All About Lace Closure Braid Pattern 2020 Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever want the most fabulous braid hairstyle for that special event but too clumsy to do it yourself? Or ever want to buy a braided wig but don’t want to fix with a specific style? Well, we got the answer for you: how about trying lace closure braid pattern and experiment with any kind of braid you want?

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Can I make lace closure braid pattern?

You can, and you should. Here is why:

First off, lace closure braid wig is made with natural Vietnamese and Cambodia hair, which can be customized into different styles of braids. The hair is sewn in, strand by strand, into a hairpiece called “lace closure.” This lace closure is the part where you can attach into your head with adhesives and cover with concealer to make the wig look real.

Thicker hair body

If you are used to braiding your hair, you will know one simple fact that braids go better with thicker hair body. Girls with flatter, thinner hair often find it challenging to make their braids look full and natural. So instead of dealing with hairspray, volumizing products, hairdryer, and brushing up, why not try using a wig?

All About Lace Closure Braid Pattern 2019 Ultimate Guide

Layla Hair — Lace Closure 

Lace closure braid wig instantly gives your hair volume and texture, with only less than 30 minutes of installing in your hair. Lace closure can be dyed to match your skin tone, which makes it impossible to detect your little secret.

Ease in execution

Some braid styles can be complicated and hard to work with, especially to beginners. You either need to go to the hair salon, or ask someone to do it for you. However, this seems to be a struggle if you do it on a daily basis because it is either costly or time-consuming.

All About Lace Closure Braid Pattern 2019 Ultimate Guide

Layla Hair — Black Lace Closure Sample

The hardest part to braid at home by yourself is that you cannot see the top or back part of your head, so it is easy to mess up your braids. Not a single woman wants to walk around with her hair sticking out. You want your braids to look clean. A little messy is okay but needs to be in an effortlessly beautiful way.

Braid pattern wig is a perfect fit for that. All you need to do is put up the wig in a hair strand, carefully do the braids, pop it up on your head and you are good to go!

How to make a lace closure braid pattern?

There are countless types of lace closure braid pattern out there. Some people even use their creativity and make their braid styles. In this article, we are happy to introduce some of the most common and easy braid styles that every girl can recreate at home.

Three-strand braid

This is the hairstyle that most of us grow up with. So I guess there is no need for a detailed tutorial here. Just divide your hair into three sections, and alternatively flip each side section into the center section. It’s super fast and simple that even though it’s been around for so long, people still find it applicable for everyday wear.

French Braid

This is an also old-school kind of braid that everyone adores. This is a little more intricate but still falls in the “simple” spectrum. The basis of this is still a three strand braid, but each time you are about to flip the side sections, incorporate a little more hair into your twist. French braid, if done right, will form a crown in your head, as it looks like in this photo.

All About Lace Closure Braid Pattern 2019 Ultimate Guide

Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is a French braid done in reverse. Instead of pulling the piece of hair over the center sections, with Dutch braid, you pick it under. With just such simple twists to the French braid, you already come up with a whole new look.

All About Lace Closure Braid Pattern 2019 Ultimate Guide


This style is suitable for anyone who wants that dreamy, mermaid and feminine vibe. You can start by separating your hair into two sections. Grab a small piece of hair from the outer part of one section, and pull it over to the other half. Do the same with the opposite side until you reach the end. Finally, secure your hair with an elastic band. If you want the braid to look more natural and messy, gently pull the braid to make it a bit looser.

All About Lace Closure Braid Pattern 2019 Ultimate Guide

Cornrow braid

If all the above hairstyles are too feminine for you, and you are the edgy girl who just wants something different, how about trying cornrow braid?

Cornrow braids are something much more complicated and high-maintenance compared to other styles of the braid. Also, it’s nearly impossible to do it on your own, so a lace closure braid wig seems to be ideal.

All About Lace Closure Braid Pattern 2019 Ultimate Guide

Beyond is the queen of cornrow braid. 

Firstly, part your hair into different small cornrow section. Then, begin braiding small section, starting from the hairline. As you braid, add hair along the way. That’s when braids turn into cornrows. Finally, every time you finish a cornrow, secure with elastic band repeat the process until your whole hair body is braided.

It may sound easy but to braid each cornrow tightly and neatly, it takes a lot of practice, especially with the part of your hair that is hard to reach. Cornrow can even damage your hair and scalp because it puts too much pressure on it. So doing it with the wig instead is highly recommended.

How long should I keep lace closure braid pattern?

As long as you want, provided that you take good care of it!

Use quality hair

You don’t want something that causes hair breakage and hair loss after one week of use. So try to find robust and quality hair that is tightly sewn in the lace closure. At Layla Hair, we hand-select the best quality hair that you can find.

Select hair care products carefully

Get yourself something with less harsh chemicals to it. It’s better to avoid sulfates in your shampoo. You can use conditioner and hair oil to make it even more shiny and smooth.

The bottom line

All in all, it is lovely to own a lace closure wig and create any type of braid you want, anytime you want. Changing up hairstyle is no longer an expensive and high-maintenance hobby.

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