Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

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Having thin hair has been a pain in the neck of many girls out there. We bet its limp and dull-looking state of this hair type often make you undergo some awkward and annoying dilemmas at one point or another. If you are struggling with this problem, Hair toppers for thin hair will be of significant help!

What makes this hair invention so unique? How can it work its magic on thin hair?

Keep reading to find out the answer you’re looking for and feel your worry of having fine hair fade away.

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15 problems that only women with thin hair understand

Let’s start with the basics first — why did many women feel uncomfortable and annoying about their thin hair?

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Get sunburn on your scalp

We’re sure that it’s not a nice feeling at all! While your friends have beautiful sunburns on their body, you have ones on your scalp. How irritated and ugly that feeling could be!

Say goodbye to dry shampoo

Once again, while all of your buddies are crazy over dry shampoo because of its handy features, you are ignored and removed from the game!

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Whenever your hair touches dry shampoo, it becomes drier and flatter. How terrible!

Befriend with humidity

For thick-haired girls, moisture is an “enemy” that can turn their hair into a big mess of curly locks. In contrast, it can help expand your thin locks a little bit and add more volume.

Dry weather, however, leads to static and well, you know what will happen after that ( hint: a giant plasma globe! Eww!)

Can only dream about beautiful hairstyles on Pinterest

Whenever coming across a post on Pinterest saying something like “Top 10 must-try braids”, you can only roll your eyes and know more than anyone that your thin hair can never make a gorgeous fishtail braid bun.

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Feel familiar with grease

Thin-haired ladies often feel their hair become greasy after 24 hours or even sooner. Forget about dry shampoo and the idea of not washing your hair for two days; the greasy feeling will drive you crazy!

Wish for no wind

You can only stare and admire the eye-catching image of hair flowing in the wind! Why so?

A pleasant breeze only feels nice when it doesn’t make your thin strands get all tangles together and takes you almost 10 minutes to fix the mess.

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Why use hair toppers for thin hair?

Natural appearance

Although wigs are an excellent choice for adding more texture and thickness to the hair, they often hide the natural hair that women have away.

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

On the other hand, best hair toppers for thinning hair work well to provide coverage for bald spots and conceal hair loss. Instead of covering the whole head, they blend and integrate perfectly with real hair, offering a natural look and comfort.


Unlike wigs, hair toppers don’t provide full coverage. Thus, they are more breathable and lightweight. This feature is what every girl need during the hot summer.

A wide range of hair toppers for thin hair 

Different people have different sizes and demands, and hair toppers for thin hair can satisfy most of them.

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

While women with small thinning areas can benefit from a two-inch topper, those with visible baldness may consider something more prominent in size.

Limitless creativity

There’s no doubt that hair toppers are a perfect “sidekick” of any modern women nowadays due to its low maintenance and various styling options.

Feel free to show off your boldness and imagination to style your topper and go out on the street with a fabulous look every day!

Step-by-step instruction for applying hair toppers

Step 1: Preparation

  • Decide what type of hair loss you have

It’s the first and most important task in the preparation step. You need to determine which stage of hair loss you are in, shop for the right topper, and start applying it.

There are three typical stages of hair loss — beginning, progressive, and advanced. Determine yours and then move to the next step!

  • Select the base type of hair toppers for thin hair

There are two most popular base types with different features.

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Monofilament base: Wigmakers hand-attached each hair strand into a soft net material, creating an illusion that real hair grows from the scalp.

Classic base: this type comes in rows or wefts of hair. Wearers can integrate their hair into these wefts for a natural look.

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  • Determine hair length, type, and color

Hair length: this factor mainly depends on your preference.

Hair type: toppers offer three versatile options — synthetic hair, human hair, and heat-friendly hair.

Hair color: you should opt for the topper’s tone that is similar to your real hair as much as possible. We recommend that you should seek consultancy from hair experts for better results.

Step 2: Applying process

  • Once you have owned for yourself best hair topper for thin hair, let’s start with the applying process to clip it in your hair.
  • Open all clips in the underside of the topper
  • Gently play around with the hair in these areas where the top clips will work to ensure a tighter hold

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

  • Place the topper on the hair loss area and secure the front clips
  • Produce a light pressure on hair strands and use your fingers to glide through the length of the base to fix the back clips
  • Avoid moving the base while making sure every remaining clip is secured
  • Style and blend the hair to your liking

Where to shop for the best hair toppers for thin hair?

Now you have known all about preparation and step-by-step guidance to apply these amazing hair extensions for thin hair to your hair. But the hardest and most challenging task here is shopping for the right topper.

Among numerous available choices of hair toppers on the market today, you probably feel overwhelmed and have not the slightest idea about where to start looking for it.

Hair Toppers For Thin Hair? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Let us make this task easier for you!

Come to Layla Hair to get “drown” into the world of hair toppers with every shape, size, and color.

Are you still feeling confused all over? Don’t worry because our hair experts got your back! They will advise you on what suits you best, and everything you need to do is to shine in your gorgeous way!

Final words

Looking for your dream hair toppers for thin hair has never been so easy with our detailed article! Hesitate no more and start your quest to look beautiful and confident every moment.

If you have further questions or want to share your experience with toppers for others to know, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll reach you as soon as possible!

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