New Ideas Into 14 Inch Weave Hairstyles Never Before Revealed!

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The 14 inch weave hairstyles are easily combined with real hair and create natural and seductive beauty. They are popular with two types of hair weaving clips made of real hair and synthetic fibers. In this article, Layla Hair would discuss more on this hair extension to help you choose the best one. 

With advantages of ease of use, no tangle, freedom of bending as well as dying, this hair extension receives more and more love from sisters. Therefore, the post will introduce necessary and useful information about 14 inch Remy weave hairstyles.

How long is 14 inch weave?

It’s armpit-length hair

When speaking of the 14 inch weave hairstyles, most of the users are concerning about the length of the hair, but you do not need to worry about that.

14 inch straight weave hairstyles will have an armpit-length, which is about 35 cm long. It is consistent with both long-haired and shoulder hair hobbies of many girlfriends. At the same time, this real hair clip is also chosen by many girls because it exalts feminine beauty for many people. If it blends well with your real hair, no one can detect it. In other words, you could have an ultra-realistic hairdo.

New Ideas Into 14 Inch Weave Hairstyles Never Before Revealed!
how long is 14 inch hair?


Furthermore, you can disassemble easily wherever you go, such as at home, go to sleep, or wash your hair; you take it off. If you get used to the 14 inch weave hairstyles, it only takes 2-3 minutes to get your hair done right away. 

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In case, your real hair is thicker than the hair weaved on a strip, you can use two clamps at the same time for real hair and wigs can blend naturally into each other. If your hair is thin, you should only hold one strip. Do not grip too much will lose the balance between real hair and wigs made from real hair. That will denounce you are using clip in hair extensions, also.

New Ideas Into 14 Inch Weave Hairstyles Never Before Revealed!
armpit-length hair

Is it too short to make a good hairdo?

Also, many girls mistakenly think that their hair is too short to be used for hair weaving. But in fact, you can still use as usual when tying the apricot sides of real hair up to cover all short hair and look more natural. You should remember that the 14 inches sew in weave hairstyles has armpit length, so you can easy to create a new hairstyle with it even your real hair is too short or has shoulder length.

Besides, trim the hair to make the clip easier and look more natural. In terms of hair color, you should choose the color tone by about 80% compared to the real hair to ensure it will not be revealed when used. In particular, you can tie high weave hair like normal when you feel hot or want to move.

New Ideas Into 14 Inch Weave Hairstyles Never Before Revealed!
beautiful 14 inch hairstyle

Top 14 inch weave hairstyles

After learning about the length of the 14 inch weave hairstyles, our post will introduce hairstyles for 14 inch weave which will help you choose the best one for your own if you intend to buy a 14 inch weave hair.

With outstanding features made from real human hair, human weave hair becomes an object of separation with the passionate beauty. Try to take an attractive hairstyle that sisters love to wear recently. The following hairdos are rocking the social networks right now!

  • Curly hairdo will bring gentle, feminine, and smooth beauty. Long hair is always the desire of many girls, so the hairstyle immediately comes back to be beautiful.
  • 14 inch weave hairstyles straight naturally are straightforward to use, so in just a moment you have gorgeous hair.
New Ideas Into 14 Inch Weave Hairstyles Never Before Revealed!
ombre 14 inch hairstyle
  • Stylish ombre colored weave hair clip spends for individual girls.
  • Ponytail weave hairstyle is suitable for all situations, not only to go out, party, but you can use it for work, school, etc.
  • Highlight weave hair color strands adorn your hair in an attractive part.

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Characteristics of real 14 inch weave hairstyles

Here at Laylahair, we provide a wide range of 14 inch weave products to meet the needs of our clients. You can rest assured when shopping with us because:

  • Our original weave hair clips are made from 100% real human hair. Hence, the hair strands are natural, healthy, soft so you can freely style or dye as you like.
New Ideas Into 14 Inch Weave Hairstyles Never Before Revealed!
hair weave
  • Our hair weave is meticulously hand-woven, so the hairs are sophisticated, helping you confidently wear the hair on the hair without worrying about being exposed.
  • Layla provides a variety of styles, colors for you to choose. We have long hair curls, real ponytail hair, natural straightening hair clip, stylish hair color ombre clip, and so on. There would be samples for you to consider before you decide to make the official order.
  • Our 14 inch hair weaves are state of the art. It would bring along the most incredible effect on your hair finish.

Where to buy 14 inch hair weave?

You are getting insane with beautiful dreamy 14 inch weave hairstyles and plan to pick up best one for your new look in the upcoming special occasions, but don’t know where to buy. Don’t worry, Lalay hair — the leading hair brand in Vietnam will help you with this.

Laylahair has got many years of experience in the profession. We commit to bringing the best quality products, the best service, and the most reasonable price!

New Ideas Into 14 Inch Weave Hairstyles Never Before Revealed!
14 inch hair extensions from Laylahair

Furthermore, if you do not know the way to choose the best one for your own, don’t hesitate to contact us to get useful and necessary advice to select the most suitable weave hair.

Our Conclusion

14 inch weave hairstyles are becoming a more popular and hot trend because of its beauty and attractive. Therefore, Layla Hair hopes that after the post, you will get more critical information about the weave hair. In other words, this would let you know how to choose the best and reputable place to buy the best one for your own.

If you want to learn more about other hair extension products, hair care tips, or trendy hairstyles, take a look at our delicately built website. Our experts are always more than happy to support when you have any inquiries or questions.

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