Learn Anything New From Blue Black Hair Color Lately? Here Are Some!

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The blend of black and dark blue offers a mysterious and flattering look. Wearing blue black hair color, you can have a bold hair color but not too shiny.  When you stand under the sunshine, your hair color is noticeable. Nonetheless, choose the right hair shade for your curls is also a matter. What is the best blue-black hair colour for your natural locks? There are many versions of blue-black hair, they may be dark blue-black hair, navy blue, midnight blue, etc. Bear in mind that this hair color looks better on those with a darker complexion. It also offers a flattering on your light or pale skin tone. Are you ready to switch up your natural hair? Read on for everything you need to know about this look.

What Is Blue Black Hair Color?

Are you aiming for dark and luxurious hair color? If so, this is the best look for you. Chic and subtle, not too shiny but never out of date. You can wear this hair color to your office or join a party, it looks totally fab for many occasions. At first sight, you may confuse that it is a jet black hue. But get a closer look, you will see the blue shade. Blue-black and hair blend together, creating a perfect look.

Please choose the right shade of dark blue color, it is great for a bit of fun. In addition, this look works particularly well in adding hair textures and fullness to your style. You have straight black hair, it is too boring. You want to add some interest to your curls, add some blue shade of hair color. This hair is wearable,  so you can easily achieve it. 

Learn Anything New From Blue Black Hair Color Lately? Here Are Some!
what is blue black hair color

It is not difficult to find pictures of blue black hair color on the Internet. Type the keyword “blue-black hair”, tons of results will appear. From celebrities to athletes, from men and women, all can dye the hair with this look. 

Is blue black hair natural?

Blue-black hair color is not a natural hue as there is no as no melanin type makes your hair look blue. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the black-blue tone does not appear in the pigment in humans that determines your natural hair color. Also, human hair color does not have blue, it contains 6 primary colors: brown, blonde, black, auburn, red, and white and grey hair. Hence, if you were born with bluish-black hair, you are fortunate.


How To Get Blue Black Hair?

Although blue-black hair color is not natural, you can get this look. Put your hair in the hands of hair colorists, they can help you get your dream hair. Professionals will use hair dyes to paint your tresses and they know exactly how to do this complex process. Give them pictures of blue-black hair you want your hair look similar to, all you need is to wait to see your new look. However, it does not mean that you can’t DIY this hair trend. If you are a pro in dyeing hair, opt for good hair dye and start the process. Use hair color products that can be used on all hair types and delivers super shiny strands from top to ends.

Learn Anything New From Blue Black Hair Color Lately? Here Are Some!
blue black is not a natural hair color

Permanent vs. semi-permanent blue-black hair dye

Which hair dyes should you apply? Permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. All of them are available in the market, so you can find it in hair stores new you. Semi-permanent or temporary hair color offers the wearer a natural look and easy to apply. Often, this hair dye can last up to 6 weeks before starting to fade. Frequently wash also make the hair fading quicker. Most of the semi-permanent hair dyes don’t contain bleach, so they are safe for your locks. If you use blue and black temporary colors, you need to reapply the color.  

Permanent hair dyes contain chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Its formula is more complicated than the temporary one, so it is excellent if you want to get long-lasting color. Still, this product can damage your natural locks as it contains harsh chemicals. 

If you want to test whether blue black hair color is suitable for your skin tone, you should apply a temporary hair dye. Since it is quite safe and you can easily remove the color if it does not work on your head.  

Learn Anything New From Blue Black Hair Color Lately? Here Are Some!
permanent vs semi-permanent blue black hair dye

Does the blue-black hair fade?

It depends on your hair type and hair color products you use. But we have found that blue-black hair fades much slower than other bright colors like red tone. 

The type of dye you use is also the key. A temporary color will fade out back to your original color after 6 weeks. While the permanent one will be dulled over time, but it is hard to remove. 

The All Over Look

We think that, after reading this post, you have your answer to the question “Is blue black a natural hair color?” If you like to take a revolution with your locks, blue black hair color is a great option for you! It really makes others do say ‘Wow’. Play around with this look and see what it works for your type of complexion and hairstyle. Take a look at images of blue black hair color, you can see that it works best on all haircuts, from bob cut to long hair, straight to wavy texture. The hues offer a vivid color pop to brighten and lift your look. Unique and stand out!

It’s time to change your look. You should use a semi-permanent hair dye to color your hair if you are not sure that black-blue color fits your locks. If you have dyed your hair in this look, let us know by sending us your pics of blue black hair color

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