How To Choose Lace Color For Wigs? – It’s Easy If You Know How

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How to choose lace color for wigs. It must be frustrating to buy a lace wig to find the lace color does not match the skin tone. Please follow this article to find out the best lace color for wigs and also avoid choosing the wig color.

Four normal lace color meaning 

There are four normal lace colors such as

  • Transparent: It is ideal for people who have light or fair complexion. It is quite suitable for all complexions.
  • Middle Brown: It is matching natural or true brown skin tones.
  • Light Brown: It is matching with moderately fair to light brown skin tones.
  • Dark Brown: It is recommended for people who have dark skin tones.
How To Choose Lace Color For Wigs? - It's Easy If You Know How
normal lace colors for wigs

How to choose lace color for wigs

Firstly, the best lace material color for dark skin is dark brown. You should choose the lace color that can match the color of the scalp. If you don’t find the lace color that is swiss lace good for dark skin, it is better to go lighter than darker. If you are unsure, the safest choice is Transparent lace. We should recommend using HD Lace because it is transparent.

What color is HD lace? HD Lace is undetectable and blends with any skin tones. However, if you are a wig beginner, it is not the best choice because it is very soft and delicate. Moreover you must handle it carefully to prevent it from tearing up. Because as you know, HD lace is more expensive, so you should consider this if you have a huge budget for it.

How to make the lace color match your scalp

In case, if you have chosen a lace color chart that doesn’t match the skin tone, there are some remedies you can do for solving this problem. When you find the lace color is lighter than the scalp, you can try the following methods for darkening the lace.

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Method 1: Makeup foundation or concealer

This method is the easiest and quickest method but it is only a temporary solution for fixing or adjusting the lace color. You need a foundation powder or brush to correct the lace color.

Firstly, you should flip the wig inside out and then take a foundation or concealer or lightly press the product into the lace for making it blend with the skin complexion. This can take only 2 – 3 minutes.

This technique is considered the best for short-term lace wig wearers as makeup becomes messy or wears off after 2 – 3 days. 

Method 2: Lace tint spray/ makeup spray

Lace tint spray or makeup spray is better applied on the wet lace if you choose the method. Spray the tint on the back of the lace and you can let it air dry for a little minutes or also blow dry the back for a few seconds. 

Method 3: Dyeing lace

Fill a basin with the warm water and also choose the one dye shade that can match the skin tone. You can use a couple of drops of the dye or dip the lace into the basin for nearly 10 minutes. Please check the different lace colors often or until it can reach the desired color tone.

How To Choose Lace Color For Wigs? - It's Easy If You Know How
transparent lace appears invisible on scalp skin

Note: You don’t submerge the entire wig.

Next, you need to wash it with cold water to make sure that the color has set in. Moreover, in this step, you can also use some shampoos and conditioners. After washing and also conditioning, let the hair dry naturally. This method is relatively more and more complex, but the effect is surely permanent.

Method 4: Black tea bags

If you don;t have the dye on hand, there is another method. Just prepare 10 black tea bags and hot water. After that, you can tint the lace easily.

Prepare a pack of 10 or 20 black tea bags or throw the tea bags in a pot of boiled water. You can use a spoon or some utensil. You have to gently press down on the tea bag to get the color out. 

And then, take the tea bags out and also allow it to simmer for about 3 minutes. Then turn off the heat or let the water cool for about 2 minutes to get the right temperature.

Please hold the end of the wig and dip the lace portion into the tea water. It is considered as method 3, you should also check the lace color frequently for getting the right color.

The last step is to wash the lace wig with the shampoo and conditioner for the lace color dark brown. Make sure that you wash very thoroughly to get rid of the tea smell.

When you find that the lace color is darker than the scalp, or maybe you submerged the lace too long when you can dye the wig, you also make the lace color lighter. Please check the following methods, they can be very useful.

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How to lighten the lace

I should let you know that makeup foundation or concealer and lace tint spray/ makeup spray is considered suitable for lightening as well as darkening the lace color. It also depends on the shade you use. 

Method 1: Bleach knots

How To Choose Lace Color For Wigs? - It's Easy If You Know How
bleaching knots can lighten the lace color

Bleach knots help to lighten the lace. Pour the bleaching into the bowl, and add the cream developer. And then mix until the consistency is thick enough so won’t seep through the lace and bleach the hairs.

Turn the lace wig inside out, gently apply the bleach mixture to the lace or cover the lace with the bleach. Please let the bleach sit for more than 15 minutes and then wash it with cool water. Make sure that you can use a neutralizing shampoo to stop it from over-processing. Moreover, evawi offers wigs with the bleached knots or unbleached knots.

Method 2: purple shampoo

If the lace color is a little darker for you, you can wash it with a purple shampoo for fixing it. The purple shampoo will even out the tones and cancel out the yellow brassiness of your lace.

We hope that the article about How to choose lace color for wigs will help you know how to choose the right lace color and how to make the lace blend with the scalp well. Adjusting the lace color to match the skin tone will give you a more natural look.

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