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8 inch Virgin Human Hair Toppers or Toupee for Mens


7″x9″ Blond Hair Topper Dark Roots

Blond Hair Topper Dark Roots Human Hair - Laylahair

Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Topper Extensions

How to know your face shape to choose the right hairstyles as well as Hair Topper extensions is the matter that many women and girls are interested in.

Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Topper Extensions

Short hair trend with all kinds of bob or lob for those who have strong personalities is becoming the focus of style that any girl wants to own in recent times. Cutting straight and long hair is the way girls use to keep up with this trend. Having a short haircut will not matter if it is fit to your face shape. It it is not, unluckily, it will be really “serious” matter for a long time as the new hair have to take a long time to be growth longer. Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Topper extensions  from Layla Hair will be the solution to save you in this situation.


 Blond Clip in straight Human Hair Topper Extensions

If you are interested in this product, refer its description in below:

Clip in hair topper extensions Descriptions

  • Origin: Vietnamese Hair
  • Quality: Double drawn; Human Hair; Remy Hair
  • Texture: Silk, shining, thick, coarse, straight, smooth
  • Length: 18 inch hair (also available from 6 – 32 inches)
  • Color: Blonde. Also available in other colors (jet black, dark brown, light brown…)
  • Other: Minimal short hair, no chemical, no dye, no any lice or nits
  • Weight: 100Gr/ piece other customer requirements (for example: 30gr, 50 gr, 150gr, 200gr…)
  • Brand name: LaylaHair Company
  • Hair features: No shedding, tangle free
  • Delivery time:  5-7 days after payment
  • Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream, Ria, Visa, Master Card, Bank…
  • Delivery partner: UPS and DHL fast shipping

How to take care hair topper extensions

There are many different things such as how to take care, how to make hairstyle between short haircut and long hair. Having a long hair, you can style it with many kinds of tying hair while having long hair can’t. However, the short hair brings women or girls appearance with strong personality and fashion without needing any accessories.  Finding out what hair is suitable to your face shape and your style is very important to your appearance.

blonde straight human hair topper extensions

  1. Finding out 2.25’’ rule:

John Frieda, a famous hair specialist in the United Kingdom, researched and found out a great formula that makes it easy for you to determine whether you fit short or long hair. This formula is called “2.25’’ Rule”. Just with the help of a ruler, a pencil and this rule to determine the proportion of your face and neck, you can find out what appropriate to you. How to determine: place the pencil near the chin (parallel to the ground), then set the ruler perpendicularly to the pencil and measure the distance between the pencil and the ear.

If the number you get is less than 2.25 inches, it means you fit short hair. In case the distance you measure is greater than 2.25 inches, long hair will be the safest option. After determining your face ratio according to the 2.25’’ Rule, if short haircut is fit to your face, the next step will be to look at your face shape to choose the right hair style. Basing on this rule, you also choose an appropriate hair toppers yourself. For example, you can refer Layla Hair’s 18 Inch Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Toppers if your face shape is fit to long hair.


  1. Hairstyle for the oval face shape:

The oval face is a perfect face shape as it can fit all hairstyle with both short hair and long hair. Owning an oval face shape, you just have to choose what the hairstyle is the most appropriate to your style and personality. Both bob and lob getting curly or tangled or straight give you a feminine and elegant appearance. Trying Layla Hair’s Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Toppers is also worth if you are looking for a feminine and elegant hairstyle without taking much time to style the hair. In addition, the pixie haircut will bring to you a look with strong style and personality.


  1. Hairstyle for round face:

If you possess a round face and want to choose the right short hair style, the lob with the length down to your chin or shoulder is the perfect hairstyle for you. In particular, the type of bob with long side-swept bang covering part of your face will contribute to lessening the fullness of the face.


  1. Hairstyle for square – shaped face:

Your square face is not easily covered by short hairstyles. However, you can still get short hair just by choosing carefully trimmed hairstyles. These hairstyles will make your face look less square, masculine and become more attractive. The ultra-short haircut should be avoided if you do not want to pose your face’s defect. Instead, lightly trimmed long hairs down to the chin or shoulder also help to cover the sides of the jaw bone, soften the “square” of the face. Having a square face, you can refer Layla Hair’s 18 Inch Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Toppers; surely it will be suitable to you.

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  1. Hairstyle for long face shape:

Styling a thick hair in the forehead that is covering your forehead is good choice for those who have a long face shape. This tip will help cover up your forehead and reduce the length of the face. Therefore, when choosing short hairstyle, you should pay attention to the type of hair in your forehead. If you are falling in love with sexy curly hair, loosen curly hair will be helpful for you to get the right proportion of your face, which make your face become softer.


After referring the way to identify the face shape that Layla Hair shared in above, we hope that you get closer to find out your face shape and the suitable hairstyle for yourself.

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