The Refreshing Effect On Your Appearance Of Curly Hair Extensions Before And After

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From synthetic to human hair, wefts to single strand, the world of curly hair extensions can be confusing sometimes. There is no need to worry ladies. In this article, we will cover everything women need to know about the hair extensions the pros and cons of different types and their qualities.

The Refreshing Effect On Your Appearance Of Curly Hair Extensions Before And After

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A small note to all our curly hair friends out there – we get what we pay for. Investing in high-quality curly hair extensions is money-saving. Moreover, the effects of curly hair extensions before and after are unbelievable. Besides, these high-quality products only need us to replace once a year. The low-quality ones’ lifespan is just a few months.

Let’s discover the world of curly hair extensions and the effects they bring on the appearance.

What are the differences between natural hair and synthetic hair?

Natural hair

This is human hair, and it can be styled, cleansed, and dyed like the hair on our head. Because of the beautiful and reliable look that natural hair brings, it does not always come with a “pleasant” price. If we take good care of the natural hair, it can last up to 1 year.

Synthetic hair

These extensions have gained its reputation in recent years, especially among curly hair extensions “lovers”. Synthetic hair is made from fine smooth plastic fibres which provide a similar look to the real hair.

The installation is fast and convenient, but the maintenance can be a small challenge. Synthetic hair doesn’t wash and style like the real hair and is less durable than the natural hair (only last for 3 – 6 months).

Synthetic hair and natural hair are the two most common materials for providing a clear and outstanding difference for curly hair extensions before and after.

What are the other types of hair?

Virgin hair

This is 100% human hair taken from a single hair donor and never undergoes any chemical processes. All cuticles are intact and lie in the same direction as our real hair. Virgin hair is the natural hair which has the highest quality on the market. Thus, it is very costly, but with proper care, the hair can be surprisingly long-lasting. Virgin hair is a “gold” standard among hair extensions.

Remy hair

This is natural hair collected from different hair donors and has undergone processes to arrange cuticles in one direction. These processes help to eliminate the common tangled problems of synthetic hair.

The Refreshing Effect On Your Appearance Of Curly Hair Extensions Before And After

Remy hair extensions 

Non-Remy hair

This is natural hair collected from random hair donors, causing the cuticles lying in different directions. This can lead to the problems of tangling and matting. To solve these problems, curly hair extensions makers treat non-Remy hair with chemicals to eliminate the cuticles. Then they dip them into silicone to add more shine and volume to the hair.

Moreover, non-Remy hair cannot put up with heat and hair dye substances, so we have limited styling choices.

How to distinguish between wefts and single strand?


This is the hair that goes with a track in long pieces. There are two types of weft installations that can bring a total change in appearance to curly hair extensions before and after

  • Hand-tied wefts are created by tying strands of hair around a weaving thread by hands. These wefts are thinner more flexible than machine wefts, and they are closer to the scalp, providing a more natural look. But hand-tied wefts are more challenging to apply and use more hair. Thus, they cost a significant amount of money when compared to machine wefts.
  • Machine wefts are the type of sewing hair onto the track with a hair sewing machine. They are the most common wefts due to the low cost and easy installation. Besides, users can cut the tracks, allowing for more hairstyle options

Single strand

This is the hair that comes with small pieces and hair makers connect the tips with wax or keratin. They apply single strand to the real hair through the use of heated Micro-loop or fusion techniques.



What are the differences among virgin hair origins?

One of the most important things when shopping for curly hair extensions is the hair origin. Putting faith in the unsuitable hair origin can make us look like average people with normal-looking hair. Thus, remember to choose the texture that suits the hair as much as possible because hair origins play an undeniable part in providing surprising effects to curly hair extensions before and after.


This is the most famous type of hair origins on the market, which has the ability to combine well with all ethnicities. Let’s discover some of the most favourable hair origins in the market nowadays.

  • Soft, thick, bouncy and floaty hair with a medium level of coarseness
  • A variety of colours from light brown to dark brown or black
  • Natural wave pattern when wet, making it easy for styling wavy, straight or curly hair


  •  Silky and smooth in texture
  • No natural wave patterns when wet, so Vietnamese hair is suitable for straight hair
  • Hair color is black.

The Refreshing Effect On Your Appearance Of Curly Hair Extensions Before And After

Vietnamese hair extensions


There is an abundance of Cambodian hair, so it’s a standard material for making curly hair extensions.

  • Thick, coarse and beautiful texture
  • Mimic almost every type of hair
  • Unprocessed qualities and long length

What are the steps to take care of the curly hair extensions before and after?

To ensure a perfect and long-lasting look for the curly hair extensions before and after, treat the extensions gently. We can use our favourite hair products but remember to keep them away from the hair roots. In doing so, we prevent the bond, tape or weave from slipping off. When sleeping, pin the extensions in a small bundle to avoid tangling.

Cleanse: at least once every 2-3 weeks

Condition: Try to use a moisturizing conditioner. It’s not advisable to use styling products when washing.

Style: Alcohol-free serums are ideal to prevent the hair from drying

Dry: keep the heat styling at a minimum level to maintain the curly hair extensions’ quality and durability.

The bottom line

To all our curly hair friends out there, we hope this information is of great assistance in getting the most gorgeous and outstanding curly hair extensions before and after. For more fascinating beauty tips, please share and visit our website.

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