How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow

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Have you ever wondered why dreadlocks can survive for thousands of years without any fading-out signs? Literally, these are perhaps the coolest style to ever exist in this world. If you are about to try this chic hairdo, let Layla Hair help you with the essential guide on how to twist dreads yourself.

Dreadlocks, locs, or braided hair seems to be an exceptionally complicated hairstyle. However, to make dreadlocks does not require much more than residue-free shampoo, dreadlock wax, and your patience. There is no need to go to a nearby hair salon to have your hair twisted; spend some times to do it yourself.

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Twisting method is perhaps the easiest way that you can apply to form your dreads. Whether you are having long or short hair, it could work effectively. So, let’s get started with our simple tips to do dreads by twisting!

How to twist dreads yourself at home?

Together with backcombing, twisting is an easy way to form locks. There are indeed 03 separate kinds of twisting hair to consider: twist and pin, twist and rip, and lastly, twist.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow
You can twist dreadlocks yourself instead of going to a hair salon

Twist and pin

To make dreadlocks by twist and pin method, you will need to prepare:

         Residue-free Shampoo

         Dread Wax

         Additional items like rubber bands, clips, etc.

Having everything well put on the table already, so what to do next? Just follow the steps below:

Use residue-free shampoo to wash your hair

First and foremost, wash your hair carefully with a residue-free shampoo. Similar to any other hairstyling or hairdo, you need to make sure your hair is clean because the natural oil on the hair would make it slippery to twist.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow
Residue-free shampoo is a must-have for dread heads

Remember to use shampoos that are residue free to help your hair retain the heavy styling process. Do not add any other conditioner or products, as only the shampoo is enough.

Before moving on to the next step, let your hair air dry.

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Divide your hair into small sections

Take a wide-tooth comb to section your hair into small squares. The proper size for each square would be 1 inch by 1 inch (2.5 cm by 2.5 cm). The result would be the locks of medium size, which is 0.5 inch only.

Use clips to pin the squares on when you are sectioning the rest of the hair.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow
Section your hair before twisting

Twist to form locks

After you have done with sectioning, take each section down to start twisting back and forth. Apply the dread wax onto the section and keep twisting it till it forms perfect locks on your head.

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How To Twist Dreads With Twist and Rip Method

No matter what texture your hair is, you can easily grow dreadlocks by using the twist and rip method.

The preparation is quite the same as the first method of making dreadlocks by twisting.

Let your hair section naturally for weeks

Before sectioning it into squares, take some weeks to let your hair fall naturally into parts. Of course, do not let it unwashed. Keep your hair clean and use residue-free clarifying shampoo to wash it 2 – 3 times/week.

Section your hair

Honestly, it would take time and effort to section hair into squares. Doing it by yourself might make your arms hurt, so have a friend or relative support you. It might take hours to days to complete this task, so keep calm and don’t be rushed.

Rubber bands would be helpful when holding the sections.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow
Use rubber bands to hold hair section

Wash your hair 

Similarly, this method requires using shampoo without residue also. After sectioning the hair, wash it again. Remember to rub your head in a clockwise or anticlockwise motion while shampooing.

Once it is completely dry, pull the hair apart in the previous sections that the rubber bands are still holding.

Twist and rip sections one by one

Begin twisting and ripping each section one by one. To keep other sections away from the part you are twisting, you can use a sponge or hairclip.

Grab the section and pull the strands apart. Repeat it for 3-4 times for each section.

After that, divide the section by half and twist it. Repeat this task for the entire length of each section. Add dread wax to each section while palm rolling, also.

Remember not to do it too roughly or start too close to the scalp to avoid being irritating.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow
Twist and rip method

How to twist hair locks yourself at home?

Last but not least, here comes the hair twisting method.

The preparation and washing are all the same. There is no exception in this way.

After that, section your hair into 1-inch-by-1-inch squares and use rubber bands to hold them.

Take each section and use your fingers to twist it back and forth. Apply some dreadlock cream and then continue twisting it till the hair has well locked up.

How to re-twist dreadlocks? Re-twist new hair growth

Both male and female dreadlocks require little maintenance. However, as your hair never stops growing, you will need to add them to the locks by retwisting it. Additionally, during daily activities, the locks might be loosening, so firming them up is essential.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow
Retwist new hair growth

Apply a little amount of dread wax to your hair, gather the newly grown hair and the loose locks onto your hair. Then twist it between your finger so that the hair would entangle with the main locks of the already twisted hair.

Afterward, palm roll the dreads till you get the results you want.

How to extend your dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are adorable but many fear that they cannot get a good one because of their short hair. You don’t need to worry about it, because hair extensions are here to help. By using hair extensions for dreadlocks, you can make your dreads as long as you expect. All you need to do is just buying good human hair extensions, and then twist it with your already-made dreads.

How To Twist Dreads Yourself? The Simplest Ways To Follow
Use hair extensions to extend your dreads

Even though there are both extensions from virgin human hair and synthetic fibers, it is advisable to use natural human hair. It is easy to style and looks more natural.

Here at Layla Hair, we provide virgin hair collected from healthy Vietnamese and Cambodian donors. Our hair is 100% Remy hair of the best quality, promising to bring you the best hairstyling experiences. Even when our hair extensions and wigs are among the best in the market, we only sell it at wholesale price. In other words, by working with us, you will get the best hair at a reasonable price.

Now you have been familiar with the steps of how to twist dreads yourself at home and ways to maintain it, what are you waiting for? Buying some extensions, and update yourself with a new hair look!

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