3 Common Mistakes About Single Drawn And Double Drawn Hair Extensions

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Single drawn and double drawn hair extensions are accessible tools to help women accomplish their favorite hair thickness. These two products can be found almost in any hair salons and hair vendors.

However, there are some common misunderstandings about both single drawn and double drawn. Follow us below to see what these mistakes are.

What are single drawn hair extensions?

Single drawn hair extensions are a popular choice among hair extensions users. These items enhance the hair thickness at the hair roots. The reason is quite simple.

In one bundle of double drawn hair extension, there are only 50% of hair strands with similar length. Since the length is varied, hair stays mostly in the top.

3 Common Mistakes About Single Drawn And Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Single drawn hair extensions from Layla Hair

The price for single drawn hair is generally affordable. Since the making process is simple, the total cost is acceptable.

What are double drawn hair extensions?

Double drawn hair extensions here mean that the amount of hair strands with the same length is much more significant. It doesn’t imply that 100% of hair strands are similar.

Only 60-70% of the amount comes with the same length. The making process of double drawn hair extensions is quite complicated. Hair professionals must mix at least four bundles of hair together in order to make one final product.

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Hair also comes from different sources. The mixing process must be done in a careful manner so that 60-70% of hair could be similar.

3 Common Mistakes About Single Drawn And Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double drawn hair extensions

As a result, double drawn hair is not purse-friendly compared to single drawn. However, since the density is more constant from top to bottom, it is easier to achieve hair density with these products.



Three common mistakes about single drawn and double drawn hair extensions

Single Drawn is cheaper than double drawn

How could this be a mistake about single drawn and double drawn hair extensions? It is evident that Single Drawn must be less expensive than double drawn. We get you my friends, but this is an entirely different story!

Single drawn offers low density. Ladies who buy Single Drawn want to emphasize their hair root rather than hair end. Whereas, double drawn provides a uniform thickness from the root until the end. Using double drawn hair extensions, you can achieve your desired density faster.

Comparing the price, single drawn is more affordable. However, if you want to reach a certain level of density, you need to buy quite a lot of single drawn hair extensions. As a result, the overall price you have to pay is much higher than that of double drawn.

One single drawn/ double drawn is enough for me

Well, we would have to say that this is the most common problems we encounter with many customers.  The false idea about single drawn and double drawn hair extensions is quite severe. First of all, you can’t buy only one single hair extension to enhance your whole head.

It is impossible! Hair extensions come with relatively small sizes. The most significant patch could probably cover half of your head, but will never be able to provide more extensive coverage. So ladies, don’t save money this way.

3 Common Mistakes About Single Drawn And Double Drawn Hair Extensions

One piece of hair extensions may not be enough

When it comes to hair density, double drawn is apparently thicker than single drawn. Some of our customers also wonder if they should buy only one bundle of double drawn. We would say that it depends on how much thick you want your hair to be.

If you want to elevate your hair thickness, probably one bundle of double drawn isn’t enough.

There is only one type double drawn

The last mistake users often make about single drawn and double drawn hair extensions is about the double drawn.

As you may notice, Layla Hair often describes double drawn Vietnamese hair with the ratio of 60 to 70% of hair strands with the same length. That being said, buyers could mistake that we will create bundles within the range.

The truth is there are two types of double drawn. When you place an order, we will ask you about the hair density. As for hair extensions, the hair thickness will be measured by single drawn or double drawn.

3 Common Mistakes About Single Drawn And Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double drawn type 2

Double drawn type 1 will have 60% of hair strands with similar length. This product offers a rate of 70%. You may think the density will be no different.

However, this is not true. If you look at the bundles, it may not have any difference. However, when you feel it, you will see that double drawn type 2 is generally thicker than type 1.

How to take care of double draw and single drawn hair extensions

Regardless of double drawn or single drawn, hair extensions are from a human donor. The features are similar so that you can take care of these items the way you do to your natural hair.

There are a few things you should consider:

Choose the right shampoo:

This is the most important thing we want to keep reminding our customers. Since hair extensions no longer receive natural sebum from human scalp, the hair is prone to frizz and tangle.

Choosing the appropriate shampoo will prevent your hair to have split ends or get dry. You should look for the natural or oil-based formula. It is always better to go for olive oil or coconut oil.

Hair conditioners

Besides shampoos, hair conditioners are also necessary. These products make sure your hair extensions restore the smoothness. Plus, hair conditioners also protect your hair from other environmental factors.


We would suggest you brush as little as possible. When you find any knots or tangles, it is better to detangle them by your hands or with a wide-toothed comb.

The bottom line

The common mistakes about Single drawn and double drawn hair extensions are not severe. However, you should have a clear insight about the product you are going to purchase.

Hope you have found some useful information in this article.

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