What The Experts Are Saying About Blue Black Hair Extensions

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Hair extension is a must-try and useful item for women. You can choose a suitable hair extension from many different products out there, such as clip-in, tape-in, bundles, and so on. They are the easiest way to get the tresses you have always dreamed of. To meet the higher demands of customers, manufacturers not only supply original hair color, but they also sell colored items. Recently, blue black hair extensions have become popular and looked to buy. Let’s learn some interesting things about this hair extension. 

Can you have your hair extensions colored into blue-black hair?

You may know that hair extension can change your appearance and let you transform and try out new hair colors and hairstyles. Human hair extensions are long-lasting compared to the synthetic ones. Wearers can use it for a year or longer. Because it is made of real human hair, you can treat it as your natural locks.

What The Experts Are Saying About Blue Black Hair Extensions
blue black human hair extensions

Some wearers using human hair systems wonder whether it is safe to dye blue and black hair extensions. Yes, you can. Color it to get your desired look. Even you can style the hair with heating tools and chemical processes. You dye the blue black human hair extensions to get a trendy hairstyle or an exact match to your curls. Still, you should choose the right shade of hair dye before coloring the item. Also, follow the instruction of the hair dyes carefully. Mix the dyes in the right ratio, then apply them into the extension. Experts advise that you should avoid overly harsh chemicals as they may strip and damage the hair.

Blue-black ideas for hair extensions

If you are looking for some fresh ideas of blue black human hair extensions, make sure to check out these breathtaking hairstyles. We are sure that they will blow your mind.

Black and blue ombre extension

The black color is a great base for balayage and ombre hairstyles. Why? Since wearers can add whatever hue they want on the bottom. Opt for a black human hair extension, and paint dark shade of blue color into the ends. Try and see the result, it will look so awesome. The blend of black and dark blue is perfect. The transition is natural and very seamless, even you can’t detect these colors at first sight. You can get this look by consulting a hair colorist at a hair salon near you. If you are a pro in dyeing hair, you can DIY it at home. It’s all up to you. Still, we advise you to seek out the help of a professional. Bring in some photos of what you are hoping your tress will look so that they will color your hair system. Also, a pro can help you determine the right shade of blue that suits your hair. Curl the hair if you want to add extra volume. 

What The Experts Are Saying About Blue Black Hair Extensions
blue black hair extension ideas

Black and deep blue highlights

It is perfect for women who want to rock an unnatural hair color while still being workplace appropriate. Black and deep blue highlights are chic and subtle. It looks like a deep black color indoors, but it will change to the brightest tone of blue under the sunlight. Purchase blue black hair bundles before applying to your head. You get a new hairstyle and don’t damage your natural locks. It is the safest method to get beautiful hair.

This color combines well with long hair, creating your own substance. It has become more and more popular around the world, from America, the UK, to Vietnam. You can see that many celebs in Hollywood also wear this hair color to switch up their images and styles. As a whole, black and deep blue highlights are suitable for modern gals. 


Midnight blue-black hair extension 

As its sounds, the color looks as if the midnight sky with stars. It brings a char, noble and chic look. If you are tired of your monotonous hair extension, this hair will blow a new wind. Dye your hair item with dark blue color eight away. This hair is never out of date and blue shade makes you stand out in the crowd. Black and blue hair dyes have been appreciated as a hot trend in recent years. It offers the wearers a modern, youthful but no less subtle style. That’s why many women with a fair complexion in the UK choose this hair to wear.  

Black, blue and purple hair extension

You think it is colorful, too shiny. No, the mix of these colors is cool. Black and blue combine to the darker colors perfectly. You can add lighter purple into your clip-in or tape-in extension with a blend like this. The hair comes out from deep to light shade of colors. The look suits both men and women, whether your hair is long or short. The great combination can bright up your skin tone and not picky skin. You can achieve this look without bleaching the hair extension. If you want to innovate with a softer and stylish look, this beautiful color is just for you.

What The Experts Are Saying About Blue Black Hair Extensions
blue and black extensions

Blue black hair extensions with bob styles

The next idea is another cool bob. If your natural hair color is dark, it is an advantage of yours. Cut your hair in a bob style and add blue hair dye to the hair ends, turn the hair into a trendy black-blue hue. The hair is a perfect style for those who like to be unique and stand out from the mess. The combination of traditional black color and modern hairstyle brings harmony and eye-catching style. 

In the bottom lines

In this post, we show you some ideas of blue black hair extensions for you to choose from. This is not enough, but they are the best picks. They are stylish and versatile. You can adapt them to a range of styles and textures. Hopefully, Layla’s post will never let you down. 

In case there are any questions, leave a comment below and we will give you the answers as fast as possible. 

Have a nice day and enjoy it!

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