Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By Hair Experts

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Hair weave is the “ultimate weapon” for most women who want to change their hairstyle and appearance. 30 inches hair, especially, is the best human hair extension of the greatest length. 

More and more people start to use hair weave to change their hair look. However, in fact, the vast majority must be beautiful and do not know how to preserve and clean the weft, so they are easily damaged, tangled, and short time.

There are a lot of types of weaving hair on the market, and 30 inches hair is among the most favorite ones. This post will introduce necessary information about 30 inches hair – the best weaving hair for women.

What are 30 inches weave hair?

30 inches of hair is among the most favorite hair weave option for girls. First, let LaylaHair introduce you the basic information about this type of human hair. 

30 inches hair extensions

Human weave hair always gives the most natural look. The hair is soft, shiny and comfortable to move which synthetic hair cannot have.

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

Furthermore, you can cut or style the hair weave to suit your personal preferences. Although it costs a bit higher than other hairs, it will be the right choice. Also with proper care, it is even more durable and usable from one year to two years and more. Therefore, 30 inches hair weave is always the best choice of almost women.

Sources of human weave hair

There are two basic types of human weave hair: Vietnam and Cambodia. But most hair extensions are made from Asian hair because they are thicker and easy to make hair straight. It also has a bit of anti-bending capability and therefore can be styled more.

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

Besides that Cambodia hair is found more and less expensive. The hair is often seen in ethnic style wigs.

Vietnam is one of the most requested countries for its quality, but due to the increasingly limited supply in the market, the hair is more expensive.

Related things about 30 inches hair

The origin of the hair is not the only factor. However, the technique to create a hair set is directly related to the beauty and quality of the final hair product.

The necessary chemicals to disinfect the original colors to create different styles and colors, and can affect the hair depending on the method used.

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

When higher chemical quality and better treatment for hair are used, the result is more top quality products as well as higher prices.

Therefore, human hair is considered to be the best choice. Hair fibers are kept in the same direction when collected and woven into a wig or bald bangs.

30 inches hair length

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

If synthetic hair always has different length for your choice, the length of human weave hair normally ranges from 16 to 35 inches. So, the 30-inch one is considered quite long hair already.

Thanks to the length from 30-30 inches, so the hair extension is exceptionally suitable for anyone who wants to own waist-length hairstyle.

Pros and cons of human weaving hair

When talking about weaving hair, human weaving hair always stays in the top 1. But there are advantages and disadvantage of the hair which you should know.

Pros of 30 inches hair

– Soft and natural touching

When touching on human weave hair, you will feel smooth and natural because it is made from the hair naturally. There is nothing exactly like the feeling, weight, and movement of human weave hair.

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

– Easy to create a new style

The original human hair is a premium option because it is often easier to change the style and less tangled because all the hairs are kept in the same direction throughout the weaving process.

Also, its versatility allows you to style your hair like your hair with a curl or straightener that can last longer.


Cons of 30 inches human hair extension

– High cost

As we all know, wig with real hair is not inexpensive. If you don’t want to say that human weave hair always has a high price which many women can not buy.

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

– Take a lot of time for care

You have to make up it every time you use it like your natural hair. Therefore, if you are busy or quite strict about spending, human weave hair may not be your choice.

– Respond to weather

And like natural hair, the human weave hair will respond to weather conditions and will straighten or get tangled when the weather is terrible.

Where to buy the best 30 inches hair extensions?

Facing hundreds of choices, Layla Hair is the only address where you can put all your trust. It specializes in providing the type of wig from bald hair, hair extensions and especially human weave hair.

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

Moreover, commit all hair extensions of Layla Hair made from 100% real hair purchased from Vietnam, and Cambodia. Along with that, a team of skilled workers inexperienced Layla Hair always update the latest wig models and catch up with the trend of the world. So, surely you will find the best human weave hair for your own when visiting Layla Hair’s website.

Besides the most concerning of customers is price and quality, both things are secure in Layla Hair. Before purchasing, sale team of Layla Hair will contact you to support all the things you should know about our products to help you have the right choice.

Unknown Facts About 30 Inches Hair Revealed By The Experts

About the price, Layla Hair is one of the biggest hair extensions and wigs wholesaler in Vietnam and Cambodia, so the company always brings reasonable prices to their customers.

The bottom line

Hope that after the post, you will get more useful and necessary information about human weave hair or 30 inches hair as well as the best place to buy the best one for your own. If you need more information about hair extension, you don’t forget to visit our website.

Where to buy wigs at a beautiful, natural and original price, surely you have the answer to that question, right. Don’t be waiting! Come to Layla Hair now to have a suitable wig to make you more beautiful and classy.

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