
how to wear a 360 lace wig

Step 3

So now, put on your 360 human hair wig and adjust the front part of the wig first. Secure the wig by attaching combs on the cap. Then, lift the wig to make sure it’s out of the way. Apply a layer of glue all over the front part of your hair. You can use it as much as you like. Use your fingers to spread it out evenly. Let the gel air dry or use a hairdryer to dry the gel.   

Step 4

Apply the front part on the gel and gradually press it down with the tail of your brush. Make sure it’s tight and properly secured. Also, use a headband or scarf to tie the wig in 20 minutes. This helps the hair secured on your head. Also, apply glue on the nape of your neck and press the wig down with your fingers. 

Step 5

Once the time finished, remove the band and the wig is well secured on your head. Gently comb down the hair to remove tangles and style it. Your hair looks amazing in ponytail styles. Let some side hair to give it a messy look. Now, you have a fuller and thicker hair with a 360 lace front wig. Depending on your desire, you can choose a straight or 360 curly lace front wig. Opt for the hair that works best for you. 

What is the difference between full lace and 360 lace wig?

Wondering What Is 360 Wig? You Need To Read This First!
360 lace wig vs full lace wig

Many wearers say that they are confused to distinguish 360 lace wig and full lace wig. Put simply, the full wig is formed with a full lace cap and covers the whole head. While a 360 wig is made with lace around your hairline. Like a 360 lace wig, the full wig is also flexible. However, it is more expensive because all the strands are knotted by hand. What’s more, full wigs give wearers more buying options because of the variety of wig cap.

Where to buy 360 lace wig human hair?

Wondering What Is 360 Wig? You Need To Read This First!
360 lace wig from Layla

Which hair vendor is reliable? How can I buy a 360 lace wig cheap? Remember, a good seller will give you good products. Go down on the Internet and check hair reviews. If you have no idea where to buy, Layla is not a bad choice. 

The hair from Layla Hair company is 100% human hair, no synthetic fibers. We also supply the best customer services. Wear our 360 wigs, you can rest assured about the quality. No shedding, no itching as well as irritation. Our hair gives you the best hair look. We also customize your hair. Whether you want a blonde 360 lace wig or other colors, raise your voice. In addition, you can get an affordable price when ordering hair from Layla. 

Hopefully, this post helps you address the question «what is 360 wig?» Browse to our site if you want to get more interesting writings and hair extensions

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