How To Pick the Best Hairstyle For Diamond Face

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Legendary Victoria Beckham or famous Jenifer Lopez always appear flawlessly in front of cameras with their diamond face.

They know the advantages and disadvantages of their face shape. Then, they always wear gorgeous hairstyles.

How can they know what the best hairstyle for diamond face is to go for?

We will split it up so do not leave the topic.

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What is the diamond face?

Before we talk about options, you must know if you have diamond face or not. And then, you should know what your disadvantages are.

Get your face checked!

Here are some features of a diamond face.

  • Wide cheekbones – it must be the widest in the face
  • Pointed jawline – not like a witch but it’s obvious sharp
  • Narrow hairline and jawline.

Longer face’s length in comparison to its width.

Based on the features that we mentioned above, we’re sure that you have a conclusion about your face shape.

How To Pick the Best Hairstyle For Diamond Face Without Spending More Than 3 Minutes
A diamond face

If you are wearing a diamond face, keep reading!

Advantages of diamond faces

First, to admit, sharp cheekbones and jawline make the penetrating look. Thus, there are no difficulties to chase for sexiness with that look.

A face with sharp lines also enhances your charisma as a profession and maturity.


Diamond faces look fierce with a sharp line. Thus, if we keep showing up pointed jawline and long face, there are no chances for gentleness.

Long faces with pointed jawline sometimes cause older look, besides.

Advice on the best hairstyle for diamond face

As a result, we have a strategy in finding the best hairstyle for diamond face.

How to find the best hairstyle for diamond face?

Do not focus on the cheek.

The primary strategy is driving attention away from the pointed check. To do that, we can emphasize the hair at tips or the end like dying, curling or braiding.

How To Pick the Best Hairstyle For Diamond Face Without Spending More Than 3 Minutes

To hidden pointed check, you should avoid tucking hair behind the ear. Apart from exceptional cases when you want to show off sharpness, letting people see a cheek will help.

Soften the check

If you are interested in fancy hair that might draw attention to the cheek, we have tips.

You should soften the cheek by some curls. Wavy or big curls can cover up pointed edges. If you do well, the face might look like an oval.

Widen the jawline

One of the features in the diamond face is pointed chin. We can add volume on jawline and hairline by adding hair volume.

When the chin gets more extensive, the face looks more softened.

Sided hair going flat and covering cheek is an idea. However, it doesn’t work with a big face. Be careful!



Do not add in face’s length.

Because the distance between jawline and hairline is more than cheekbones, do not make it worse.

Thus, we advise you not to add up more hair on top. Some people fancy making a top bun or fluffy swept back.

However, all of those hair making is to show up that you have a long face.

How To Pick the Best Hairstyle For Diamond Face Without Spending More Than 3 Minutes

On the other hands, you can consider some hairstyles which help with shortening face. For example, we can try straight cross bangs or Chinese bangs. Side -swept bang is an idea, but you must be a good hairstylist.

The best hairstyle for diamond face

Here we go to some options that we find trendy all the time. We give you advice for parties, casual meetings, working styles or even for sweet dates.

Let’s see what fits you the most.

Middle parted with light waves

First, the middle parted will help you to cover up two cheeks. We shared hair into flat parts that running along the face and over the shoulder.

Besides, do not keep it flat and straight. That’s why we added “light waves.”

How To Pick the Best Hairstyle For Diamond Face Without Spending More Than 3 Minutes

Waves add up the volume to the hair and the whole look thicker- that’s what we need for a bony face.

We have attention!

Create waves from the start. Beginning at the hairline, use some wax to keep the round shape. Light waves focus should be at chin-level because the jawline can have a wider look.

The Lob

Lob is the all-time best hairstyle for diamond face. We’ll tell you why.

Lob appear straight but curl up at the end. The whole hair makes a circle around the face.

The round shape softens all of the sharpness in the diamond face. This look suits workplace or casual meeting.

You must mess up the hair in making hairline to avoid staving. Besides, hair spray to keep the curly ends, do not use wax because you don’t expect a tough tail.

Waves in retro style

Retro reminds us of the glory time when women appear elegant and conservative. Therefore, this hairstyle looks mild plus nobly.

How To Pick the Best Hairstyle For Diamond Face Without Spending More Than 3 Minutes

Retro is a short bob with huge waves coming along the cheek. Hairline puffs a bit.

This is one of the best solutions for dapper parties when you need to present an attitude of charming and femininity.

Making retro waves will require you a skilful hairstylist. The hair shows up shiny with gentle waves that we cannot make at home.

Kinky Hair

You might not think of kinky in the collection, but this hair is mind-blowing — messy curls on top and along the cheek, help to shorten the face and cover up sharpness. The face under kinky hair appears rounder with the v-line chin.

How To Pick the Best Hairstyle For Diamond Face Without Spending More Than 3 Minutes

We cannot deny this modern and unconventional kinky. There could be nothing more outstanding than this look among streets or night bars.

If you do this hair at home, it takes centuries to finish little by little deep curly. Another way, we get it done in salons.

Or, in Layla Hair, we supply human Remy dark curly hair that you can do Kinky in a blink.

Final sayings,

There is nothing to fear if you know your face shape and favorite hairstyle deeply. A diamond face is not the hardest shape to work with because it shows of dreaming edges such as high cheeks and V-line chin.

However, to verify your look for different occasions, you might need our advice on the best hairstyles for diamond face.

Have you found the best hairstyle for diamond face for yourself yet?

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