Dreadlock Extensions — How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully

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Do you like the dreadlock look but fear that your hair is too short to put them on? Fortunately, it’s possible for you to add dreadlock extensions to make them reach the length you want.

To begin with, buy natural or synthetic extensions. Then, sew them onto your dreadlocks and blend them in. Repeat the process until the dreadlocks are all attached to the extensions.

Buy The Right Dreadlock Extensions

Purchase synthetic dreadlocks

Some people prefer synthetic dreadlock extensions as they are quite inexpensive. Plus, synthetic hair tangles easily, thus making dreadlocks faster. Still, it’s impossible to use heat products on these tic extensions. Otherwise, they will melt. You can’t perm or dye them.

Tip: You can purchase them at specialty beauty stores or online.

Dreadlock Extensions - How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully
buy good quality hair extensions

Purchase natural dreadlocks

If you want to put extensions in your dreads and love dyeing hair or using heat products, then buy human hair extensions. You can treat them like your natural hair. Still, remember that these extensions are more expensive than the synthetic ones.

Tip: Find natural extensions online, at Layla Hair, or other trusted beauty supply stores.

Avoid ordering double-ended dreadlock extensions

They look like long dreadlocks with a section that is un-dreaded in the middle. They’re the right choice for those wanting more volume in the dreadlocks. However, the extension weight will pull on the scalp and cause hair loss if you install fake dreads too tightly. Have these extensions attached professionally if you want them.

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How to Attach Dreads Extensions

Do a needle test

You can’t add the extensions on your own in case your dreadlocks are very tight. Push a needle through a dreadlock’s thick section. If it slides through, you can attach the dreads extensions yourself. If the needle doesn’t, have them installed professionally using some dreadlock adhesives.

Dread any extensions that are un-dreaded

If you buy regular clip-in extensions, it’s necessary to dread them yourself. Ask a friend to hold your extension’s clip end. Hold its tail end tightly in one hand. Then, brush your hair against the grain using a fine-toothed comb. Begin at the clip and work in the small sections.

Tip: Put down the entire extension with your hand and smooth it out after you finish combing it. Repeat the process until it is dreaded tightly.

Dreadlock Extensions - How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully
Dread any un-dreaded extensions

Gear up for your dreadlocks

Before you put the extensions, dread your hair. Cut off and brush out the tips in case you have blunted ends on the dreadlocks. You should have one inch or two of loose hair at your dreadlocks’ ends.

Rough up your dreadlock extensions’ end

If the extension has a clip on the end, you should cut the section off. After that, ensure there are about two inches of loose hair at the top by brushing out the end.

Dreadlock Extensions - How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully
Rough up your extension’s end (Source: wikiHow)

Secure the thread into your extension

After threading a sewing needle with around 13 inches of thread, sew some small stitches into the loose section’s base. It’s close to your dreaded section. Those stitches should be as tight as possible.

Sew the extension onto the dreadlock

Put the extension’s loose, stitched part against the natural dreadlock’s loose end. Center your extension so that an inch of the loose hair can be against the extension’s tightly dreaded section. Sew the extension’s center against the dreadlock’s center by using stitches. The stitches should be small, tight.

Dreadlock Extensions - How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully
Sew the extension onto your dreadlock (Source: wikiHow)

Wrap the hair around the dreadlock extensions

After pressing the extension into the dreadlock, wrap the sides around it like a tube. Secure those hairs in place by adding some tight stitches. Continue adjusting your dreadlock until the extension’s top has complete coverage of your natural hair.

Tie off your thread

Look for the thread’s loose end. Tie both of its ends tightly together. Then, knot it several times. Cut off the knot’s tails using sharp sewing scissors, leaving around an inch.

Tip: Hide the ends of the thread by tucking them into the center of the dreadlock.

Dreadlock Extensions - How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully
Palm roll the dreads

Blend the pieces

In this step, you should insert a crochet hook (.5 mm) through your dreadlock’s center. Collect some loose hair into your hook and pull it back gently through your extension. Make sure you repeat this process until the loose hair has been all incorporated into your dreadlock, including the extension’s loose hair.

Tip: Rub your dreadlock between the palms to rough up your extension connection as soon as you finish incorporating the loose hair.

Take Care of Your Dreadlock Extensions

Wash the hair two times or so a week

Don’t wash the hair too often. Otherwise, the dreadlocks will get loose and frizzy. Still, if you don’t clean them enough, they will smell bad. While you’re washing them, pay attention to massaging the scalp and your dreadlocks’ base. Avoid using detanglers or conditioners.

Dreadlock Extensions - How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully
use residue-free shampoo


— You should use a shampoo that is residue-free to stay away from shampoo buildup in the dreadlocks.

— You can rely on the color safe, residue-free shampoo if you use color-treated extensions or dye the hair.

Dry the hair completely

There will be more mildew on the inside if the dreadlocks remain wet for too long. After you are showering, squeeze water out of the dreadlocks and into the shower. Then, wrap the hair in a towel for about 15 minutes. After that, let the hair air dry before you put it up or wear a hat.

Dreadlock Extensions - How To Put It In Your Hair Successfully
let your dreadlocks dry completely


— Use a hairdryer if the dreadlocks haven’t air dried within 60 minutes.

— Make sure you use the hairdryer with care so that it won’t melt your synthetic extensions.

Protect the extensions during sleep

When you sleep with your dreadlocks, your head’s friction against the pillow may tangle or loosen the extensions. Wear silk hair covering while sleeping to avoid this problem. Either, you can braid hair or use a silk pillow to keep all of it in one place.

Tip: Don’t sleep with the wet dreadlocks because they will not dry properly.

Above are our complete guide on how to attach dreadlock extensions. If you’ve tried that method, feel free to let us know the results.

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