4 Essential Factors Of Curly Hair Extensions Cost [Buying Guide 2020]

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When it comes to the hair department, hair extensions have always proven to be a powerful sidekick that you should never overlook. They solve different hair problems from excessive thinness, shortness to the little moments when your hair needs that extra fancy touch. However, some of these are definitely cannot be called “drugstore” based on the price. Still, with some help from us, you are guaranteed to make the most out of your bucks. Maybe, the curly hair extensions cost is not so scary after all.

So, let’s dive right in and get to know everything that makes up the price tag of these special babies.

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What do some of the factors that contribute to the curly hair extensions cost?

Of course, hair extensions are not products of necessities. They are a touch of a somewhat extravagant lifestyle and self-care. And of course, buying these means, you are doing pretty well in life.

Here, let’s face the music, they are not at all dirt cheap. Indeed, in some cases, they can be quite expensive and cost you an arm or a leg. Still, do not get yourself back down just from the curly hair extensions cost.

So, get right in and find out what contributed to the price of these hairpieces.

The quality of the hair

There are three main types of hair used by hair extensions manufacturers, which includes virgin human hair, Remy hair, and comb waste. And this is also the order in which they go from the most expensive to the least.

First off, a virgin human hair is the kind of material that is collected from one single donor. They often reach a high level of consistency between strands considering direction, length, and quality.

4 Essential Factors Of Curly Hair Extensions Cost [Buying Guide 2019]

Also, the fact that these skip the part where they get chemically treated in factories means more budget needed to purchase them. The chemical procedures are usually bleaching, artificial perming, dying and the like.

Next off, we have Remy hair. Of course, these are also human hair just like the first type. There is not much of a difference in the ways these two types are collected.

However, the big difference here is the way Remy hair gets treated and processed before reaching the shelves. Usually, this stage involves all those brushing, bleaching or dying as mentioned above.

After all those treatments to get them to have a particular texture and color, the quality of the hair may be altered. And that is the reason why in most cases, Remy hair extensions cost less than a virgin human hair.

Lastly, many manufacturers even use comb wastes to produce curly hair extensions. And as the name suggests, this type of hair is collected from brushes or the floor of barber stores.

4 Essential Factors Of Curly Hair Extensions Cost [Buying Guide 2019]

And of course, hair extensions made from comb wastes have the lowest quality and duration. Obviously, with that goes the lowest price tag of the line.

Manufacturers’ skills & technology

The stage where curly hair extensions take shape is of no less important than the material gathering part. Different brands have different approaches to this specific stage in mass-producing.

And truth be told, the skillfulness of crafters and advancement of the technology will completely transform the raw material. You are going to be amazed by all the magic from behind the scenes.

Once again, this is part of the reason why there exists a price variation between brands.

The shipping process

After curly hair extensions are finalized, it is the part when they reach consumers. The distributing stage might seem miscellaneous compared to others, but it also decides whereabout in the price range the product lays.

The careful wrapping and packaging prevent the hairpieces from getting damaged in the shipping process.

Other side factors

Besides all the three elements listed above, there are still other minor ones including the attachment tool, color, length and so on.

What is the currently available curly hair extensions cost on the market?

Here is the most common curly hair extensions cost from online vendors. Consult the information below, and you will be saved from the endless Internet scouring process.

When it comes to human hair extensions, the price tag fluctuates between $8o and $500, even more. Just pick out one around these two price points, and you are pretty sure to have a decent curly hair extension.

4 Essential Factors Of Curly Hair Extensions Cost [Buying Guide 2019]

When it comes to human hair extensions, the price tag fluctuates between $8o and $500, even more.

Of course, this is just the money you need to spend on the initial product. To make the best out of it, you should consider purchasing maintenance products and tools.

Also, bear in mind that check-ups and appointments with professionals are better for you when the extensions needed applications and touch-ups.

Different brands put out on the market curly hair extensions cost very differently. And it is right in this case that you get what you pay for.

Still, do not worry too much as being the smart consumer in this industry is not as difficult as is may sound.

About Layla Hair

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4 Essential Factors Of Curly Hair Extensions Cost [Buying Guide 2019]

100% Remy virgin human hair extensions

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The bottom line

We hope that after reading this blog post, you have gained somewhat of an insight into the world of hair extensions. More specifically, about curly hair extensions cost.

If you want to get yourself familiarized even more with these babies, remember to visit our website daily. We wish you the best shopping experience and have a good day.

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