These Appealing Colors For Dying Extensions Will Be Huge This Year!

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Hair extensions are a powerful weapon of those who love to style their hair and also want to have gorgeous hair. Look up to celebrities, they always change their hair color and style in every time appearing in public. They even change from one color to another within a month. So is their hair strong enough to change? In fact, they don’t touch their natural hair, all thanks to dying hair extensions. 

If you have black or brown extensions, with little highlights done, you can try out some lighter colors for your hair. Because each person has their own hair type, so dying extensions is a hard job to do, even for professionals. In this post, Layla would like to recommend you some color ideas to dye your hair replacement systems.

Dying extensions blonde

Blonde hair extensions have a multiple of different blonde colors, from light to dark blonde colors. Many wearers choose light brown and golden brown of blonde tone to dye their extension because it gives an attractive look to their faces. Let’s try the best hairstyle that completely suits your face and skin tone. 

These Appealing Colors For Dying Extensions Will Be Huge This Year!
blonde hair extensions

We recommend visiting a hairstylist so that they can give you a piece of advice and help you choose the best color for your hair. A good colorist also knows clearly about dying brown hair extensions blonde to keep it natural-looking. 

Blue colored extensions

Dying your hair extensions in blue color is an impressive trend that is making both men and women curious to discover. Imagine you take part in a specific event or go out with blue hair extensions, I guarantee that you will attract everyone’s attention. This hair color is so impressive and helps one to change the style in the fastest way. 

These Appealing Colors For Dying Extensions Will Be Huge This Year!
dye your hair extensions blue

To get the blue color, you have to bleach your hair extension first. As I said earlier, you can feel free to dye or bleach your real human hair extension. Remember that you only color your hair after 2-3 days of bleaching because it needs time to recover.

Outstanding, unique is what blue hair extension brings. But this is not a perfect choice for everyone. And this dye will last for about 1- 2 months before fading into blonde. 

Dying extensions ombre

Ombre has been the hairstyle of the year because it achieves perfectly colored hair extensions. You can DIY dying extensions at home if you do not like its original color. Use a brush and gently apply the dye to your hair system. Leave the dye on your extension for the recommended time. Then you can wash, dry and style your ombre hair.

These Appealing Colors For Dying Extensions Will Be Huge This Year!
ombre hair extensions

Ombre hair extensions are one of the best ways to add color and dimension to your hair without damaging. And you should opt for ombre hair to add 2-3 colors to your hair. In this way, you get to have different colors in your extensions and make it more beautiful.

Customers tend to ask about how to dying my extensions ombre, how can I have beautiful ombre hair. Please dying hair extensions ombre carefully so that the combination looks wonderful. 

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Rainbow hair extensions

You can dye your hair replacement system in any colors, even dyeing many colors like a rainbow is ok. Dying hair extensions lighter helps you look more fashionable. 

From a gentle girl with natural black hair, if one day you want to change your image without damaging your natural locks, a rainbow hair extension is an idea for you. We are sure that you have an extremely cool head and always show off!  

These Appealing Colors For Dying Extensions Will Be Huge This Year!
rainbow hair color

The professionals will color your extension in layers and then mixed the locks into each other. As a result, you will have an incredibly lovely finished product. To show all its beauty, the wearers can tie or braid their hair! With these styles, layers of the color will be out and intertwine as skillfully as possible. 


Red hair extensions

If your hair extension is 100% human virgin hair, you can dye it in any color you want. Red hair extensions are one of the latest trends. You have a light brown or blonde hair extension, dying hair extensions is ideal. This color can mimic and add brightness and warmth to your natural hair color.  

These Appealing Colors For Dying Extensions Will Be Huge This Year!
red hair extensions

Dying your hair extensions purple

Purple hair becomes a trend that is loved by young people. However, in order to get beautiful purple-dyed hair, determine your skin ton and natural hair color will be the first thing to do. If your natural hair is light brown, you could add purple-colored extensions, they would look contrasting together and eye-catchy as well. 

Your hair is thin and fine, you think that coloring your hair is impossible. But with human hair extensions, everything is ok. Dying hair extensions darker or lighter helps girls look more attractive, youthful and fashionable. 

These Appealing Colors For Dying Extensions Will Be Huge This Year!
purple hair

Black hair extensions

Many celebrities are returning to their smooth, long and black hair. Dying jet black hair extensions with simple style makes hair care much simpler than the other hair colored system. 

Traditional black hair extensions offer gentleness and femininity for every girl and make a good impression on others. Unlike light colors, black hair extensions will help to cover up unnecessary imperfections. 

Hope that after this post, you will have more options on dying extensions. Colored extensions are very beautiful, attractive and help you stand out in front of the crowd. 

Last but not least, do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about hair extensions and how to dye your hair replacement systems. 

Feel free to visit Layla’s website or drop us via line (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber). Our sales teams are ready to support and answer all the questions at any time. 

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