Finding Best Tape In Extensions Is Not As Difficult As You Think

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Tape-ins have long been a favorable extension type of people who want to boost thicker-looking hair. However, as there exist several suppliers for this item, finding the best tape in extensions is not an easy task.

In today’s e-commerce world, people can easily buy any products without having to go outside. Everything could be done via some clicks on laptops or mobile phones. It is fast and convenient; however, this click-to-buy trend has its own drawback.

Finding Best Tape In Extensions Is Not As Difficult As You Think
Tape in hair extensions

Buying things online, you will not have the chance to check the quality of the items in advance. Any disputes during invoicing and delivering will be hard to resolve, also.

The thing is even more important with hair extensions. It is exceptionally hard to recognize the real one with the fake one, the good with the bad quality just by looking at the pictures. Therefore, it is significant that buyers take serious consideration before deciding to shop.

In this article, Layla would like to provide you some tactics to pick the best tape in extensions for your own.

Human hair tape in extensions are the best

The differences in prices might cause hesitation when individuals decide to shop anything. And the same things would happen with hair weave. There are now two major types of hair extensions in the market: synthetic and human hair.

Synthetic extensions seem to dominate the market thanks to its low price and huge supply. However, as it is not the “real” hair from human, it might somehow not fit your natural hair well. Furthermore, because we cannot clear out its source and materials, it is exceptionally difficult to determine its quality. Many of the synthetic hair extensions in the market now are reported to be made from unreliable sources. There are also reports that they negatively affected the natural hair of the wearers.

Finding Best Tape In Extensions Is Not As Difficult As You Think
human hair is better than synthetic fibers

Human hair extensions, in contrast, would offer much better quality. It is real hair from healthy donors, holding similar characteristics to your natural hair. It could blend well to create an ultra-realistic look. Additionally, it is easier to take care of.

Excellent as it is, virgin human hair is not that popular. Its high cost has made people hesitant to purchase. Moreover, the sources of human hair are not as abundant as the synthetic one. Realizing its high value, many hair suppliers start to advertise their products as the virgin hair one, while in fact, they are artificial.

That’s why again, we would like to emphasize the importance of choosing a reliable hair vendor. Not just by watching their advertisements, there are so many more to take into consideration.

Hence, let’s jump into the things to consider to buy the best tape in extensions online!

Where to buy the best tape in extensions for short hair?

The large number of shops available in the market now sounds overwhelming. It’s like you are stepping into a shopping mall with rows of big and small brands, where might offer thousands of items at a time. Everything looks stunning, but it would be a pity if you decide to buy what appears first in front of your eyes and ignore the excellent items in other stores.

What I mean is, rather than sticking to the big and famous hair extension brands, try to look at other smaller ones. In contrast to the fact that everything will be done automatically with huge brands, you are taken care individually when shopping with other less-known companies. They have top-notch hairpieces from human hair to synthetic one to meet your own requirements.

Scan through their websites

Just by some clicks on Google, thousands of results about human hair suppliers would pop up. You can then take a tour to each site to scan through their product lines to see if your wanted item is there. Furthermore, do not forget to look at their stories, vision, and objectives. These things would help to see if that company is doing a real business or not.

Finding Best Tape In Extensions Is Not As Difficult As You Think
scan through websites

You can also pay a visit to their social networking channels. Normally, they would update their new hair pieces and news to their SNSs so that clients would stay tuned.

Hear what others say

There’s one thing that is even more reliable than their websites: reviews from clients. Experiences do the talking. You can read the reviews on google business, social networking sites, or from your relatives. As they have been doing business with the supplier already, they would give you valuable advice.

Finding Best Tape In Extensions Is Not As Difficult As You Think
listen to others’ reviews

Many of the cases about bad quality hair are reported via reviews. However, pay attention because sometimes, these negative reviews might be from rival companies. So, keep a cold head and absorb only the useful words.

Compare prices

After listing out some candidates, it’s time to contact each to get the quotation. Price comparison is a must if you are money-conscious. It is great to have a good price, but if the price is too low, then be alert.

Finding Best Tape In Extensions Is Not As Difficult As You Think
compare the prices

You get what you pay for. So, don’t dream about getting the best packs with just some few dollars. Of course, if you have a coupon or things like that, that’s different LOL.

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Place a sample order for best tape in extensions

If you still worry about the quality of the hair, place a sample order first. You can order around 100 gram of human hair extensions to check the delivery, quality, and everything else. Once you have satisfied with it, then move to the official purchase.

Finding Best Tape In Extensions Is Not As Difficult As You Think
start to shop

Start to corporate

Now that you have been tested the quality of the hairpieces already, it’s time to do business with them. For people that need a lot of hair extensions, it’s better to become a familiar client with a current hair vendor. If you buy regularly or in large amount, you will get some discounts for sure.

Laylahair – a reliable hair vendor to lay your trust on

Starting as a small hair vendor that offers real Vietnamese and Cambodian hair, Laylahair has strived to become a leading hair extension supplier. Our company provides a wide range of virgin hair and hair extensions, including Remy human hair, clip-ins, tape-ins, keratin, and color hair. We use human hair from healthy donors only, promising to bring clients the best experience.

Laylahair takes pride in having the best tape in extensions online. Ethically sourced and sustainably processed, our hair extensions would bring about the most undetectable and stunning hairstyle.

Feel free to contact us via (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) to get support.

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