[DIY] 10 Best Homemade Hair Masks You May Have Missed

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Is your hair in need of the best homemade hair masks? You know, we are all trying to have beautiful, healthy hair. It should not be dry damaged and weaker as a result of color-treated, bleached procedures. It will be fantastic if the hair is free from split ends. Also, hair growth is probably something you crave for. One of the best ways that help deal with these concerns is to apply DIY masks.

Your kitchen may have suitable ingredients for you to make an all-natural face and hair masks. Along with a healthy diet and proper hair washing methods, your hair will stay hydrated and voluminous.  

You see, your scalp can become dry as a consequence of over washing the hair. Not all, it strips away the nourishing natural oils. By relying on homemade masks, your hair will be more likely to stay away from breakage. They also help repair any related damage. Not to mention, these recipes bring the spa-like relaxing experience.

[DIY] 10 Best Homemade Hair Masks You May Have Missed
strawberry hair mask

Strawberries make the best homemade hair masks

They are incredible protection of the scalp’s cell membranes. That is because of their potent antioxidants. Meanwhile, there are healthy fats in mayon. 

After crushing 8 strawberries, mix it with two mayonnaise tablespoons. Apply the combo on the wet hair. Rinse it after 15 minutes. Then? Be amazed at how healthy your hair becomes! 

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Aloe vera

This plant works to heal and nourish your skin and hair. Apply gel of the palm-size over your scalp. Allow it to sit around 15 minutes. After that, rinse and wash it off by shampooing. 

[DIY] 10 Best Homemade Hair Masks You May Have Missed
Aloe vera

This mask let the follicles remain strong. You then will not have to worry too much about breakage. A combination of aloe vera with a scalp scrub is excellent. It brings exfoliating effects, growth stimulation aside from the removal of product accumulation.

Egg hair masks

Insufficient protein in your diet is partly behind the nightmare of hair loss. If you do not like eating meat, you can find other ways of supplementing this essential. Creating DIY egg hair masks is among them. 

Make a mixture of one egg. 1/2 avocado, ½ honey teaspoon, and one coconut oil tablespoon. Rub it on your hair. Leave the recipe on for half an hour or more. Next, remove it with shampoo.

Ginger and olive oil 

[DIY] 10 Best Homemade Hair Masks You May Have Missed
ginger and olive oil

It is one of the best homemade hair masks. Your scalp, etc. do love olive oils regarding its growth stimulation benefits. There are crucial vitamins there. That is why it is full of nourishment. It also helps add volume to thinning hair. 

Mince the ginger. Or else, use the essential oil from this spice. Combine it with the olive oil. Massage the mixture onto the hair. Wash it after at least half an hour. As an alternative, allow it to stay overnight. Be sure you dress it to avoid oil left everywhere.


Orange juice is ideal to make the best homemade hair masks

It is not just good for your health, skin but your hair. Its volumizing benefits are no joke. It even helps you stay away from ugly dandruff. 

What to do with this fruit? First, peel the orange. Then, make it a juice using a blender. Put it on the hair for around 20 minutes. Do so once a week. Then, you can enjoy the juiceful results of volumization. Let alone, the smell of your hair will be freshly pleasant.

Nettle tea and rosemary 

This combination works to make your hair thicker. It does an amazing job of boosting the growth of new hair. 

[DIY] 10 Best Homemade Hair Masks You May Have Missed
Nettle tea and rosemary

Mix 3/4 cup of rosemary and one bag of nettle tea with one cup of boiling water. Let it cool completely. There are two application methods. Put it over hair and ensure the strands soak in the combo using a comb. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then, remove with shampoo. Differently, you can spray it on your wet hair. Next, have it remain overnight.

Fenugreek seeds

These seeds are full of magic. They are abundant in proteins and lecithin. Some of their impressive benefits is helping make your follicles stronger and treating dandruff. 

How to create one of the best homemade hair masks from them? Use two fenugreek seed tablespoons. Soak them overnight. After that, turn them into a paste by grounding. Apply it to your scalp. Have it remain for half an hour. Then, rinse to remove. 

[DIY] 10 Best Homemade Hair Masks You May Have Missed
Fenugreek seeds

Green tea and apple cider vinegar

It is one of the most favorite hair homemade masks for volumization. It is also good at calming the inflammation of your scalp. 

Mix 1/4 vinegar cup with one green teacup. Shampoo to begin with. After that, put the combination over your hair. Allow it to wet through the strands with a comb. Rinsing is not necessary. Is your hair is blonde or white? If so, test the recipe on a small spot first. That way helps ensure it will not change the strand color.

Onion for the best homemade hair masks

Cannot stand your curly dry hair? Then, think about onion as a proper treatment option. It may smell a bit for some time. Still, it is eventually worthy. Onion has plenty of sulfur. This element promotes your hair growth and health through the smooth production of collagen. 

[DIY] 10 Best Homemade Hair Masks You May Have Missed
Onion hair mask

Combine honey with onion juice. Apply it to your scalp. After that, rinse your hair. This recipe is preferable to use each other day for two weeks. Remember, do it when you are not going out for a while. For example, have it on the hair at night. Next morning, wash it. 

Coconut milk

It is among the best homemade hair masks to strengthen your strands. In case you do not know, it is rich in essential fats and proteins for better hair growth. 

Mix ½ coconut milk cup with three olive oil teaspoons. Massage it from the scalp to the ends. Put on a shower cap. The heat lets the nourishing elements to penetrate deeper. Rinse it off with shampoo after 10 minutes or so. 

Above are some recommendations on the best homemade hair masks to nurture your beautiful hair. The recipes are exceptionally simple so you could easily do it yourself at home.

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