new 8 Inch Vietnamese Mens Gray Hair Toupee

8 Inch Vietnamese Mens Gray Hair Toupee

Just as with Vietnamese Toupee for Women, 8 Inch Vietnamese Grey Hair Toupee for Men also has many types of base materials, listing as Lace Front Toupee, Thin Skin Toupee, and Toupee with Plastic Toupee Clips. Each type of Toupee for Crown has its own strengths and weaknesses.
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By seeking for Hair Toupee , people are not seeking for what is so-called flawless appearance, but it is to boost and regain their confidence in life. That is true to both men and women, to the young or the elders. Understanding that the need to cover baldness and thinning hairs is not just of any specific age range or sexuality, Layla Hair Company strives to provide as various types of Human Hair Toupee as possible, in which Mens Gray Toupee is what we want to highlight.


8 Inch Vietnamese Grey Hair Toupee for Men

Just as with Vietnamese Hair Toupee for Women, 8 Inch Vietnamese Grey Hair Toupee for Men also has many types of base materials, listing as Lace Front Toupee, Thin Skin Toupee, and Toupee with Plastic Toupee Clips. Each type of Toupee for Crown has its own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, Lace Front Toupee is undetectable Toupee, airy and easy to part, but it is likely to be torn and get damaged. In the opposite, Thin Skin Toupee (also called PU Toupee) is more durable. Basically, it is a very thin piece of polymer with hair integrated in. It can last for years without too much care, but the only flaw it has is the lack of comfort for your scalp. For these kinds of Grey Hair Toupee, several types of Toupee Adhesive will be needed. I bet you can already read them out, as these Toupee Adhesives are also used to apply Ladies Toupee and some other lace products. They are Double Sided Toupee Tape and Toupee Glue. Indeed, there’s a huge knowledge regarding Toupee Adhesives that you can find widely on the Internet; just search the key words “where to buy toupee tape” and a list will appear.


If learning about these Toupee Adhesives is too complicated for you, then just grab a Human Hair Toupee with Toupee Clips instead. These are insanely easy to install and remove. Not as painful and costly as a Snap On Toupee (for your information, a Snap on toupee together with a implanting surgery costs around $4000, and the process is not as comfortable as you may think); it neither takes much work and care like normal toupee, The Clip On Grey Toupee is almost the perfect formula, except for that you must have enough hairs in the surrounding areas for the Toupee Clips to hold on.


The best part is that we can mix all of these base materials together and create the perfect Grey Toupee for Crown for each of you. As the balding pattern is different for everyone, you may want to adjust in and out some parts of the base, and we believe we can deal with most of your requirements for Mens Gray Toupee, just like how we did with Female Toupee. The final aim of us is to provide a product that is actually needed and usable. It must be a Undetectable Toupee, Comfortable, with Cheap Toupee Price, Made of Human Hair and fit perfectly to cover customers’ balding patterns.


Mixed Base Mens Grey Toupee

Layla Hair claims that only 100% Human Hair is used to produce Hair Toupee for Women and Hair Toupee for Men. With Layla Hair, you can experience best Grey Hair Toupee with Cheap Toupee Price and totally pay-off quality. In order to create 8 Inch Vietnamese Grey Hair Toupee, we need to gather grey hairs from healthy Vietnamese donors, so that the hairs still remain elasticity and customers can freely bleach, dye and style our Mans Gray Toupee. Grey Hair Toupee is better than Black Hair Toupee in terms of bleaching and Coloring. It can easily achieve brighter colors to become Brown Toupee and Blonde Toupee, and in case you don’t want to experience the bleaching and coloring process, Layla Hair Company is always willing to do that for you.

Layla Hair is proud to bring you the best 8 Inch Vietnamese Mens Gray Toupee in the market. Not only that, in our website, you are also able to find beautiful and cheap Hair Toupee for Women, Black Hair Toupee, Brown Toupee and Blonde Toupee. You are also provided with relevant knowledge about applying mens gray toupee and ladies toupee, about double sided toupee tape, toupee glue and many more things. Give us a visit and you will not regret it!


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Product description

Type: Mens Grey Toupee

Origin: Vietnamese Hair

Quality: Human Hair, Remy Hair

Texture: Silky Straight

Length: 8 Inch to 10 Inch

Color Hair: Natural grey (Also check out: natural black toupee, jet black toupee, blonde toupee, dark brown toupee, light brown toupee, blonde toupee, red toupee, red brown toupee…)

Other: Pure hairs, no any lice or nits

Size: 6”x8”, 8”x10”

Base: Various

Durability: At least 1 year with proper care

Brand name: Layla Hair Company

Delivery time:  10-12 days after payment

Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Uni Stream, Ria, Visa, Master Card, Bank…

Delivery partner: UPS and DHL fast shipping. With Asian countries, we also have BDEX as an affordable choice.