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  • Length: 75 cm/28
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Deep curly hair extension 28″

Curly hair extensions is suitable for those who are young and active. It is made of natural mottled, floating and soft bending hair. These curly hair extensions are available in sizes varying from 12 inches to 30 inches. So you can select the one that suits your height and personality well. You can put in your head the proper hair volume. Moreover, it is very easy to carry, these curly hair extensions do not even feel fake when you use it
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Curly hair extensions is a perfect choice for every wig wearer. It makes them be younger and more active, improves their self-confidence and self-esteem. This product is soft, smooth, healthy with perfect shape and quality. You can also choose your appropriate length from 12 inches up to 30 inches and with any colors you want such as blonde, black, brown,…

Moreover, you may think it is your own real hair and even don’t have the feeling of wearing it because it looks extremely natural. You can wash, color and style it to change your hairstyle very frequently. Moreover, you must find that it is actually light and comfortable when wearing it.