5 Best Shampoo For Blue Black Hair You’ll Be Wanting

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One of the biggest concerns among girls who have splurged on their color-treated hair is washing it after their color-job. Consume that it is a good dye job. Not all, a haircut can cost you a fortune. Unsurprisingly, people are worried about losing the color in a couple of washes. When you rely on ordinary shampoos, the color can fade fast. If you wish to keep your new hair, trust in shampoo for blue black hair. Differently from regular models, they will not strip your curls of their newly-acquired color. Not all, they will rarely let your hair extra dry.

If you are planning on getting your locks dyed blue, you should consider getting yourself a color depositing shampoo and conditioner as well. They will help keep your hair shade most prolonged as it can. They feature reduced cleansing surfactant levels. Plus, special conditioners work to coat your hair as well as keeping the coloring molecules from washing away.

Below, we are presenting the best shampoo for the curls of this color. Check them out!

Best shampoo for blue black hair

Color Assure Shampoo for Color Treated Hair ProteinFusion Sulfate Free, 0% Silicone 13.5 oz — by Nexxus

If you wish your color-treated hair to stay soft without drying out, this Nexxus item can do a fantastic job. The product creates a rich, creamy lather which does help. It indeed not only saves blue-black hair dye from escaping the locks but also regains bounces and vitality to your hair.

Its concentrated elastin protein makes your strands bonds stronger and nourishes them. The shampoo is rich in white orchid extracts that work to bring out the color and keep it from fading. What is more? It is without silicone and sulfate. That is why it will be mild on your color-treated hair. It is particularly significant for breakage-prone curls.

5 Best Shampoo For Blue Black Hair You'll Be Wanting
Color Assure Shampoo for Color Treated Hair by Nexxus

Color Conserve Shampoo 33.8 oz Plant Infused Shampoo Protect Color and Prevents Fading — by Aveda

Aveda is famous for getting the most out of natural and organic botanical items. Are you in the market for a shampoo which is useful for maintaining your blue shade? Not all, should it help prevent further drying and damage? Then, this shampoo for blue black hair is just for you.

It mildly cleanses your color-treated strands without stripping its dye. Not all, it makes hair bouncy, soft, and shiny. We recommend you use the Color Conserve Conditioner from this same brand after shampooing. It is okay to rely on this item on your colored hair replacement system.

Impressively, this product is Infused with entirely organic, plant-based ingredients. Sp, it is mild, luxurious and delivers a fantastic floral smell. In essence, if your hair becomes frizzy and dull when using other shampoos for color-preserving, this luxurious formula from Aveda is a great alternative.

Color Extend Shampoo, 33.8 ounces Bottle — by REDKEN

5 Best Shampoo For Blue Black Hair You'll Be Wanting
Color Extend Shampoo by REDKEN

This brand is among the most popular when it comes to color-treated shampoos. It is easy to find them shown in the shop of your hairstylist. If you are searching for a salon-quality shampoo for this kind of hair, Redken is an excellent option.

It is infused with a unique network of interlocking protein. Along with great ingredients, it helps prevent color fading. In other words, it will extend the life of your color. It will be able to nurse your locks back to health as well. It manages to changes dull, muddy-appearing hues into a shinier one with extra dimensions and depths.

As a bonus, it will not make your strands feel greasy or weigh them down.


Bed Head Colour Goddess 25.36oz Duo — by TIGI

This shampoo for blue-black hair is abundant in essential vitamins and ingredients. They are useful for boosting your hair health. For example, the formula includes Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and keratin. It will remove debris, dirt, and sweat from your hair mildly but effectively. It will also help keep its color. For another benefit, it will protect your hair from damage.

The shampoo’s protective oils produce a defensive layer on the locks. It will save your color from the free radicals and outside elements. Are you among those who suffer from hair split and breaks since you have done a dye job? If so, this Tigi can help you make it stronger and smoother.

5 Best Shampoo For Blue Black Hair You'll Be Wanting
Bed Head Colour Goddess by TIGI

Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect Shampoo, eight oz.- by Briogeo

Reportedly, it excels at decreasing color fade. By how? It delivers natural color protection. The trademark formula consists of turkey tail mushroom, one vegan alternative useful for making hair stronger. Not all, the bamboo leaf extract is known as one natural source of silica — it will be able to coat your hair, retain its color. There will not be such problems as weighing hair down. Also, there includes a radish root ferment. You know, it is antimicrobial and good at cleansing hair.

Infused with lavender and pomegranate extracts, this Briogeo provides additional shine and maintain the brilliance of your color-treated hair. Besides, it is free of phthalates, retinyl palmitate, sulfates, formaldehyde, coal tar, mineral oil, triclosan, and some other harmful chemical. Synthetic fragrance accounts for less than one percent.

5 Best Shampoo For Blue Black Hair You'll Be Wanting
Color Me Brilliant Mushroom & Bamboo Color Protect Shampoo by Briogeo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use purple shampoo on blue black hair?

The results of leveraging purple shampoo on the hair have to do with what your objective is. Will purple shampoo make black hair blue? No, you will not see any difference in the color change. It is not a hair dye. But if you use it purely for washing the hair, it is okay.

Dry shampoo for this hair tone: Can you use it?

This waterless formula can absorb unwanted dirt from the scalp. In the end, your hair will have a washed feeling. Batiste items are safe for application across the hair dye spectrum! 

In short, sport your hair with the above-recommended shampoo for blue black hair. They will help maintain your hair color and save it from fading quickly. 

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