Amp Up Your Hotness With These 10 Grey Ombre Hair Extensions Styles!

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Grey ombre hair extensions are top widespread hair extensions, which people are looking for much more recently. With the silver ash hue, it makes the extensions more fabulous and elegant. It is easy to style with other colors or even styles from long to short, straight to curly. Moreover, the grey ombre hair extensions will be a good choice for who hair weak hair strands and want an edgy look.

To dye in grey ombre, it has many ideas. Hence today Layla Hair is writing this paper to share with you guys some stunning grey ombre hair ideas that you may get inspired.

Silver grey ombre hair extensions

These silver and grey colors will create a smokey gray silver ombre. It looks like a result of nature. Since gray and silver has some same tones in light, combining will bring the soft and supernatural look. Every haircut can fit this ombre. Hence, you don’t need to worry your usual styles of extensions don’t fit it.

Amp Up Your Hotness With These 10 Grey Ombre Hair Extensions Styles!
black to grey ombre hair extensions

From black to grey ombre hair extensions

black to grey ombre hue is a trendy combination for all. This style is perfect for those who have extra-long hair. With a black base and some silver-gray highlight, your hair can stand out in all cases. Keep it straight from roots and little curl at the ends will create the best result. If you fall in love with a long black grey ombre hair but your hair is short, don’t worry! Hair extensions will be your immediate savior, you can use clip-in ombre grey hair extensions, tape in black to grey to get a fancy look.

Dark brown to grey real hair extensions

Dark brown hair is so popular and easy to style. So, if you want a classy look with silver grey ombre hair extensions, let’s combine it with a coffee base. Then, to match these two perfectly?

Let’s choose hair extensions that customize with long dark brown and warm silver Tips. This is not too outstanding but has its own elegant point. If you style some loose waves at the end, it will be more lavish in the look.


Red and grey ombre hair extensions

An edge look is a combination of striking color. You wish to be noticed and everyone couldn’t stop gazing at you, so you should try red and grey ombre. Dark gray at the roots with blood-red as transitions will help you to slay this year. If you have a dark base already, you just need to purchase a red hair extension for saving your hair. Because this red color is needed ultimate bleaching to white for the right color show up. And the hairstyle matching well with this ombre is wavy short hair.

Amp Up Your Hotness With These 10 Grey Ombre Hair Extensions Styles!
Grey and burgundy hair ombre extensions

Grey and burgundy hair ombre extensions

If you in love with the red color but you do not want to be too noticeable, burgundy will be a great replacement. This color is a mix of dark red and purple. It will be a cool look if you get a burgundy base with some transitions of silver-gray hair extensions. Or vice versa is also fancy and fabulous.

Grey blonde ombre hair extensions

Silver gray and ash-blonde will be the top trend for ombre human hair extension. This match gives the user a gilded and sterling look. It reminds us of magical creatures from fairy tails of the Celts and the Norsemen legends. Not too dark but nearly reach the gray hue, it will give out a gorgeous appearance. A middle length hair extension is best to go with this ombre color.

Amp Up Your Hotness With These 10 Grey Ombre Hair Extensions Styles!
White and grey ombre

White and grey clip in hair extensions

This is the most basic clip in hair extensions while including the white color. It will create a great contrast between dark and light, which makes you look more striking. It is often the gray hair color at the roots and following by the white one. You can choose a white and grey ombre clip in hair extensions. Or if your hair is gray-base, just use white hair extensions, that will be safer for your hair and create an amazing look as well.

Purple and Silver grey ombre

Pastel purple or baby purple is what many girls are pursuing. But neither is silver grey. And when mixing these two colors for your hair extensions, this ombre style is melted with purple, blue ash and silver. Hence, it will create a super stunning and beautiful effect. It like magic, which makes anyone passing by you will want to pay attention.

Pastel blue and grey ombre hair extensions

To get a toned-down look of gray ombre, you can try a Pastel blue and grey ombre. It’s different from white and gray ombre color. The two colors are quite similar to the tone so it will not make a sharp contrast effect. If you love a natural and effortless effect, this is an ideal choice for you. Style.

Amp Up Your Hotness With These 10 Grey Ombre Hair Extensions Styles!
Pastel blue and grey ombre hair extensions

Pink and dark gray ombre hair extensions

Baby pink and gray may sound strange but it really works. Suggestions for that mixture are various. But the one that everyone will love is to dye the root with dark gray transitions with platinum faded with pastel pink. Style the extensions with short bob style and the undone waves will add more stunning to the overall look.

Have you chosen for yourself the grey ombre hair extensions that fit you well? Hopefully, after reading this paper, you will have an overview of gray ombre hair color ideas. And then you can choose what you truly desire.

If you have any questions or need advice in choosing hair color, drop us a message. Do not hesitate to give us your reviews, suggestions, and feedback.

To learn more about hair extensions, you can follow the Layla Hair website. There, we offer numerous types of extension with many trendy colors and styles. So do not miss it.

Also, feel free to contact us directly at any time to get special support! We await your message!

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