hot 16 Inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair Extensions

16 Inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair Extensions

If you are a retailer who is wondering about the best sellers of Layla Hair Company, 16 Inch Weave Straight might be the best choice for you. With minimum budget, these Remy Cambodian Hair Straight could become the main star in your product range. Beside Straight, Layla Hair also offers 16 Inch Cambodian Hair Curly and 16 Inch Cambodian Hair Body Wave to offer a wider range of choices. What is your pick?
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16 Inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair Extensions
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Layla Hair Company offers a large list of hair extensions type, color and length, but it is not hard to pick out the best sellers which suit everyone’s favour and budget. 16 Inch Weave Cambodian HairStraight is one of them.


16 Inch Weave Straight Cambodian Remy Hair

How long is 16 Inch Weave?

If you want straight hair, 16 Inch Weave  Strainght Cambodian Hair would be around your upper back, which is already proven the most natural hair length: neither too short or too long. However, as Layla Hair Company offers many hair styles with 16 Inch Weave, namely 16 Inch Weave Cambodian Hair Straight, Cambodian Hair Body Wave, Cambodian Hair Natural Wave, Cambodian Hair Curly and vice versa, your bundles might look appearantly shorter than that. Wavy Hair would be of your shoulder while curly is around 2-3 inch shorter. In order to know the exact length of your Cambodian Hair Bundles, you should stretch the wavy and curly hairs straight and then measure them.


16 Inch Weave Straight would fall in your upper back

How many bundles should you get?

For 16 Inch Hair Weave, it is also easier to obtain fuller ends. Even when you want single drawn hairs, your 16 Inch Cambodian Hair Weave can look somewhat like Double Drawn Hair. That also means you would need fewer 16 Inch Weave Straight to install a full head. My recommendation is 2 bundles for a medium full look and 3 or more if you need super full hairs.


Get 3 of 16 Inch Single Drawn Weave Straight to get a full look

Why Cambodian Hair?

All our 16 Inch Weave Straight are Remy Hair Extensions, with all cuticles saved and aligned, and you can freely bleach, color and style them to get the look you want. You can also choose betwwen Vietnamese Hair and Cambodian Hair, but if you need something that looks more natural, I suggest 16 Inch Weave Straight Cambodian Hair which has a light wave towards the ends, making it effortlessly natural.


A good ting of having wholesale 16 Inch Cambodian Weave Straight is that you can choose between having a slightly coarse one or having a very silky one, because Cambodian Hair from Layla Hair will serve you both. Of course when you get the bundles they must be twins or at least cousins so you would have a perfect match on your head. That’s what Layla Hair always opts for – to bring customers the best experience with hairs.

Also, as the hairs are 100% remy hairs, you don’t have to worry of the hairs tangling or mattling after several uses. With all cuticles running in the same directions, your Cambodian Remy Weave Straight will only get better and better over times.

16 Inch Weave Hairstyles

There are actually many 16 Inch Weave Hairstyles other than 16 Inch Weave Straigt Cambodian Hair Extensions. In Layla Hair Company’s product range, you can easily find other 16 Inch Weave Hairstyles like Cambodian Slight Wave Hair. Cambodian Slight Wave Hair from Layla Hair Company is also 100% Human Raw Hair Unprocessed, very versatile and can be worn by any ladies. Find your best Cambodian Slight Wave Hair in Layla Hair Company.


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Product descriptions:

  • Type: Cambodian Hair Weave Straight
  • Origin: Cambodian Hair
  • Quality: Single & Double drawn Hair; Human Hair; Remy Hair
  • Texture: Thick, slightly coarse to silky, natural straight
  • Length: 16 Inches Weave Straight (also available from 6 – 32 inches)
  • Color: Natural black (1b). Also available in other colors (jet black, dark brown, light brown…)
  • Other: Minimal short hair, no chemical, no dye, no any lice or nits
  • Weight: 100Gr/ piece or customer options (for example: 30gr, 50 gr, 150gr, 200gr…)
  • Brand name: Layla Hair
  • Delivery time:  5-7 days after payment
  • Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream, Ria, Visa, Master Card, Bank…
  • Delivery partner: UPS and DHL fast shipping