I Have Tried Yarn Braids Hairstyles For A Day, And This Amazing Thing Happened!

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Feeling bored with the same old look day after day and needing a fresh start? Yarn braids hairstyles have everything we require of a bold, refreshing, and unique look. Wanting every eye of onlookers on us wherever we walk by? BINGO! This is the one.

Wait a minute!

What if these yarn braids don’t match our new look at all? Don’t worry beautiful! Blending the natural hair locks with yarn brings out an entirely new look without worrying about keeping it forever. Thus, feel free to throw these braids away if they don’t do anything to our appearance.

But I seriously doubt that would happen! Read on to find out why every attractive woman out there is crazy about yarn braids hairstyles.

What do yarn braids look like?

The idea of looking alike has never appeared in the head of a woman. They seek ways to stand out among the crowd and to be unique. Yarn braids hairstyles are born to do that.

Yarn braids refer to a type of temporary hair extensions that women can attach to their hair. They can choose the yarn that has the same color as their hair or go for something bolder and more fashionable.

Yarn braids hairstyles are born to help you shine.

If girls are lucky enough to own beautiful natural hair and want to protect it against cold weather, yarn braids will be a great companion in keeping the hair moist and prevent it from breakage.

What do yarn braids offer?

Money Saver

With only 1 or 2 packets of yarn, which only cost a few dollars, we are able to finish one whole head. What a great investment ladies!

I Have Tried Yarn Braids Hairstyles For A Day, And This Amazing Thing Happened!
With only 1 or 2 packets of yarn, which only cost a few dollars, we are able to finish one whole head.

Mess cleaner

Even how neat we are, creating a mess with yarn sometimes is unavoidable. But experts at Layla Hair guarantee that this mess can’t be any worse than the one created by the weave. A messy bundle of hair will follow us everywhere we go.

A natural look

As long as we accurately do our braids, they are undetectable. Remember to seal the end of the twist and make sure to have a beautiful braided style.

No commitment

Wearers can find it easy to install and remove yarn. Thus, they can decide whether they want to stick to the yarn or consider it a temporary exciting change of style.

What are ideal hair types for yarn braids?

Yarn braid hairstyles work well on most of the hair types, exceptionally long and curly ones. The longer hair we have, the more time we spend on braiding it.

But non-textured hair is not an advisable choice because the braids can’t guarantee to be long-lasting.

How long do the yarn braids last?

The standard lifespan of yarn braids is about 5 to 8 weeks. But some wearers cannot hold on any longer after 1 or 2 weeks of using because they feel the braids are messy and uncomfortable.

I Have Tried Yarn Braids Hairstyles For A Day, And This Amazing Thing Happened!

Thus, keep in mind that the way we install the braids into our hair and how often we wash them clean (at least one time per week) determine the durability and quality.

Another thing girls will notice after using for a while is that the color begins to fade. To maintain the original shade, it’s advisable to dye the braids again every four weeks.

What is the exact amount of yarn to use?

The answer to this question relies on the length of the style we aim for. The suggested number is 20 strands for every braid.

Besides, 100% acrylic yarn is a much better hair material than any mixture of wool.

I Have Tried Yarn Braids Hairstyles For A Day, And This Amazing Thing Happened!

Gorgeous yarn braid hairstyles for women of personality

Yarn twists hairstyles

These hairstyles have never been outdated. There is nothing better than a cool yarn twist hairstyle with an even cooler color to rock the summer.

Finding the yarn which has the same color as the hair is no piece of cake. So try to keep an eye out for color as close as possible.

I Have Tried Yarn Braids Hairstyles For A Day, And This Amazing Thing Happened!

What makes this hairstyle stands out even more? Welcome to the world of accessories of headbands, beads, hairpins and many more. They are such a great addition to enhance our already outstanding yarn twists.

Moreover, if girls are bold enough, let’s have a hairstylist create a shaving pattern on the head. Who can’t say that they’re not fashionable!

Yarn dreads hairstyles

If women are looking for ways to refresh their styles, gorgeous and colorful yarn dreads are likely to be the perfect answer. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it allows us to experience a wide range of colors and shapes.


No need to worry about damaging our natural hair.

Yarn braids bob hairstyles

Thinking about the result of a combination of bob and braids? It turns out to be a fantastic match! They are both classics, easy to make, and require little maintenance.


What’s more? We don’t have to worry about spending hours on end braiding this hairstyle. And we can rest assured that humidity can’t ruin our “life work.”

Yarn twist braids hairstyles

It’s another great result of a combination of twist and braids. Wanting to play with colors while keeping the fresh, unique, and irresistible braids styles? It’s time for yarn twist braids hairstyles to shine!


Say goodbye to the outdated and boring-looking hairstyles and say hello to a new chapter of life. Remember the day we go for this new hairstyle means our lives are likely to change forever.

Short yarn braid hairstyles

The last but not least pretty yarn braids hairstyle on this list is short yarn braids.

Feeling sorry for ourselves that we don’t own long and bouncy hair like others? It can turn out to be a good thing because yarn braids do an excellent job on short hair.


Don’t believe us? Try out these hairstyles right away to see how creative yarn braids can change one’s look and highlight his/her beautiful face curves and shapes.

Which hairstyles would you go for? A note from Layla Hair

Girls don’t want to be left out of this hottest trend in the beauty world, which are yarn braids hairstyles.

Layla Hair hopes that with this comprehensive guide to the world of yarn braids, the task of deciding which hairstyles to go for will be much easier for readers.

Try out these fascinating and outstanding hairstyles today and tell us what you think!

The bottom line

From the story of our customer, we hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and step up your games. Be lovely, unique, and beautiful as you always.

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