Are Tape-In Human Hair Extensions Worth My Attention?

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Regardless of whether you are newbies or experienced users, the world of human hair extensions remains is intimidating. It has so many to offer that both excite us and at the same time confuse us.

Well, if you don’t know where to start, tap-ins could be a great idea. For long-term users, you must agree that this type of hair extensions is the easiest and convenient item to use.

But are there any reasons other than that? Let’s find out!

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What are tape-in human hair extensions

Tape-in refers to the installing method. This type of human hair extensions requires no external help from professionals (in case you already have experience of course).

Tape-in is the latest invention in the family of hair extensions. It is semi-permanent. That means it doesn’t stay too long. With proper care, tap-ins could stay as long as nine weeks.

Typically, hair is attached to a 2.5-inch panel with medical adhesive. When applying it on your hair, you glue the tape-in close to the hairline. You have to make sure that the tape-in stay in between two layers of hair.

Are tape-in human hair extensions worth my attention?

Hair is attached to a 2.5-inch panel with medical adhesive.

As for the length, you can always ask for your desired length. The great thing about tap-ins is you can add several pieces at the same time. You can also reuse them several times.

Tape-ins are relatively new products. They are extremely convenient since the installing time isn’t too long and demanding. You also don’t have to remove and reinstall them daily.

Tape-ins are great when it comes to enhancing hair thickness. If your hair is thin, these hair extensions are excellent choices. They are the most trusted companions for women with premature balding, excessive hair loss and other hair issues.

Top 4 reasons why tap-in human hair extensions are your excellent choice

So are tap-in human hair extensions worth it? Here are what you need to know:


If you want to get the most bang out of your buck, then tap-in human hair extensions are just excellent. They are the most affordable type compared to clip-in and keratin counterparts.

First of all, it takes only 1 hour to apply tape-ins. This lowers the application cost down to a very decent price. Plus, if you can do it yourself, you don’t even have to pay for anything but the tapes themselves.

Are Tape-In Human Hair Extensions Worth My Attention?

The lean construction of tape-ins merely is. Since hair is enclosed to a panel, the cost of a piece is way cheaper than microbes, or I link human hair extensions and wigs.


Human hair extensions require extensive care. If you want to wear them for a long time, you can’t just ignore them. However, with tape-ins, things are not complicated.

Are Tape-In Human Hair Extensions Worth My Attention?


Tape-ins are easy to maintain. 

Women choose these products mostly because they don’t have to care for the tape-in pieces anymore. Since the pieces stay glued onto your hair, you only need to treat them as you care for your existing hair.


Each application of tap-ins can last up to 9 weeks. But that isn’t the end of the tap-ins. These products are reusable! That means you can re-apply them whenever you feel like doing it.

That way, tap-ins are incredibly durable. Their period of use can be as long as hairpieces or wigs. Tap-ins can be used within a year with a maximum of four applications.

Thanks to the construction, tape-ins allow you to remove the old adhesive and add new tape. After that, you can reapply these products.

Are Tape-In Human Hair Extensions Worth My Attention?

This is known as an added-benefit of tape-in human hair extensions best quality. Non-Remy hair extensions or synthetic ones can’t be reused. This is because they tend to be mat and tangled.

Once you remove the low-quality tap-ins, the hair sheds a bit. In no time, they will turn into a mess that you don’t want to glue on your hair.


Tape-in human hair extensions are particularly handy. Whether you wear in braids, updos or any hairstyles, they blend perfectly. This product is compatible with many human hair extensions styles.

Another highlight of these items is they are flexible. You can brush, wash, or style them with your existing hair, but you won’t feel a bit uncomfortable. Since tape-ins increase the hair density, they also make your hair dry easier.

Tape-in human hair extensions stay in between existing hair. In the “sandwich” position, they are undetectable. This is also the reason why they are great for high ponytails and many updo styles.

Can I sleep with tap-ins?

For those who have never tried this type before, it is essential to know if you can sleep with tap-ins glued on their hair or not. The answer is yes.


Are Tape-In Human Hair Extensions Worth My Attention?
The great news is you can sleep with tape-ins.

It is all thanks to the design of tape-ins. They feature remarkably thin bondings. The tape doesn’t give off awkward and uneasy feeling so that you can sleep with utmost comfort.

It is a good idea to prepare your hair before going to bed. You should do it to prevent hair damage and keep the tape-ins durable. All you need to do is to brush your hair carefully and make a small braid to secure it together.

This practice will help to reduce hair shedding and tangling. Furthermore, your hair will be healthy and shiny the next morning. So why not?

The bottom line

Tape-in human hair extensions offer many benefits for women. Whether you wear it to change your hairstyles, add up to your hair density or hide the premature balding, these items will satisfy you.

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