6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

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Learning how to apply lace frontal behind the hairline is a baby step to win over your dull appearance. Though it seems to be a piece of cake, the question is, have you nailed it?

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If you are uncertain about it, read our six fundamental steps below for more information.

Why do you need to learn to place lace frontal behind the hairline?

The magic of lace frontal

With a day-to-day hectic life, caring for one’s appearance seems to be demanding. The advent of hair extensions is the ultimate solution for ladies who want to change their outfit without regularly styling.

Hair extensions may work correctly at the crown area or from ears to ears, under a few layers of hair. However, once you move up front where the area is too revealing, you need to find another solution.

This is when lace closures and lace frontals come into the spotlight. Lace closures are patches of hair that uses to close off the weave. These items are great for daily use, especially when you want to wear your weave daily.

As for lace frontals, these products function as a scalp protector. With the average dimension of 13×4 inches, you can certainly cover the entire hairline. This is good news for ladies who want to achieve the all-in-one look.

What’s more, you can freely part as you wish, whether it is left or right. If you can’t decide which part you want, you can even go for the freeze as well.

Natural look from lace frontal

Lace fronts indeed offer a realistic appearance for wearers. With appropriate maintenance, your lace front can last for many years. You can choose everything from hair texture, color and style so that it matches your natural hair.

If you buy human hair lace frontals, you can even style them from time to time without the fear of throwing them away the next day. Hair frontals come with many different styles from straight to body wavy and kinky curly.

Wonder how lace frontals will look like once you put it over your head. Take a look at some Youtubers below and guess who wear lace frontals.

6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

Can you spot it?

6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

Look how natural it seems

6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

What do you need to apply lace frontal behind the hairline?

The hairline is a critical area since it goes up front. Any careless mistake can turn your hair into something terrible. So you should be careful when applying lace frontal behind the hairline.

Here is what you need for the process.

  • Your lace frontal
  • Bobby pins
  • Flexible curling rods
  • Hair moisturizer
  • Hairspray
  • Wig Cap
  • Rattail comb
  • Your concealer

We have several articles about how to choose concealer for this processing. Please read The Worst Lace Closure Concealer You Should Stay Away From,  The Ultimate Guidance For Dummies To Lace Closure Concealer 2019, and Does Cheap Lace Closure Concealer Work?

Also if you don’t know what is flexible curling rods are, take a look at Hair Rollers Guide: What Hairstylists Never Tell You

Six fundamental steps to apply lace frontal behind the hairline

We assume that you already have your favorite lace frontal to apply behind the hairline. If you wear something you don’t feel comfortable with, contact with Layla Hair and our ladies will help you with your questions.

Let’s move on the 6 necessary steps to apply lace frontals behind the hairline.

Step 1

Since we need to focus on the hairline, you need to make sure that no hair strands will interfere with the process. We would suggest you leave for about half to one inch of your hairline.

The rest should be braided or tightened together. The best practice would be to wear flexible rods so you can distinguish the hairline with the rest. It is also helpful if after that you want to style your hair.

Step 2

In this step, you need to moisturize your scalp and hair. The reason is that lace frontal will stay over your head for a while. During that time, it is hard to wash and moisturize your existing hair, so it is wise to take care of it first.

There are many different hair tonics in the market. Choose a spray moisturizer to make sure the nutrients get to every strand.

Step 3

Apply your lace front over your head. Don’t put it over the hairline. Instead, stop right in the leave out you do earlier.

You can also consider using an elastic band over one temple to the other. It will sometimes take to sew it in; however, the effect is fantastic. The band will ensure that your lace frontal stay flat.

When you want to part your hair, it also helps you look more natural.

Step 4

Secure the lace front using bobby pins. Once the lace front stays in its place, now you can part your hair.

What you can do is to use the rat tail comb and define where you want to part. The comb will help the part look straight and natural.

Step 5

To hide the lace underneath, you should use your old concealer to protect the lace. Also, apply mascara around the hair strands will help to blend the hair to your existing one.

Step 6

Run your fingers through your hair and blend it with the surrounding. This is also the last step when you can style your hair as you wish. Add some curls to the lace front is also a great idea.

Celebrities and their failing moments with lace frontals behind the hairline


Well, this photo has been taken for ages, but its message is still clear. Don’t ever mess with frontal lace ladies!

6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

Look at the sides of the forehead; you can tell that she is wearing a frontal lace wig. It is all too apparent to look away, Ashanti.

Ci Ci

Another example of how lace front can ruin your picture. Ci Ci’s hair looks great; we have to admit. But gosh, her hairline seems as fake as CoCo Chanel bags from China.

6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

Come on!


Beyone, the queen, must feel embarrassed looking back at the moment like this. It was taken after she separated from the Destiny’s Child. Well, the photo doesn’t look like a good shot for Beyonce.

6 Fundamental Steps To Apply Lace Frontal Behind The Hairline

And the hairline especially is just painful to see.

The bottom line

We hope that you would find these six necessary steps to apply lace frontal behind the hairline useful. Follow our blog for a daily dose of information on hair care and hair products.

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