32 inch weave Long Straight Human Remy Hair

32 inch weave Long Straight Human Remy Hair


16 Inch Human Remy Vietnamese Hair 360 Lace Frontal

16 Inch Human Remy Vietnamese Hair 360 Lace Frontal

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

LaylaHair Company is always a trusted site to buy Cambodian Hair Weave. Unlike the Cheap Cambodian Hair that is sold massively in the Cambodian Hair Market, Cambodian Hair Weave from Layla Hair Company is always of high quality and life expectancy.

When our wholesale customers search to buy Cambodian Hair Weave, they always search for the best sellers so it can meet the need of as many of their own clients as possible.

Our 16 Inches Curly Weave is among those best sellers. Let’s continue to read this Cambodian Hair Description and find out why Cambodian Hair 16 Inches Curly Weave is one of our best!

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

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Asian Hair – Cambodian Hair Weave are the best in the hair wholesale market

First of all, a variety of research has pointed out that between Asians and Europeans who are at the same ages, Asians tend to have younger appearance, skin, and hairs.

The reason lays vastly on the fact that Asians consume much less sugar and fast food, and that they tend to have a very healthy diet and lifestyle.

It decides how strong Cambodian Hair Weave is, and also explains why people are crazy to buy Cambodian Hair Weave.

In addition, the genes itself also define how their hairs are. “African and African Diaspora scalp hair significantly curled, (East) Asian hair was significantly thick, and European hair was significantly lighter in color” – says the research “Quantifying variation in human scalp hair fiber shape and pigmentation” implemented by Am J Phys Anthropol. (2016).

Hair of Asians, especially Cambodian people is naturally thick and strong, with a high proportion of black melanin, giving a very natural shiny and healthy look. Looking at Cambodian Hair pictures, one can totally tell that these hairs are of good condition and strength.

Cambodian Hair 16 Inches Curly Weave has the perfect length

You don’t have to search for tons of pictures of Cambodian Hair to realize that 16 Inches Curly Weave is the easiest to apply. It would come around your shoulder length, giving a full volume to your hair.

And, even when the quality you buy is Single Drawn, 16 Inches Curly Weave will still give off the full look as if you are wearing Super Double Drawn Quality Hair.

Saying, you can save yourself some pennies to spend on other things (mine is makeup and food) which is totally a plus point. So why not Single Drawn?

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair


Cambodian Hair 16 Inches Curly Weave has the perfect length

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

Find yourself a good supplier to buy Cambodian Hair Weave

As just being said, you can buy Cambodian Hair Weave – 16 Inch Curly Weave easily in the fast-developing Cambodian Hair Market now, but please stay away of the cheap Cambodian Hair that is labeled everywhere on the Internet.

Don’t let yourself be deceived by those glossy pictures of Cambodian Hair. The stories being told are different.

Furthermore, the raw material itself has stated all the differences. Moreover, some of the Cheap Cambodian Hair Weave that is on sale in the Cambodian Hair Market right now have an even cheaper price than the average purchasing price of Raw material to make Cambodian Hair Weave, not mentioning other materials, operation cost and labor cost.

Offering customers such a low price, the Cheap Cambodian Hair Manufacturer should have replaced the materials with something else more economical (mink hair is a replacement).

Last but not least, in order to release a good 16 Inches Curly Weave, the hairs have to go through many strict process and control to ensure it has correct weight, length, and style. If the bundles you buy have a suspecting cheaper price, there is a large chance that the hairs cannot reach standard weight.

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair


16 inches Curly Weave Pictures of Cambodian Hair 

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair


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16-inch weave hairstyles you should try

16-inch weave curly

Curly hair stays the favorite type of women forever. Not only celebs who switch to curly wavy hair from time to time, but ordinary women also find this hairstyle irresistible.

Curly hair is suitable for most casual and formal events. Whether you need a daily look to go shopping or hang out with your friends, some curls will serve you right. What’s more, this hair type will make you look gorgeous in any formal meetings or events.

As for 16-inch weave curly, 16-inch weave offers a suitable hair length, enough to hide your board shoulder and excessive fat.

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

16-inch weave, when carefully made, can stay over an extended period. It is a safe option for those who want to make wigs without spending a fortune on the material.

You can choose different types of curls when shopping with us. Layla Hair uses the hot stream to make wavy and curly hair so that we damage no hair strand. Both Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair can hold curls well; the overall quality is certain.

16-inch weave ponytail

If 16-inch weave curly isn’t your cup of tea, then you should consider 16 inches weave ponytail. A cute, short ponytail is a perfect hairstyle for gym sessions or dinner time with friends.

The ponytail is such a unique hairstyle thanks to Ariana Grande, who has quickly made this hairstyle as her signature. You can easily spot Ari with her high ponytail on stages, in the market or at restaurants.

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair

This 2019, low ponytail comes back as a hot trend. If high ponytail inspired by Ari doesn’t match your style, consider the low one.

We can assure that 16-inch weave ponytail is made with qualified material, perfect for women who prefer a casual style.

For more details of Cambodian Hair – 16 Inches Curly Weave, please advise the Cambodian Hair Description below

Cambodian Hair Description:Hair

  • Style: Cambodian Hair Curly
  • Length: 16 Inch Weave (40cm); also available in other length 6-32 Inches
  • Hair Origin: Cambodia (only pick from 100% healthy Cambodian Women)
  • Quality: Single Drawn Quality Hair
  • Hair Weight: 100gr (3.5oz). Also available in other weights as required by customers
  • Weft Length: 1,4 – 1,6m. For shorter or longer weft length, please contact our sales to get consulted for
  • Hair Color: Available in natural color 1b and grey, 2,3,4,6,8,12,27,30,35
  • Shipping method: UPS, DHL, BDEX
  • Payment method: PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Ria, Union Pay, Visa, Master Card, Bank.

Product Information

Product description:

The very important part of getting your hair business bigger is doing research of the trending hairs in the market. Layla Hair is just here to tell you our Cambodian Hair is among the best must-have item in the market. Take a look

Meta Description:

16 Inches Curly Weave

  • Length: 16 Inch (40cm)
  • Color: 1b
  • Texture: Steamed curly
  • Quality: Single drawn Hair
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