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If you are thinking about temporarily lengthen your hair or add some highlights to your current hairdo, tape in hair extensions are ideal to opt for. This article would reveal how to apply tape in hair extensions quickly.

Tape in extensions are so magical that even celebs love it. Kim Kardashian, one of the sexiest Hollywood stars, is also a fan of tape-ins. We have seen this fashionista in several eye-catching hairstyles, which later would become hot trends for sisters to copy. Surprisingly, her hairstylist revealed that it was not 100% of Kim’s real hair. Her natural hair has been stunning already, but to make it easier to create diverse hairdos, they would use tape-in and sew-in extensions.

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions – The Conspiracy
tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are quite easy to install. It would take only around 2 – 3 minutes to finalize the process. Still, this task requires a careful hand to accomplish.  

Hence, Laylahair would like to introduce you the right way to attach tape-ins to your real hair.

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How to apply tape in hair extensions at home?

Followings are the basic steps to follow when you want to attach the tape yourself at home.

Section your hair

Before starting to deal with the hair, you need to wash your real hair first. The extensions would blend and last longer if your natural tresses are clean. Just take a normal washing and drying process like you do daily.

Next, form a horizontal part across your scalp. Use a comb or your fingers to make a part that is around 1 inch far from the nape of your neck. This is where you will attach the tapes. The upper hair, hence, would help to hide the tapes.

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions – The Conspiracy
section your hair

You can use a hair tie or clip to secure the upper hair so that it would not fall down.

For the hair under the part, remove thin portions of it. You should take some strands where you tend to place your extensions out in a sandwich model. Remember, the strands should be super thin. It must be around 1/8 of an inch only.

So why to take these tresses out? It is to let the adhesive tapes on both extensions stick to each other well as well as to your real hair perfectly.

Attach your tape in extensions

Firstly, apply the bottom of the extensions under the hair portions that you have sectioned in the first step. Lift up the hair strands and place the tapes in. Remove the strips that cover the adhesive glue. Then, press it to make it stick to your hair.

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions – The Conspiracy
apply tape in hair extensions to your real hair

Next, it’s time to deal with the top extensions. After removing the strips, stick the top hair extensions onto the hair strands to form a sandwich with the sectioned hair and the bottom extensions. Press them for some few seconds to secure them.

If you feel the extensions do not attach to each other well, perhaps you have placed too many hair strands between. Try to brush some strands out to create space for the adhesive to stick.

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Repeat the process

Keep doing the process above until all extensions have been successfully attached to your real hair. The number of extension pieces relies on your scalp size. You will need around 5 rows of weave or more, depending on how much volume you would like to add to your real short hair.

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions – The Conspiracy
tape in hair extensions before and after

Normally, tape-in extensions could last up to 10 weeks if you take good care of it. When the bonds are no longer sticky enough to use, you can replace it with new tapes. In other words, your hair weave can be reused.

However, if the hair near the tapes are badly damaged or matted, it’s time to consider getting a new pack of hair. It’s never a waste of money cos it would bring about a seamless hair look.

How to take care of tape in hair extensions?

Extensions require as much care as natural hair

It is not just about how to apply tape in hair extensions to your natural hair and it’s done. Similar to your real hair, hair extensions need taking care of. Some packs of hair more on your head mean it would take more time to wash it. Give yourself an extra 5 to 10 minutes per day to get ready with a soft smooth hairdo.

Comb your extensions regularly

To prevents hair knots or frizzy hair, it’s important to brush your hair extensions on a regular basis. As extensions are even more prone to tangling than your real hair, comb it regularly. About 2 times per day while the extensions are on your hair is advisable.

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions – The Conspiracy
comb your hair extensions regularly

Use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair. Start from the bottom of the tresses and gradually move upwards. Remember not to put much force when brushing the hair near the tapes because it could negatively affect its installment.

Never forget to do this task because even when the extensions are made from the top-notch human hair, tangling and matting are still likely to occur. The situation is even worse with synthetic hair, as this fiber is even easier to get damaged.

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Sleep with tape in hair extensions

Obviously, you cannot remove the extensions before going to bed like what you could do with clip in extensions. With tape-ins, keratin tips, or fusion extensions, there is no way but sleeping with it.

Therefore, pay serious attention when securing your hair before sleeping. You can braid it or pull into a loose ponytail. Another wise idea is using headbands to hold it.

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions – The Conspiracy
sleep with hair extensions

Using soft silk pillow is a should, also.

Now that you have been familiar with how to apply tape in hair extensions and how to take care of it, what are you waiting for?

Tape-ins are incredibly wonderful, and it would definitely worth investing. With this magical item, you can easily get a fresh, shiny, and voluminous hairstyle without much effort.

If you are thinking about buying some, contact our consultant to get the best advice. We have exquisite human hair pieces, top-notch tapes, and above all, a really good price and the willingness to support.

Drop us a line via (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber/SnapChat).


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